Acucraft Blaze 6 Indoor Outdoor Patent Pending Gas Fireplace

Enjoy your fireplace indoors and out with Acucraft’s tested and trusted gas Indoor/Outdoor fireplace!


One of the industry’s hottest advancements has been the indoor outdoor fireplace. Acucraft has spent the past 10 years designing and patenting indoor/outdoor wood and gas fireplaces. Acucraft’s BLAZE6 I/O is our tested and trusted gas fireplace and is perfect for any commercial space or residence. The Blaze6 allows you to seamlessly transition from indoors to out; at a price that you can appreciate! 

  • Guaranteed Safety
  • Certified in USA & Canada
  • Made in the USA
  • Made-To-Order with your specifications
  • World-Wide Shipping


Standard with Model

  • Firebox with Insulated Panels
  • Black Interior Firebox
  • Removable Black Frame
  • Dual Pane Glass
  • Black Glass Media
  • Many Frame Options
  • 80,000 BTUs Propane; 100,000 BTUs Natural Gas
  • Viewing Area: 72″ x 24″ on each side with a Depth of 24″


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