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2-Sided Wood Fireplace

Thursday, December 27th, 2012



2-Sided Wood Fireplace
2-Sided Wood Fireplace - Living Room View
Great Room Side of Fireplace
Acucraft Fireplaces is known for the 2-sided wood fireplace. We have specialized in designing see through fireplaces for over 20 years. We have 20 key ratios in every see through we make. See Through fireplaces are a great way to have a fireplace in 2 rooms or separating a large room with one flue system. Many of our see through customers install between a great room and a kitchen OR a great room and an outdoor deck ( Indoor/Outdoor great for loading wood outside and inside you get the heat along with ambiance) OR a great room and a kitchen.
Acucraft  manufactures 5 standards See Through Fireplaces and offer Custom Sized See Through Fireplaces
2-Sided Wood Fireplace Kitchen View
The kitchen side of the fireplace

The kitchen side of the 2-sided wood fireplace is typically the side where the customers install the BBQ Grill 

Barbecue Grill in See Through Fireplace
Acucraft’s BBQ Grill is made from Kitchen Grade 304 Stainless Steel and is easily removable. 
Happy Burning 
The Fireplace and remodel  in the above photos was completed by Williams Remodeling from Waukee, Iowa 
Great Work! 

The BLAZE 10 by Acucraft Fireplaces

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Acucraft Fireplaces is proud to announce The Blaze 10 Linear Gas Fireplace
Blaze Linear Burner
Custom Linear Gas Fireplace in Halstead Square Gathering Room




Acucraft Fireplaces is known for designing custom unique fireplaces. Acucraft’s goal in creating the Blaze 10 Gas Fireplace was to offer a large viewing area, beautiful flames, many design options all at a great value. 
  • The Blaze 10 offers a large 120″ wide x 30″ tall viewing area. 
  • The Blaze 10 base price is $12,950 which includes:
    • 108″ Electronic Ignition–Natural Gas Burner w/Valve Assemblies 135,000 BTUs Adjustable to Achieve Desired Flame Height
    • Wall Switched On/Off
    • Glass Media included – additional media upgrades available ( River Rock, Gas Logs, Gems, etc..) 
    • Large 120″ wide x 30″ Tall  Viewing Area
    • Tempered Glass – Single Pane Removable Frames 
    • Outside Preheated Combustion Air 
    • Vent Hood Designed for a 8″ Class A Flue System
    • Termination can be Vertical, Horizontal or Down Drafted – almost unlimited options
    • Insulated Panels – 2″ thick high temp – Finished Dimensions – 137″ wide x 60″ tall x 24″ deep
    • Firebox Constructed of 7GA Steel
    • Double Welded Inside and Out
    • Lifetime Warranty
  • Optional Upgrades
    • Dual Pane Glass with Passive Air – required for commercial 
    • “Air Shield”  – patent pending – additional pane of glass extending 1″ from front of fireplace supported by brackets allowing room air to cool the glass. 
    • Porcelain Reflective Panels – can be installed in the rear and sides of the fireplace. 
    • Media Upgrades – The interior base of the fireplace comes standard with Recycled Glass with many colors to choose from – The upgrade options are
      • Gas Logs 
      • Gems
      • River Rocks 
      • Etc… 


Wood Burning Fire Close-Up
Please contact an Acucraft Fireplace Selection Specialist at 763.263.3156 or info@acucraft.com to receive any additional information on The Blaze 10 Gas Fireplace, including quotes, lead times, framing specs and installation manual. 
Happy Burning.