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Commercial Custom Gas Fireplace – Kimpton Hotel Palomar

Friday, January 26th, 2018

The commercial custom gas fireplace we helped design, and manufactured for The Kimpton Hotel Palomar is a perfect example of our number one core value, “We Find Yes.”

commercial custom gas fireplace circle

Kimpton Palomar Hotel Lounge Kimpton Palomar Hotel Room

Mark Melzer of Melzer, Deckert + Ruder, Architects, Inc. came to us in Spring 2016 looking for a unique focal point of the entry lobby at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar in Beverly Hills, CA. The new fireplace would need to match the stunning design inspiration done by Craig Hardman of Dawson Design Associates, Inc. and also meet Los Angeles city requirements.  Craig was looking for a double ring custom gas fireplace that would be crafted from hot rolled steel or cold rolled steel with a darker, black patina finish.

Ben Krump, one of our highly skilled Fireplace Advisors, collaborated with Mark and Craig to define their needs and desires. “I loved the idea as soon as I saw the inspiration drawings,” recalled Ben. “I knew this would be a very interesting and complicated build but I was confident we could do it. I worked with our design team to verify the specifications and dimensions and confirm that we could make this fireplace functional and as beautiful as the inspirations.”

Once the concept was agreed upon the project moved into Design. Our Lead Fireplace Designer, Adam Redberg, worked closely with Mat Epperson, Project Engineer at RD Olson Construction and the team to finalize the design dimensions and requirements:

Kimpton Palomar Fireplace Drawing Kimpton Palomar Fireplace Drawings

This particular custom gas fireplace was being put into a commercial setting, so our Glass Cooling System was a must to avoid high glass temperatures. The custom rings were designed to be 3/4″ thick with removable glass panes for cleaning and maintenance. The fireplace stands at over 10 feet tall from base to the top of the outer ring and is a little over 2 feet deep and weighs in at about 4,500 pounds. The outer ring is about 7 feet in circumference while the inner ring has a circumference of 6 feet and includes a 2 ½ foot line of fire custom linear burner capable of 35,000-45,000 BTUs.

Commercial Custom Gas Fireplace Build Commercial Custom Gas Fireplace Paint Commercial Custom Gas Fireplace Test

The photos above show the fireplace making its way from Production to Finishing and finally onto Testing before shipping to the customer. Every custom gas fireplace Acucraft builds are shipped to exceed ANSI standards and are internally tested in our test lab by Acucraft and by a 3rd party.

Commercial Custom Gas Fireplace Complete

Commercial Custom Gas Fireplace Finished

We are honored to have been selected for this project and are thrilled with how this commercial gas fireplace turned out. It fits perfectly into the Kimpton Hotel Palomar’s newly redesigned lobby! This fireplace was definitely one of Acucraft’s most unique fireplaces built; it was a privilege working with all of the teams involved in bringing this design to life. We look forward to working on future projects!

See it in person: Kimpton Hotel Palomar – Los Angeles | Beverly Hills – 10740 Wilshire Blvd – (800) KIMPTON – KimptonHotels.com

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4 Sided Fireplace: A Customer’s Journey

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

John Moriarity and Associates worked on creating a luxurious apartment building, West Square Apartments, in a desirable up-and-coming Boston, Massachusetts neighborhood. South Boston is known for its vibrant lifestyle and authenticity. This new construction apartment complex would have enticing amenities such as: concierge, a pet playground, game room, entertainment lounge, and more! Among those amenities would be an Acucraft Infinity 4 sided fireplace, a perfect match for Boston’s lively atmosphere.

West Square Apartment Building

West Square Apartments, Boston MA

The fireplace was incorporated into the blueprints in the entertainment lounge by Moriarity and Associates as a place to bring the residents together and to create a relaxing, yet exciting atmosphere. They were searching for an indoor fire feature that would leave anyone in awe. Moriarity wanted a fireplace that would be free from obstructions for a clear view of friends and neighbors, as well as an attention-grabbing focal point for prospective renters. They also wanted it to be easy to clean for the maintenance crew. Acucraft worked together with Moriarity to make their lounge come to life.


“Phenomenal! Plenty of couches, big screen TVs, and a stunning fireplace that runs from the ceiling to the ground.”

– Tenant Google Review

Entertainment Lounge of West Square Apartments

In order to create a glass-to-glass viewing feature, the hood of the fireplace needed to be supported fully by the ceiling. Our designers worked this into the plans and our craftsman took special care to make this possible. Glass-to-glass means the corners of the 4 sided fireplace are not capped with metal trim. Making the glass-to-glass structure possible also meant that one (or more) of the glass panels on the fireplace could easily be removed. This could allow for simple and easy cleaning of the inside of the fireplace. By using Acucraft as their fireplace manufacturer, they were able to get these necessities specified into the drawings of the fireplace.

4 Sided Fireplace Drawings Moriarity 4 Sided Fireplace Drawing Moriarity

Original Drawings of Moriarity and Associates Desired Fireplace by Acucraft

By crafting a fireplace that had as much glass as possible, we were able to create an amazing fire feature that would remain in any prospective tenant’s mind. In order to make this fireplace completely safe for any human or pets that would be near it, Moriarity wanted the fireplace to be cool to the touch. At Acucraft, we offer the option to have glass cooling added to any fireplace. This includes to panels of glass, one outside and one inside the fireplace. In between the panels of glass is a surge of outside air. This keeps the hot air inside the fireplace from reaching the outer layer of glass, making the fireplace cool to the touch. This feature would ensure safety from heat but also keep tallest flames burning bright.

4 Sided Fireplace Infinity West Square


Final Installed Fireplace Project in West Square Apartments Entertainment Lounge

We are incredibly proud to see this fireplace come together and to have the privilege of working with Moriarity and Associates on the West Square Apartments project. We look forward to working on future projects involving a 4 sided fireplace.

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The Advantages of Double Sided Wood Fireplaces

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

For over 30 years, Acucraft has perfected the double-sided wood burning fireplace concept. It began 3 decades ago when a couple came to Acucraft seeking the beauty of a traditional wood burning flame in more than one room in their home. Acucraft’s double sided wood burning fireplaces combine ingenuity with fine craftsmanship to give you the ultimate fireplace experience in more spaces than one. With many different styles, sizes, and designs, you can have the wood burning fireplace that suits you and your desires.            

What Makes Acucraft’s Double Sided Wood Fireplace Design Superior?

The Fireplace’s Heat Output

Acucraft wood fireplaces offer “whole home heating.” Operating one of Acucraft’s high-tech double-sided wood burning fireplace models allows the unit to heat up to 3,000 square feet! Not only will this bring a cozy ambiance to your space, it will also save you money on your heating bills.

Whole Home Heating with Fireplace by Acucraft

Whole Home Heating Using Fireplace by Acucraft

The Style Options

Our wood fireplaces can be created to match any style. Whether you search for a more rustic feel or prefer a modern approach. Acucraft will craft a fireplace that reflects your personality and creativity. Arched or rectangular doors are available in many different finishes including: patina, clavos, hammered, and more. And with double-sided wood  fireplaces, the same style will be brought to two spaces with one fireplace.

Rectangular Doors on See Through Fireplace by Acucraft

Rectangular Doors on See Through Fireplace

Arched Doors on See Through Fireplace by Acucraft

Arched Doors on See Through Fireplace

The Fireplace Size Options

Traditionally, Acucraft’s wood burning fireplace come in three desirable sizes: 36” wide, 44” wide, and 48” wide. The sizes allow for the best combination of burn time and viewing areas. However, if you are looking for something incredibly dramatic, Acucraft can custom create a 2-sided fireplace to any size you’d like!

Hearthroom 48 Inch Wood Burning See Through Fireplace by Acucraft

Hearthroom 48″

Hearthroom 36 Inch Wood Burning See Through Fireplace by Acucraft

Hearthroom 36″

See through Fireplace Design

A majority of the 2-sided, prefab fireplaces on the market are exclusive to gas fireplaces. But a double-sided wood burning fireplace is different. Not only do you get two views in one space, you can also make your double-sided fireplace an indoor/outdoor fireplace! This allows you to store your wood outside so you would not need to bring the wood indoors. And with our fire screen option you can operate the fireplace without doors, creating a fire pit effect.

See Through Wood Burning Fireplace by Acucraft

See Through Wood Burning Fireplace

Indoor Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace by Acucraft

Indoor/Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

The Additional Fireplace Options

Acucraft wood burning fireplaces are also unique in the different options that we offer. For instance, you can add on the option of a water loop for your wood fireplace. The water in the water loop is heated by your fireplace and is then used for energy efficient in-floor heating or as a supplemental water heater! There are other options such as our BBQ grill, fire screen, and more!

Fire Screen Option for Wood Fireplace

Fire Screen for Wood Fireplace

BBQ Grill for Wood Fireplace by Acucraft

BBQ Grill for Wood Fireplace

Wood burning fireplaces have many advantages. They add a gorgeous ambiance, can lower your heating bills, and provide additional style and flash to your space. And with an Acucraft double sided wood burning fireplace, you get all of the advantages times two!

Learn more about our wood burning fireplaces today!


Log Cabin Fireplace – A Customer’s Journey

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

The Property

Joel and his family began their search for a dream vacation home around 5 years ago. Residing in New Jersey, they enjoy traveling and exploring the great outdoors. The family did their research and waited for the perfect property to arise for spending the summers doing what they love most: being close to nature. When an opportunity to own a section of the pristine Adirondacks presented itself, they couldn’t turn it down. The family purchased 38 acres of woodlands on a small lake that was once part of an old Boy Scout camp.

During the sales event for the property, the family met with Tim McLaughlin of Landmark Log Building, who was constructing the main gate to the properties at the time. After viewing some of his work and learning his technique of using natural logs scribed to each other without chinking, they knew that they wanted him to be the one to build their future dream vacation log cabin!

Adirondacks Mountain Log Cabin Fireplace by Acucraft Adirondacks Log Cabin Fireplace by Acucraft

The Log Cabin

Joel and his family wanted a custom built and designed vacation home, specifically for their family. Joel was to be his own General Contractor, working side by side with McLaughlin. Joel worked on the foundation, flooring, kitchen, utilities, plumbing and heating and Tim built and designed the log cabin exterior and all remaining projects. A lot of time was spent walking the property to ensure the optimum layout and design for the future vacation home. The main goal of the Log Cabin was to utilize the gorgeous views as much as possible. Mark Kennedy, Acucraft’s log cabin fireplace expert, was able to help them achieve this.

Log Cabin Fireplace Back by Acucraft Log Cabin Fireplace Back by Acucraft

The Log Cabin Fireplace

The family owned the fireplace search with input from Tim McLaughlin as he would be installing the unit into the cabin itself. Originally, Joel and his family were searching for two separate fireplaces; one for indoors and one for out. After finding Acucraft online, they discovered our indoor/outdoor fireplace options and realized they could essentially get two views in one fireplace: a fire view from the outside and the woods from the inside. “We also liked the color and finish options and the size of the glass compared to the whole unit size. (Going) back to our goal of maximizing the view of the lake and forest from all internal angles of the house.”

After speaking with Mark, Acucraft’s log cabin fireplace expert, they were educated in the technology, installation, and manuals regarding our products. The family ultimately decided on the wood burning indoor/outdoor fireplace: the Hearthroom 36 Indoor/Outdoor model.

Log Cabin Fireplace View From OutsideOutside View of HR36 I/O Log Cabin Fireplace View From InsideInside View of HR36 I/O

The Dream Comes to Life

After craning in the fireplace, completing the log home around it, and putting on the final touches, the log cabin dream home is complete. We commend Joel and Tim’s craftsmanship on this gorgeous cabin that will be used for years to come. And we are proud that an Acucraft log cabin fireplace is in the spotlight.

We asked Joel what his favorite things were about his fireplace and cabin. “The ‘Ah ha’ or ‘wow’ moments each time someone comes in through the front door and sees right through (the fireplace) to the woods. We have a burn almost every night when we are staying here. We and the builder even used it during construction when we had no electricity yet. Over the recent holidays we spent 2 straight weeks and I don’t think we ever allowed the ash base to cool down!”

Log Cabin with Log Cabin Fireplace Log Cabin Fireplace Dining Room View

We want to congratulate Joel, his family, and Tim McLaughlin on completing this beautiful log cabin vacation home. And we are excited for Joel and his family to enjoy their indoor/outdoor fireplace for years to come with the most gorgeous views anyone could ask for.

Happy burning!

Your log cabin isn’t complete until it has a wood burning log cabin fireplace. Call or email Mark Kennedy today for more information! (888) 317-6499