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Open Gas Fireplace – No Glass for a Modern Look

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

The open gas fireplace is a great option for architects, designers, and home owners who are looking for a unique and modern feel for their fireplace. Having an open gas fireplace provides an extremely open view and allows the fireplace hearth to run all the way to the burner – a very clean look. 
Modern Open Gas Fireplace
There are several different options to choose from when considering an open gas fireplace:
     – Completely Open/No Glass Fireplace
     – Suspended Glass
     – Glass on top and bottom, and open in the middle (Split Glass)
Custom Fireplace with Open Glass Sides and Hood
Split Glass with Open Front
Blueprints of Custom Fireplace with Open Glass Sides and Hood
Blueprints prepared by Acucraft Designers
Acucraft runs a series of calculations to ensure optimal performance, including a flow analysis and a fan power calculation. These tests prove out the design and ensure that the fireplace system will have proper airflow – important when dealing with an open system.

The above video, created by an Acucraft designer, demonstrates how the air is drawn into the fireplace from the room and then pulled out of the fireplace and into the flue by a power fan. Acucraft runs all of the calculations to ensure that this process works properly.

Fireplace Airflow Diagram
Airflow Diagram (Air Velocity)

Items to consider when selecting an open gas fireplace:

     1.  The need for make-up air to be supplied to the home / envelope
     2.  Exposed flame
     3.  Auto-damper required
     4.  Limited heating value

Safety Features:

When turning the fireplace on, the proven draft system works in conjunction with the power ventilation system to first, turn on the power vent. Then, the PDS, Proven Draft Switch, ensures there is a solid draft. Third, the burner is turned on. Nothing turns on until it is safe to do so, yet the process is seamless and occurs in only seconds. 
Once the fireplace has safely turned on, a flame sensor continuously insures that a flame is present. If at any time a flame is not present or the draft is not proven, the system shuts off the gas supply. 
3-sided gas fireplace with suspended glass
Suspended Glass
For more information on Acucraft’s gas fireplaces…
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New Custom Gas Fireplace Brochure Now Available!

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Acucraft’s new custom gas fireplace brochure is now available! Whether you’re looking for design inspiration, or just want to see what we have to offer – our new brochure will be a great resource.

custom linear gas fireplace
Linear Gas Fireplace

At Acucraft, our goal is to understand your needs throughout the entire process – from the initial design and manufacturing to installation. Our new brochure not only details our wide range of products and capabilities, but it begins to explain what the fireplace design experience is like when working with Acucraft.

custom linear gas fireplace
Linear Gas Fireplace – 3D Rendering
custom 3 sided gas fireplace
Peninsula Gas Fireplace

The brochure features:

     1.  Popular gas fireplace styles
                –  From single-sided and see-through to peninsula and panoramic – and anything in between

     2.  Glass Options
                –  From an open fireplace to 3 panes of glass, as well as our patented AirShield technology

     3.  Venting Options
                –  Including vertical, horizontal, and downward ventilation

     4.  Our design process

custom linear gas fireplace
Example page (Popular Styles).
custom linear gas fireplace
Example Page (Glass and Venting)
Our commitment is to create your masterpiece fireplace while providing you with exceptional customer care. If you would like to learn more about Acucraft’s Gas Fireplaces please click the link below.

Gas Fireplace Design Options

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Selecting the finishes for your custom Acucraft gas fireplace is a truly unique and personalized experience. We offer hundreds of different design options so that whether you’re looking for a low-profile modern design, a rustic focal point, a shabby chic look, or a more traditional fireplace, Acucraft has the resources and design experience to make it happen. We work directly with architects, designers, and end users to craft the fireplace that suits you or your client’s needs and desires.

The process for selecting your gas fireplace finishes include these steps and options.

  1. Burner Media Options


    • Glass Gems
    • Crushed Glass
    • River Rock or Lava Stone
    • Gas Logs
    • A combination of the above options
         – The media options above can be changed / rotated.
custom gas fireplace media options
Glass Media


Slate Gray Stone and Black Glass


custom gas fireplace media options
Some of our popular media options.
custom gas fireplace media options
Just a few of the hundreds of glass options.


custom gas fireplace media options
Combination – River Rock and Gas Logs
    2.  Exposed Steel Options
    • Black Painted – standard
    • Patina Finish
    • Custom Paint
    • Hammered Finish
custom gas fireplace design options
Both the permanent and removable frames can be painted or finished with a patina.
custom gas fireplace media options
Three of our most popular patina finishes.
The fireplace below is a see-through, linear, gas fireplace for Chevrolet dealerships: the frame is custom painted in Chevy Cobalt Blue.
custom gas fireplace media options
custom gas fireplace media options

    3.  Porcelain Reflective Panels
      • Placed on the inside of the fireplace (typically the sides and back, can be installed on top)
      • The high-temperature glass panels reflect the flame and create a glowing quality
custom gas fireplace media options
Note the reflected / ghosted flames

These are some of the gas fireplace finish options to choose from when you design your fireplace with Acucraft. We love to work directly with you to help create your custom fireplace.

Happy Burning,

Rectangular Doors Now Standard for the Hearthroom Series Fireplace!

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

 Acucraft announces rectangular doors and frame for the Hearthroom Series Fireplace!

Wood burning fireplace
Fully Standard Hearthroom Series Fireplace


Acucraft’s most popular wood burning rustic fireplace, The Hearthroom, is now available with both rectangular and arched doors, standard. Previously, The Hearthroom was only standard with an arched viewing area, and any rectangular Hearthroom fireplaces were custom designed. But thanks to many requests and custom orders we are now offering a standard rectangular viewing area for the Hearthroom 36 and 44, single sided and see through.
Arched wood see through fireplace
Hearthroom (Arched)
Wood rectangular fireplace
Hearthroom (Rectangular)
 Many of our clients are looking to maintain a consistent theme throughout their space – calling for either an arched or a rectangular fireplace. Some of our customers come looking for a see through fireplace, but each room has for a different design and overall feel. In order to help provide exactly what you’re looking for, we can design and build your fireplace with one side arched and the other rectangular. For example, we recently built a fireplace for a client where the interior side of the indoor/outdoor fireplace is rectangular, but the exterior side is arched.
See through rectangular wood fireplace
Fully Modified Hearthroom (Rectangular Viewing Area)

The above fireplace is a fully modified standard Hearthroom 44.

     – Aged bronze patina
     – Medieval package
            – Overlapping strapping
            – Clavos
     – Custom handles
     – Centered grids across glass
     – Removed venting and controls above and below doors

Rectangular Wood Fireplace
Fully Modified Hearthroom (Rectangular Viewing Area)

Acucraft has been designing and building rectangular doors since 1978, but when we came out with the Hearthroom Series, our clients were overwhelmingly looking for arched doors, so that is what we focused on. But today, we have found that many people want the dimensions of the Hearthroom but the look of rectangular doors. 

At Acucraft, our customers’ requests drive our designs. By selling direct, we are not only able to work with you to determine exactly what you’re looking for, but we have the unique opportunity to be able to see industry and design trends through the lens of our customers. We are always looking to improve our selection of standard models by listening to you. Let us know what you would like to see next!
Click here to learn more about our Hearthroom single-sided and Hearthroom see-through fireplaces.
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See-Through Gas Fireplace on Casino Patio

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Custom See Thru Fireplace
The above sketch (credits to Ann and Ken from Cleo design and Mike from Klai Juba Architects) was the original vision presented to Acucraft for a see thru fireplace in a casino steakhouse patio with a retractable roof. 
The key design factors were:
     1.   A viewing area height that would not obstruct the view across the patio.
     2.   The ability to attach a steel cladding enclosure to the panels outside the viewing area.
     3.   Down venting the flue beneath the patio and grade for approximately 50 feet (the retractable roof
           feature made traditional venting impossible).
The animation below, created by Acucraft’s design team, was presented to the client.

Below are 3D renderings created by Acucraft designers based on the initial vision of the casino’s architects and designers. 
Custom See Through Casino Gas Fireplace
Custom See Through Casino Gas Fireplace
Custom See Through Casino Gas Fireplace
Custom See Through Casino Gas Fireplace
Custom See Through Casino Gas Fireplace
Custom See Through Casino Gas Fireplace
Remote Mounted Control Box 16″ x 16″ x 6″

Below are the blueprints for the custom see through fireplace.

Custom See Through Casino Gas Fireplace
Acucraft Custom Fireplace Submittal
Custom See Through Casino Gas Fireplace
The fireplace fulfills the vision cast by the designers and architects, adding to the overall experience in the casino and steakhouse.
Custom See Through Casino Gas Fireplace
Special thanks to Mike at Klai Juba Architecture, Ann and Ken at Cleo Design, Frank at The Cordish Companies, PPE Casino Resorts, and Sebastian at Commercial Interiors.
Happy Burning,