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Custom Outdoor Linear Gas Fireplace by Acucraft

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Custom Linear Outside Fireplace Spec Drawing
Concept Drawing for Custom Gas Outside Fireplace – drawn by Good Fulton and Farrell Architects
Production Photo of Custom Linear Outside Fireplace by Acucraft
Fireplace being manufactured


Custom Decorative Fireplace Flue and Cap
Custom Decorative Flue and Cap Enclosure


Linear Gas Outside Fireplace
Completed Outside Fireplace


Commercial Linear Gas Outside Fireplace

Welcome to Acucraft Fireplaces’ First Blog Post. We love working on unique one of a kind fireplace projects. An Architect, Good Fulton and Farrell Architects, asked if we could manufacture a custom outdoor gas fireplace with a decorative flue and cap enclosure and we started designing. The location of this fireplace is at Fort Bliss, a United States Army Air base in Texas. The viewing area is 102″ wide x 13″ tall, with a true clean face look with removable glass. The media inside the fireplace is a mixture of ceramic logs with recycled black glass. We support our Soldiers and are proud we were able to be a part of the base.

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