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Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplace

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Indoor-Outdoor See-Throughh Fireplace with Masonry Finish and Bronze Doors
Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplace  



 Acucraft Fireplaces has been designing and manufacturing Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplaces for over a decade with much success.


Design Features are:

  • One firebox and one flue, two sets of doors; one inside, one outside
  • Ability to load fire wood from the outside; eliminating the need to store or bring wood into your home
  • 100% Sealed Outdoor Door and Frame, eliminating cold air transfer
  • The opportunity to have all heat forced into the home
  • Create a comfortable outdoor fireplace area
  • Ability to have two unique designs; example: Rectangular Indoor, Arched Outdoor, and etc
  • Ability to enjoy the fireplace in 2 separate living areas; with only having the maintenance of one fireplace system
  • Security – Lockable Doors
  • The Neo-Ceramic glass panes can support any thermal shock such as the spilling of cold water on your fireplace door. 
  • Lifetime warranty on all Neo-Ceramic glass

As with all Acucraft See Through Fireplaces, you can operate the fireplace with the doors closed, doors opened or doors fully removed on one side while burning.



Indoor-Outdoor See-Through Fireplace with Decorated Mantle
Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplace (Indoor View)

This Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplace shows a beautiful patina indoor design; with black arched door outdoor design.

Outdoor View of Indoor/Outdoor Wood Fireplace
Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplace (Outdoor View)

The fireplace pictured below is an Acucraft Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplace. This fireplace will be placed in between a great room and bedroom. The Indoor Outdoor See Through design was used to have the ability to have all heat forced to the great room; while still being able to enjoy the fire from the bedroom.

See-Through Fireplace with Rectangle DoorsSee-Through Wood Fireplace - Production Photo


Please contact an Acucraft Fireplace Selection Specialist Member to discuss design options today and ask for our NEW Indoor Outdoor See Through Fireplace brochure!

Click here to visit the “See Through Wood Fireplaces” page on our website.

Happy Burning,

Acucraft Fireplaces

Custom Multi-Sided Gas Fireplaces

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Custom 8-Sided Gas Fireplace
Custom Multi-Sided Gas Fireplace
The above image is the completed Custom Multi-Sided Gas Fireplace located in the Voice of Evangelism (VOE) in Tennessee. VOE’s Architect contact Acucraft and  requested a custom fireplace design that would be located in a circular room being viewed from all angles. 


The drawing below was the original vision VOE had presented to Acucraft’s Design Team.  Acucraft Fireplaces enjoys working directly with the customer, Architect and Designer to create a unique one of a kind fireplace. We called it the Collaborative Design Process. Acucraft Design Team reviewed the  vision from VOE  and presented three different options with pricing. This blog tells the story of the VOE / Acucraft Collaborative Design Process.  
Multi-Sided Fireplace Plans
VOE’s initial fireplace concept drawing
The original design concept was to have a round fireplace with round glass panes. Through discovery calls between Acucraft and VOE via WebEx, VOE decided they would be interested in receiving three different concepts from Acucraft.

Multi-Sided Fireplace Rendering
The 3 Concepts were:
       Concept 1: Round fireplace with round glass panes
       Concept 2: 8 –  Sided Custom Design
       Concept 3: 4 – Sided Custom Design
With option two and three meeting the construction budget, VOE decided to proceed with these design options. The Acucraft design team began bringing the two designs to life, which you will see below. 
4 – Sided Custom Design Concept
4-Sided Custom Fireplace Plans4-Sided Fireplace Design Concept
8 – Sided Custom Design Concept 
8-Sided Custom Fireplace Plans
8-Sided Octagon Fireplace Design Concept
After further collaboration with VEO on the 4-Sided and 8-Sided Custom Design concepts, a decision was made to move forward with the 8-Sided Custom Designed Gas Fireplace.
Once Acucraft’s Design Team receives approval from the client on submitted drawings, our fireplace designers create a complete set of shop drawings for our fabrication team. All Acucraft fireplaces are built on site by skilled welders and metal craftsmen.

Below you will see the 8-Sided Custom Design Gas Fireplace in the making.

Creation of 8-Sided Gas Fireplace

Acucraft internally tests every fireplace prior to shipping. 

Testing 8-Sided Custom Gas Fireplace
Below you will see the Custom Multi-Sided Gas Fireplace being installed on customers site
Installation of Custom 8-Sided Gas Fireplace
All Acucraft Fireplaces have the fireplace gas control externally mounted to keep a clean look around the fireplace. 
Installation of Custom 8-Sided Fireplace
Blue flue of custom fireplace
Installation of Custom Multi-Sided Fireplace

Through the Collaborative Design Process,  Acucraft was able to present VOE with a Custom Multi-Sided Gas Fireplace that was able to exceed the customers expectations while meeting there construction budget.

8-Sided Gas Fireplace Custom Designed by Acucraft
Custom Multi-Sided Gas Fireplace
Credits to Voice of Evangelism (VOE), Trinity Architects, and Denark Construction.
Happy Burning and God bless the VOE Church.
Acucraft Fireplaces