Our new Blaze6 brochure offers more information.

(If you need a larger size we can custom build a fireplace to any length.)

The Blaze6 series is a linear gas fireplace with a selection of interior and exterior options. Acucraft fireplaces are designed and manufactured in Big Lake, Minnesota. (We know fireplaces in Minnesota!) All Blaze6 models have been tested for safety in the United States and Canada through Acucraft and an independent third party. By selling directly to you we can offer the value you appreciate while maintaining the integrity of our products!

(Acucraft testing the Blaze6 See-Through)

Standard Features

  • Firebox with Insulated Panels & Black Interior
  • ¼” Black Glass Media
  • Dual Pane Glass (To ensure a cool-to-the-touch fireplace)
  • Standard Heat Relief

Interior & Finishing Options

¼” Glass Media in Various Colors Reflective Glass Porcelain on Back & Sides of Firebox

Mesh Backer for Finishing Firebox with Tile

Patina • Hammering • Strapping • Clavos • 304 Stainless Steel • Brushed Steel Framing

Available Models

Single-Sided See-Through Patent-Pending Indoor/Outdoor

Tested for Safety

What does this mean for you?

  • Save Money! Since we don’t have to work testing prices into the cost of the fireplace we pass those savings onto you!
  • No City Involvement! No wasting your time dealing with city officials, we are guaranteed to meet your city’s regulations.
  • Approved Safety! Your fireplace is guaranteed 100% safe and up to code.
  • Every Model Tested! Whether you are in need of a single-sided, see-through, or our patent-pending indoor/outdoor, all models have been tested.

Specifications & Requirements

  • Viewing Area: 72″ wide x 24″ tall
  • 80,000 BTUs Natural Gas, 100,000 Propane
  • Weight = 1,250 pounds
  • 8″ Flue
  • 8″ Heat Relief
  • 8″ Combustion Air Inlet
  • 8″ Room Air Intake
  • Power Vent
  • Proven Draft System
  • Automated Draft Control
  • Natural Gas or Propane


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