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Acucraft’s New Home – BIGGER & BETTER!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Acucraft just got bigger & better! Big Lake, MN

Acucraft just got bigger & better! Our new location is located at 19672 – 172nd Street in Big Lake, MN



Phase 1 complete, remove contents & racking

Phase 2: polished floors & lighting complete!

Phase 2: polished floors & lighting complete!










After months of searching, several locations scouted and numerous walk-through’s we finally found our new home! 

Thank you to all of our customers for making this possible!

CraneFrom our shears & benders to our milling machines and welders, everything had to be moved. We may have needed a crane to move some of our machinery, but we did it! Our production teams have been separated in two facilities for months and they were finally able to reunite under one roof on Monday, September 28th. The excitement was palpable, there were smiling faces and sparks flying, we were home.




No longer were we confined to a limited amount of space; our team had been growing and now our building could match it. With over 22,000 square feet (19,200 of which is production space) and 4.5 acres we are not only able to have our production teams back together, but there is room for future expansion. Our new home also offers us the opportunity to equip our manufacturing team with bigger and better machinery to ensure our customers receive a superior quality product.

Plant Layout TeamOur newPaint Booth space was designed by our Plant Layout Team which included members of our Production, Design, and Operations teams. With the knowledge from our team and utilizing LEAN principles we were able to design the most efficient layout for our space to ensure high quality, high performance and flow. 

Our new home is fully equipped with state of the art equipment including; 120 high density T8 fluorescent lights, 18′ high ceilings, a 3″ line 25hp air compressor, a 6′ shear with 1/4″ capability, a 10′ shear with 1/4″ capability, three (3) testing stations, room for a future test lab, a 16’w x 26’d x 16’t paint booth, finishing & shipping area, 12 welding stations, and nearly 3,000 square feet for fabrication which is also home to most of our machinery. 


Let’s take a walk through our new facility…

Acucraft Fireplaces Building LayoutFronts & DoorsFab

Your journey begins in front of  one of our eight 8′ garage doors leading into our receiving bay; these entryways allow us to receive steel year round, even in the dead of winter. The rear of the building is home to our material supply, but also houses our fabrication team. They’re not only responsible for maintaining all of our steel inventory, they also cut, bend, and kit all of the materials & parts needed to build a fireplace. 
Welding - Acucraft


Let’s keep moving! OK, here’s where the sparks start to fly…our welding stations! Each welder has their own station ranging from 10′ x 10′ to 14′ x 14′ with electrical drops, welders, and all the tools they need to build any of our standard fireplaces or custom fireplaces. The first set of stations are for our custom fireplace welders, followed by fronts & doors, and then our standard fireplace welders. Careful! Watch out for sparks!

Max-PatinaUp next, is our painting & finishing department. This is where all of our fireplaces receive their insulated panels and are crated & shipped. This is also where they are all prepped, primed & painted; whether you choose a standard flat black, custom paint, or a Patina, this is where the magic happens!  Who doesn’t love a nice Japanese Brown Patina? C’mon!

Fire Test 1



Alright, now on your right you’ll see our fireplace testing department! With the additional space in our new building we are able to have three stations for testing our products; remember, every one of Acucraft’s custom gas fireplaces is internally tested to meet & exceed ANSI standards before shipping to the customer.

As we make our way toward the end of the warehouse you’ll notice there is a large empty area…what’s up with that?! Have no fear, this is the future home to our Accounting, Marketing, and Sales Acucraft Production Shot 2IMG_4644teams which will be built out into offices. Last, but certainly not least, is our current office space, home to our Design, Operations, & Customer Fulfillment Teams. This is where each fireplace is designed to meet & exceed our customers’ standards, where our technical support team is available to answer all of your questions, and our customer fulfillment specialist can guide you through the production process.

Unfortunately this is where our tour ends, but hey, thanks for coming!

All of our customers are welcome to come see their fireplace being built, or simply stop by for a tour of our new facility. We want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of our customers for their support and continued patronage; this move ensures we’re bringing you nothing but the best product!

Thank You From Acucraft 

So how did we celebrate our new home with our team? Well, a little putt-putt golf of course! The objective? Successfully drive the ball 250′ down the warehouse aiming for multiple targets to win some cash!

  • Target 1: successfully drive your ball through an open garage door at the end of the building
  • Target 2: successfully hit one of the gas cans sitting in front of the open garage door at the end of the building
  • Target 3: successfully drive your ball up a ramp and into a bucket at the end of the building

It was definitely harder than it looked, but everyone walked away a winner! 

Standard Fireplace Welder, Josh H. lining up his put

Standard Fireplace Welder, Josh H. lining up his put

Acucraft Golf 1

Custom Gas Fireplace Lead, Brian P. hoping to hit a target

Our President, Chris Maxson, taking the first put in our new building

Our President, Chris Maxson, taking the first put in our new building









Not only are we thankful for the support from our customers, but also from our team!


We are so thankful for the amazing team we have!

We are so thankful for the amazing team we have!


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View our fireplace photo gallery



Acucraft Custom Gas Commercial Linear Fireplaces – Boyd Gaming

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Let us help find the perfect solution for You!

Acucraft Custom Gas Fireplaces - Kansas Star Casino - Boyd Gaming (1)

Acucraft Custom Gas Fireplaces – Kansas Star Casino – Boyd Gaming

Finding solutions for our customers is something we do best, and enjoy doing. When Boyd Gaming came to us looking for commercial fireplaces that could produce a big flame and no heat for the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, KS, we were happy to assist!

When looking to add a fireplace to a home, retail space, corporate office, or commercial property, like Kansas Star Casino, make sure to look at all of the available options and affirm what you’re getting meets all of your needs. At Acucraft fire is our passion and we want each & every one of our customers to be 100% satisfied with their fireplace. We not only want to make your design come to life, we want to do it the right way the first time around. Our design team spends countless hours ensuring each and everyone of the custom gas fireplaces we build are safe, internally tested prior to shipment, and meet & exceed ANSI Standard Z21.50/CSA2.22.

Boyd Gaming had worked with another fireplace manufacturer to install four commercial gas fireplaces in The Woodfire Grille within the Kansas Star Casino. These fireplaces unfortunately did not meet their expectations so they were looking to replace them. The existing fireplaces were giving off an ton of heat and had very minimal flames so unfortunately they knew they had to be replaced. They wanted four identical custom gas linear see-through fireplaces that could provide tall, impressive flames that wouldn’t output any heat to the surrounding areas; additionally, the fireplaces had to be UL tested with a glass temperature less than 90 degrees while still maintaining large flames.

All four fireplaces are located in The Woodfire Grille within the casino. Three of which are lined in a row near the front of the restaurant, with one side facing the casino and the other side the restaurant dining area. The fourth fireplace was placed behind the main entrance to the restaurant with the other side facing a private dining room. Members of our design team were sent to the Kansas Star Casino to assess the current state of the existing fireplaces and advise on the removing and replacing of the wiring. 

Acucraft Storyboard #2 for Boyd Gaming - Kansas Star Casino

Acucraft Storyboard –  Custom Linear Gas Fireplaces – Boyd Gaming/Kansas Star

Kansas Star Casino Storyboard #1

Acucraft Storyboard – Custom Linear Gas Fireplace – Kansas Star Casino 









After being on-site to assess the current state of the existing wiring, our design team provided the customer with detailed storyboards illustrating the solution Acucraft could offer. Included was our Patent-Pending Glass Cooling System which allows us to offer a tall, lazy, impressive flame and touchable glass, without unwanted heat. Our Patent-Pending Glass Cooling System forces cooler air from outside through Class A stainless steel flue into the air channel between the panes of glass, ensuring a lower, touchable glass temperature (as depicted in the image below). The heated air can then be dispersed into the space or, in this case, vented outside to further control the temperature of the surrounding area.

Acucraft's Custom Gas Linear Fireplace - UL Testing - Kansas Star Casino

Acucraft’s Custom Gas Linear Fireplace – UL Testing – Kansas Star Casino

Acucraft's Patent Pending Air Cooling System Diagram

Acucraft’s Patent Pending Air Cooling System Diagram


 Our Fireplace Advisors and Designers worked with Boyd Gaming to determine the best solution to their problem while still exceeding their expectations. Once the design was finalized a fireplace was sent to a test lab to be UL tested. Upon completion all four fireplaces were built and shipped to the customer.



 After all four fireplaces arrived at the casino our design team was on-site calibrating the fireplaces to ensure the desired flame height was achieved and everything was working perfectly. We are so glad that we could help Boyd Gaming & Kansas Star Casino with their dilemma and welcome the opportunity to work with them again in the future!

Acucraft Custom Gas Linear Fireplace - Woodfire Grille - Kansas Star Casino

Acucraft Custom Gas Linear Fireplace – Woodfire Grille – Kansas Star Casino

Acucraft Custom Gas Linear Fireplace - Kansas Star Casino

Acucraft Custom Gas Linear Fireplace – Kansas Star Casino

Contemporary 4-Sided Gas Fireplace with Stainless Steel Finish

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Acucraft Custom Gas 4-Sided Propane Fireplace
Acucraft Custom Gas 4-Sided Propane Fireplace

With 25′ ceilings this homeowner wanted a show stopping fireplace that would fit in their modern home in Jamestown, ND. Acucraft built this custom 4-sided propane gas fireplace which was clad in stainless steel by the customer to give it a contemporary aesthetic.

Linear Propane Burner
Acucraft Linear Propane Gas Burner
Modern Linear Gas Burner
Acucraft Linear Burner

The customer came to us with 3 specifics they wanted in a fireplace:

  1. A large propane burner providing a big flame.
  2. Combustion air had to come from the roof (25′ up) because the fireplace was placed on a cement slab.
  3. Needed to output heat to accommodate the cold winter weather in North Dakota.

The combustion air intake for this custom propane gas fireplace is located in the roof, brings cold air in from the top, which travels down through four tubes supporting the fireplace and fuels the fire; the gases then travel up and out through the flue.


The video above demonstrates the type of ambiance and flame aesthetic you can
expect from a linear propane burner.

All of our gas fireplaces are tested in-house before being shipped to the customer; to ensure the proper flame is achieved and all the safety checkpoints are functioning properly.

At Acucraft safety is a priority which is why our open gas fireplaces along with our enclosed gas fireplaces with dampers have a series of safety checkpoints to run through before  the fire will successfully ignite. The diagram below illustrates each of the four safety checkpoints:

Acucraft's Sequence of Ignition Safety Steps for Gas Burner
Acucraft’s Sequence of Ignition Safety Steps

Acucraft carefully tests all of our fireplaces to ensure that both the internal and customer requirements have been met, which includes testing the temperature of the glass. In the image below you can see Brian, one of Acucraft’s welders, testing the glass temperatures using an infrared gun to ensure the temperature does not exceed 113 degrees F. 

Acucraft Custom Gas Fireplace - Glass Cooling System
Acucraft Custom Gas Fireplace – Glass Cooling System
This fireplace (above) has two air flow systems: Acucraft’s Glass Cooling System and Combustion Air. With Acucraft’s Glass Cooling System there are two intakes on each side of the fireplace pushing air between the panes of glass which significantly reduces the glass temperature, and the heated air is then dispersed within your home or outside through the heat relief. The combustion air system pulls fresh air in through the combustion air intake to fuel the fire and then exits through the flue.


Open Gas Fireplace in Commercial Setting
Acucraft Open Gas Fireplace
Acucraft Custom 4-Sided Open Gas Fireplace
Acucraft Custom 4-Sided Open Gas Fireplace

The custom gas fireplace above was designed to sit in a concrete base surrounded by seating with a fully suspended hood wrapped in black clad to fit the modern feel of their space. For more details about this fireplace, click here.


Custom Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits & Burners

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Outdoor Fireplace, Fire Pits and Burners by Acucraft
Acucraft Custom Gas Outdoor Burner
Acucraft’s Custom Outdoor Fire
Customize your outdoor living experience with an Acucraft custom made fire pit, fireplace, or burner.
Whether you’re looking to add a little fire to your backyard or commercial space Acucraft can customize an option to fit your needs. Our outdoor fire series includes both gas and wood burning options, linear and square, single sided and see through, as well as custom shape gas burners.
Custom Outdoor Gas Burners
Acucraft Custom Gas Outdoor Burners
Our outdoor burners are custom designed to fit your vision! They are built with 100% stainless steel components and are designed to be inserted into your non-combustible enclosure. Available in natural gas or propane, electronic or manual ignition, and optional water drainage.



Acucraft’s all-weather ignition ensures a perfect flame for your outdoor unit


Custom Outdoor Fireplaces 
Acucraft Outdoor Fireplace – Fort Bliss

Our outdoor fireplaces are available in wood or gas (natural gas or propane) and are custom designed to fit your exact needs and specifications. They can be made single sided, see through, or indoor/outdoor with sealed viewing areas, open (no glass), or with operable doors. Choose from square, linear, or panoramic. Delivered fully assembled and designed to be finished with your specific materials – clad, stone, marble, tile, etc.

Custom Outdoor Fire Pits
Acucraft Custom L Shaped Gas Outdoor Fire Pit – Seattle, WA
Acucraft’s custom outdoor fire pits come in square, linear, and custom sizes & configurations to fulfill your vision. Made with 100% stainless steel components, 1/2″ tempered safety glass, water drainage options available, choose from natural or propane gas, electronic or manual ignition, can be finished by Acucraft and arrive fully assembled, or can be designed ready to be finished with your specific materials – clad, stone, marble, tile, etc.
Acucraft Custom Outdoor Fire Pit
(855) 349-0721
Request a copy of our Outdoor Fire brochure by clicking here.
Acucraft Custom Gas Outdoor Fireplace
Acucraft Custom Gas Outdoor Fireplace – Maryland Live Casino


Custom Wood Burning Patina Front Options

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Acucraft Custom Fireplace with Patina
Acucraft See-Through Wood Burning Fireplace with Japanese Brown Patina Finish

Many of our customers choose a Patina finish for it’s rustic antiquity and classic fireplace character. Patina is a process of changing the look of the steel through oxidation with the application of heat; it offers a more textured and weathered look while still providing you with an elegant appearance for your fireplace.

Acucraft offers three different Patina finishes: Japanese Brown, Aged Bronze, and Copper. Our Japanese Brown Patina is the result of a 300 year old recipe used in Japan on cast iron tea pots, and is the most popular Patina finish for Acucraft. The Aged Bronze Patina offers a rich, smooth textured finish, giving your fireplace a more rustic appearance. Last, but certainly not least, is our Copper Patina which provides a more traditional greenish brown finish leaving you with a deep, aged appearance. The tone and depth of your Patina can be adjusted by the number of coats applied.

Wood-Burning See-Through Fireplace Design with Hammered Patina Doors
Acucraft Wood Burning See-Through Fireplace with Aged Bronze Patina Hammered Doors

Patina takes time and our team has worked diligently to perfect the process and deliver quality, aesthetically appealing finishes for all of our fireplaces. Acucraft sends out color samples of our Patina options (at no charge), but no two Patinas are exactly alike…that’s part of their beauty and what makes then so unique. Below is a short video which brings to life the Patina process and the craftsmanship involved.


Our team begins preparing the steel by polishing the front of the fireplace to remove any scratches or imperfections.Then it is cleaned, degreased, and wiped down with hot water to ensure a clean surface. The Patina process then begins by heating the steel with a torch to eliminate all of the moisture on the surface, then the Patina solution is sprayed onto the front and heated with a torch; this process is repeated until the desired color has been achieved. Once the steel has cooled it is sealed with a clear coat to stop the oxidization process and lock-in the color.

Justin, one of Acucraft’s Skilled Craftsmen, applying a Patina finish
Acucraft’s Patina Finish Process
Copper Patina Finish on Acucraft Fireplace
Acucraft’s Copper Patina Finish

Our team of dedicated welders & fabricators provide us with the unparalleled expertise and integrity you look for. With over 35 years in the fireplace industry, Acucraft has become one of the nations leading fireplace manufacturers by offering innovative and unique solutions for our customers while offering outstanding customer service.. We stand behind all of our products and offer a lifetime warranty on every one of our custom and standard fireplaces.

Our team of fireplace designers & engineers work directly with architects, builders, and designers to turn your dream fireplace into a reality. From single-sided to custom see-through fireplaces and outdoor gas burners, no fireplace is too big, no project too small. From whole home heating to show-stopping ambiance, we can design and manufacture it all!
(855) 349-0721

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