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Acucraft Celebrates 36 Years!

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Vintage Acucraft Fireplace Photo
Acucraft Fireplaces – Chalet Series Wood Burning Fireplace
January 30th, 2015 represents Acucraft Fireplaces’ 36th Birthday! We pride ourselves on our world class service and being able to cater to our customers’ unique projects. We feel truly blessed and fortunate to have a great team of employees working for us who go above and beyond every day for all of our clients; we couldn’t do it without all of you!
Acucraft’s journey began in the mid-1970’s when our founder, Roger Hansen wanted to find a way to heat his home with an efficient wood burning fireplace due to the high costs of heating. Roger took his idea, drew it out on a napkin, and brought it to a local welder in Big Lake, MN for production. What he didn’t know at the time was that he was changing the fireplace industry and had created an efficient wood burning fireplace that used 100% outside air for combustion by using a 14 tube heat exchange system that could heat a 4,000 sq ft area, which eventually became our Chalet 20 Series.
In 1979 Roger sold 50 Chalet 20 Series fireplaces. The business was then sold to an engineer, Charles Dahlgrin who wanted to expand the product line. He began selling to masons, trade shows and fireplace deals. He also birthed the Chalet 30 Series and the Chalet 50 Series.
Acucraft Chalet 50 Fireplace
Acucraft Fireplaces Chalet 50 Series Wood Burning Fireplace
On January 30th, 1997 Chris Maxson took over the business with the intent to dramatically expand Acucraft’s product line by working directly with our customers to fulfill their wants and needs. Thanks to our customers we now offer over 20 wood burning fireplaces, custom wood & gas fireplaces, indoor and outdoor fire options, and we have several patents in custom gas and wood burning fireplaces!
Modern Custom Gas Fireplace by Acucraft
Acucraft Custom Gas Fireplace
 At Acucraft, Fire Is Our Passion! We strive to revolutionize the fireplace industry by selling directly to customers, architects, designers, builders and more. We ship direct to your job site, world-wide, and offer on-site support and service options – we want to see your project through from beginning to end!
Thank you for an amazing 36 years, here’s to the next 36!
Happy Burning,
The Acucraft Family
Close-Up of Wood Fireplace Flame
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New Custom Gas Fireplace Brochure Now Available!

Thursday, January 29th, 2015



Since 1979 Acucraft has been the premier manufacturer of gas and wood burning fireplaces. We work directly with you to make your design a reality.

Our custom gas fireplace brochure is a great resource for architects, designers, contractors, homeowners, and fireplace enthusiasts alike! Not only does our brochure provide you with examples of popular gas fireplace styles, but it also gives you an in-depth understanding of the glass options Acucraft offers including our patent-pending Glass Cooling System and our patented Airshield System.

gas fireplace brochure
Acucraft Fireplaces – Popular Fireplace Styles
gas fireplace brochure
Acucraft Custom Gas Brochure – Glass Options


Our Custom Gas Fireplace Brochure features:
  • Popular fireplace styles
  • Glass options
  • Our customers
  • Media choices
  • Venting options
  • Collaboration
  • Recent Custom Gas projects


Acucraft Custom Gas 4-Sided Fireplace
Contact us today to receive your complimentary Custom Gas Fireplace Brochure!
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Project Crestwood – Custom Corner Gas Fireplace – Martis Camp Home

Monday, January 19th, 2015


Modern Corner Gas Fireplace - Custom Design by Acucraft
Acucraft Custom Corner Gas Fireplace – Martis Camp Home – Truckee, CA – Photo courtesy of Crestwood Construction
Modern. Sophisticated. Luxurious.
Acucraft Fireplaces created this spectacular custom corner gas fireplace to fit into this grand mountain retreat with stunning views and expansive open space. This property included many modern architectural elements and needed a fireplace with a similar theme for their great room.
Exterior of Modern Home
Project Crestwood – Acucraft Fireplaces – Martis Camp Home – Photo courtesy of Crestwood Construction
  Acucraft worked closely with Crestwood Construction to make this custom fireplace a reality that fit comfortably within the modern mountain design of this 6,170 sq ft home.
Custom U-Shaped Burner - Acucraft Drawing
Custom U-Shaped Burner – Acucraft Drawing
This custom gas fireplace includes a 72″ U-shaped burner with electronic ignition which uses natural gas. It is controlled through an on/off switch on the wall and can use up to 90,000 BTUs depending on the desired flame height. 
Acucraft Drawings - Viewing Area - Insulated Panel System - Heat Relief - Class A Flue - Combustion Air Flue
Acucraft Drawings – Viewing Area – Insulated Panel System – Heat Relief – Class A Flue – Combustion Air Flue
This fireplace was customized with a front viewing area of 50″ wide x 32″ tall and a side viewing area of 35 1/2″ wide x 32″ tall. The firebox is made of 7 gauge steel and is double welded inside & out to create stronger joints and decrease the chance of warping.


The Insulated Panel System measures 65″ wide x 41″ deep x 65″ tall. It is is made of a 22 gauge steel studded panel system, and includes an 8″ Heat Relief, 8″ Class A Flue, and an 8″ B-Vent Combustion Air Flue.
Acucraft Fireplaces - Test Fire of Custom L-Shape Fireplace
Acucraft Fireplaces – Test Fire – Custom Fireplace
80 pounds of copper reflective glass media was placed around the burner to create a lavish and warm presence within the room.
Custom U-Shape Fireplace Burner
Acucraft Fireplaces – Test Fire – Custom U-Shaped Burner

Acucraft does a test fire with every fireplace we build to ensure we have captured the type of flame requested by the customer.

 Working with builders & architects is a common occurrence at Acucraft and we love turning your design into a reality!


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Montage of Custom Corner Fireplace Project Photos
Acucraft Custom Corner Gas Fireplace – Martis Home – Crestwood Construction
Learn more about our Custom Gas Fireplaces by requesting your complimentary copy of our Custom Gas Brochure! 
Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Fireplace Gallery by clicking here.

Acucraft’s Largest Custom Wood Burning Fireplace – The Hermitage Club

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Acucraft Custom Wood Burning Fireplace – The Hermitage Club – West Dover, VT

This custom 4-sided wood burning large fireplace Acucraft built for The Hermitage Club’s Grand Room is the largest wood burning fireplace Acucraft has ever built; measuring in at over 630 cubic feet (that can fit 140 of our Z-Max fireplaces!) with 75 sq ft of viewing area, this massive fireplace can hold up to 10′ logs!

Due to the sheer magnitude of this large fireplace, it had to be dropped through the ceiling of the clubhouse using a crane.

Massive Acucraft 4-sided Custom Fireplace being dropped through the roof of The Hermitage Club      
Acucraft Custom Fireplace
Acucraft Custom 4-Sided Wood Burning Fireplace
The firebox was constructed of 7-gauge steel for a masonry installation and lined with real firebrick. 
The custom arched doors are 5′ x 5′ designed with high temperature ceramic glass and basket handles.
Acucraft Provided Drawing – Class A dual 18″ flue system
 Due to the sheer size of this fireplace, by cubic feet and door openings, it required custom dual 18″ Class A Flues measuring in at over 500 sq inches.
 All of Acucraft’s wood burning fireplaces are equipped with Combustion Air Ducting. As demonstrated in the image below, outside air (yellow arrows) is pulled down the air intake and dispersed into the fireplace; the air then heats up and the smoke (red arrows) travels up and the flue. This fireplace can be used with all of the doors closed, using outside air, or to be used with one set of doors open or removed.
Acucraft Provided Drawing – Combustion Air Ducting – Chimney System
Not even Santa could resist stopping by The Hermitage Club to checkout this fireplace!
Acucraft 4-Sided Custom Wood Burning Fireplace – Santa Stops By


This fireplace was definitely a memorable one for Acucraft and we are excited to continue bringing our clients’ visions to life! A special thank you to The Hermitage Club for the opportunity, and some amazing photos!


We’d also like to extend our gratitude to Robert Maccini, Construction Manager and the entire team at Austin Design – it was a pleasure working together!
Want to lean more about Acucraft’s Custom Fireplaces, or even design your own? 
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