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Is a Fireplace or Insert Right For Me?

What is the difference between a Fireplace and an Insert? There is a lot of confusion about the difference between a fireplace and an insert.  The actual definitions vary by region. 

Category 1 – Fireplaces
A fireplace is a self-operating system that is able to burn fuel.  A fireplace will have its own chimney flue system.  There are 2 main types of fireplaces:

1.  Factory built fireplace – Acucraft manufactures factory-built fireplaces that are pre-engineered systems where the chimney system and combustion air inlets along with controls for both are incorporated.  The factory built fireplace is set in the home and built around, with framing and stone.

2.  Open Hearth Fireplace – Open hearth fireplaces are typically built on site by a mason.  The firebox is lined with real firebrick.  Open Hearth Fireplaces provide a lot of ambiance; however, the efficiency is approximately 35%.  The average open hearth uses very little outside air combustion and approximately 300 cubic feet of air per minute is pulled from your home and goes up the chimney flue.  Please note:  all Acucraft wood burning fireplaces can be operated as an open hearth by simply removing the doors or burning with the doors open, providing your home has adequate make up air.

Category II – Inserts
Inserts are units that are designed to fit inside an existing fireplace.  They are most popular inside masonry open hearth fireplaces. Inserts require a stainless steel liner inside the flue.


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From Our Customers

"My log home company recommended Acucraft Fireplaces and I am so thankful they did. I purchased their see through and a single sided fireplace. Building my home took a lot of planning and Acucraft employees were so great to work with. They work with the drafting department to get the fireplace dimensions spec’ed into my plans, the local builder inspector, my builder and my mason. They even coordinated the delivery of my fireplaces to arrive the same day as my logs. Thank you Acucraft for all your assistance, my wife and I really enjoy our fireplaces. The fireplaces are the focal point of our home; keep your eyes open our home is being featured by a log home magazine."

Gary K.
Big Bear Lake, CA
Acucraft Owner Since 2002
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