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Reigniting the Past: Custom Wood Fireplace Customer Journey

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Kim grew up in the Midwest burning wood in her wood fireplace during the cold seasons to keep warm. If you grew up burning wood, you probably had a similar experience to Kim. Smelling the charring wood, the unbelievable warmth you get from a wood fireplace, and the feeling you get from creating your own heat. After Kim moved from the Midwest to San Francisco with her own family, she wanted to bring the same experience she grew up with to her new home.

Midwest Wood Burning Fireplace Inspiration

Kim dreamed of having a large, wood burning fireplace that would accentuate her new home. The home is in a prime location, right on the ocean. She wanted her fireplace to create a window from the foyer of the home to the ocean in the back of the house. And, with the damp, cold weather that San Francisco can bring, she wanted her new fireplace to heat her entire home as well.

San Francisco Custom Wood Fireplace

The fireplace was designed around Kim’s vision as a focal point of the house. Using her vision, our Fireplace Advisors were able to determine that our standard wood fireplaces just wouldn’t be large enough to fulfill her dream. A custom wood fireplace was drawn and blueprinted by our Designers to be a large fireplace, that could heat the entire home, and would leave everyone who entered the beautiful home in awe.

Custom Wood Fireplace UnloadingCustom Wood Fireplace Large Unloading

The fireplace was manufactured with the highest quality materials by our expert welder, Pat. Pat was able to make the drawings and blueprints come to life using his skills and experience. Because Kim confessed to her Fireplace Advisor that she wished to have a faux concrete finish on the outside of the fireplace, we were able to accommodate and make it ready-to-finish. Our finisher, Jamie, finished the outside of the fireplace with panels and slats that would make the concrete finish simple and easy to accomplish.

Large Custom Wood Fireplace CranedLarge Wood Fireplace Install

Once the custom fireplace was completed, it was shipped directly to Kim’s nearly-finished home. The fireplace was then craned into the second floor, the desired location for the fireplace. It took five people to move this massive fireplace from the second-floor door to the new focal point. Shortly after, the fireplace flue was installed and the faux concrete finish was applied.

Wood Fireplace Large Set UpLarge Fireplace Faux Concrete Install

Kim’s fireplace has been installed for 11 years, and Pat and Jamie who built and finished the fireplace are still crafting fireplaces at Acucraft today. They remember this project fondly and enjoyed making Kim’s dream come true. This passion for creating dreams that were once just visions are passed onto our clients. Kim’s vision has come to life in a way that recreates her childhood for her own family, in a new place and a new home. Kim’s family will now experience this gorgeous wood fireplace just the way she remembers: the charring wood, the unbelievable warmth, and the same feeling from creating your own heat.


From Concept to Completion; Let’s Make Your Wood Fireplace Dream a Reality Together!

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Wood Fireplace Catalog by Acucraft

Ultimate High-Tech Fireplaces

Friday, February 16th, 2018

High-Tech Fireplace Series

The High Technology Series includes four fireplace models: the Z-MAX (HT), Chalet (HT), Chalet (HT) See Through, and the Great Room (HT). These are our legacy products and were built to give you the ultimate wood burning experience.  Air within your home is drawn in through the lower grill by a thermostatically-controlled fan. The air is forced through the back passage of the system and is circulated then vented back into the space through top vents. All our high-tech fireplaces can be made for zero clearance installation and all (excluding Z-MAX) can be made to accommodate a Masonry installation.

Chalet See Through High Technology Fireplace

Chalet See Through High Technology Fireplace

“We intended for the fireplace to be a supplemental heat source. After our first few fires using the blowers the fireplace heated our entire house, even with the 26′ ceilings! Not only is the fireplace a great heat source, it’s also very efficient.”

– Mike & Robin B., West Milford, WV

14 Tube Heat Exchange System

The Chalet (Single Sided) and the Great Room (Single-Sided) both use the 14 tube heat exchange system. This system allows these fireplaces to heat a massive 4,000 square foot home with a whopping 180,000 BTU maximum output. The air within the room enters the 14 tubes and is heated by the firebox. That additional heated air is then released back into the home. These 2 fireplaces work hand-in-hand with our whole home heating and water loops for an unmatchable fireplace heating system.

Chalet High-Tech Fireplace 14 Tube Heat Exchanger

Chalet  14 Tube Heat Exchanger

14 Tube Heat Exchange System by Acucraft

14 Tube Heat Exchange System Inside Firebox

14 Tube Heat Exchange

Z-MAX Heating System

The Z-MAX is our “small but mighty” high-tech fireplace. The Z-MAX is designed with the efficiency of a wood stove and the beauty of a fireplace. Outside combustion air enters the z-max firebox in 4 locations. The first and primary is the air wash. The secondary combustion enters at the top of the firebox, lined firebrick. The smoke from the fire hits the secondary combustion tube and rebut a the smoke. Increasing heat output and efficiency, as well as limiting the amount of smoke exiting the flue.  On either side of the firebox there are stall out / start up tubes in the firebrick. When you are starting the fire, air enters under your wood aiding in the ignition of the wood- similar to blowing air under your kindling. When your fire is going out at the end, the stall out tubes force additional air to burn every log and coals complete to fine ash. This fireplace can heat up to 3,000 square feet with an impressive 130,000 BTU maximum output.

Zmax High Tech Wood Fireplace

Zmax High Tech Wood Fireplace

ZMAX High-Tech Wood Burning Fireplace

High-Technology Fireplace ZMAX


Chalet (See-Through)

The Chalet (See-Through) is the only high-technology fireplace that provides two views in one fireplace with a notable heat output. The air within your home enters into the bottom grill and heated around the firebox. The heated convection air rises up and circulates out the upper grill. When the doors are closed the fireplace uses 100% outside air for combustion. No air from within your home is lost up the flue.

Chalet See Through High Tech Fireplace

Chalet See Through High-Tech Fireplace

Whole Home Heating

Imagine having even temperatures throughout your home (no cold spots), and/or supplemental heat you can use at your discretion. Lower or eliminate your gas and electric heating bills this season by heating all of your air and supplementing the heating of your water with our Whole Home Heating System and Water Loop.

How Whole Home Heating Works

Using B-vent piping you can vent your heated air to other areas of your home; our in-line blower allows you to vent heated air upstairs or downstairs. Another option is to connect your remote ducting system to your  furnace plenum and evenly distribute heat to your entire home and help eliminate cold spots. The Whole Home Heating System can transfer up to 70% of the heat generated by the fireplace. (An average furnace releases under 100,000 BTUs/hour compared to our High-Tech series with a maximum of 180,000 BTUs/hour.)

Acucraft’s Whole Home Heating System works best with our High-Technology Fireplaces but works well with the Hearthroom and the Unity as well. Combined with our Water Loop, you will have the ultimate heating set up. We’ve been producing wood burning fireplaces for over 39 years, we know how to do it and we do it well.

How a Water Loop Works

Acucraft’s Water Loops can be added to your fireplace. They allow you to heat your domestic water and/or can also be used for radiant in-floor heating systems. A small pump circulates the heated water, which can be tied into various heating systems. Common uses are in-floor radiant heating systems and domestic hot water. It is possible to add 2 water loops to one fireplace and double the output.

The in-line blower blower is controlled with a thermodisc. The blower will automatically turn on once the fireplace gets hot; it will also turn off as the fireplace cools down or the fire goes out.

Whole Home Heating Reference Only

Whole Home Heating Diagram for Reference Only

For More Photos and Information, Request Your Wood Burning Fireplace Catalog Today!

Wood Fireplace Catalog by Acucraft

Outdoor Fire Features by Acucraft

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Your outside space, if done correctly, can become an extension of your living space. By bringing comfortable seating, coffee tables and even kitchens to the patio, you can increase the visual appeal and monetary value of your home. Not only that, you will be providing your family and friends an oasis and casual place to gather. To create the ultimate outdoor living experience, you will need a quality outdoor fire feature. A fire feature can provide a calming ambiance that naturally brings people together. And there are many things you can do with an outdoor fire feature, especially when the possibilities are endless. When you ask Acucraft to design and create your fire feature, you have the choice of using propane, natural gas, or wood as your fuel. We have standard products: fire tables, fireplaces, and burners, but it doesn’t stop there. We offer custom-made creations; bring your outdoor fire dreams to life.

Outdoor Fire Pit by Acucraft Shop Photo      

Outdoor Fire Tables

Acucraft’s Fire Tables are offered as free-standing units or built-in enclosures. They are custom designed using the highest-quality components and are crafted by the experts. Fire tables are a work of art that never lose their charm or appeal. Water drainage options are available as well as an array of finishing options. All Acucraft Fire Tables are delivered assembled, ready to be placed into your space and finished with your specific materials (i.e. clad, stone, marble, tile, etc.).

Outdoor Fire Pit by Acucraft

Outdoor Fireplaces

Acucraft outdoor fireplaces are designed and crafted with you in mind. Using your vision and specifications, we craft a fireplace that is made especially for you and your space. Whether you have a small space, or if space is no issue, the size of the fireplace unit is determined by you. All Acucraft fireplaces are crafted using the highest quality products, are designed by professionals, and created by our expert craftsmen.  Outdoor fireplaces can be crafted completely sealed (gas/propane), with operable doors, or completely open.

Outdoor Custom Gas Fireplace by Acucraft

Outdoor Burners

Acucraft offers uniquely designed burners in all configurations and sizes. All burners include our all-weather ignition system so it can be used no matter what mother nature has in store. An Acucraft outdoor burner can be crafted to fit onto a table top or can span across an entire floor plan. Burners are unique from fire pits because they can be built into your structure while a fire pit is built into an Acucraft structure.

L Shaped Fire Burner by Acucraft

Enhance your space, bring people together, enjoy yourself and relax with the tallest flames on the market. We craft all of our fireplaces, fire tables, and burners with only the highest quality materials. With our expert designers and professional craftsmen, you can be confident that your fire feature will last a lifetime. Leave a lasting impression with an Acucraft Outdoor Fire Feature!

Happy Burning!

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Indoor Outdoor Wood Fireplace Advantages

Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Have you been dreaming of a wood fireplace? Are you thinking of getting an outdoor wood fireplace for enjoying a BBQ on the patio with some real fire? Maybe you’re looking for the ambiance of an indoor wood fireplace to relax and read a book by? At Acucraft, you can get the best of both worlds with a patent-pending, indoor outdoor wood fireplace!


Indoor outdoor wood fireplaces have many advantages, and seamlessly combine indoor and outdoor spaces. You can heat two spaces at once: your outdoor patio will be warm and inviting for entertaining and your inside space will be relaxing and full of rich ambiance. You will also get the convenience of storing wood outdoors instead of bringing it inside your home like you would with a traditional, indoor wood fireplace. In other words, no mess!

Acucraft Hearthroom 36 Indoor Outdoor Wood Fireplace Joel Jennings HR 36 IO - 1


With an indoor outdoor wood fireplace you not only get the convenience of wood loading, double the views and ambiance, but you also get ease and enjoyment when you choose Acucraft to create your fireplace. With Acucraft, your fireplace will have two sets of operable doors: one for inside and one for outside. This feature gives you the convenience of loading your wood outside and stoking the fire from inside. An indoor outdoor wood fireplace by Acucraft has a 100% sealed outside door to eliminate risk of cold air transfer. The outside door also has a security locking clasp for additional safety.

Indoor Outdoor Wood Fireplace by Acucraft INSIDE Indoor Outdoor Wood Fireplace by Acucraft OUTSIDE


The options are endless when it comes to an indoor outdoor wood fireplace by Acucraft. With our standard models, you can choose from viewing areas as large as 48” x 42”! Or, if you’re looking for an awe-inspiring grandiose view, we can work with you to create a custom wood fireplace that meets your every need. All of our standard and custom wood fireplaces are built upon order, we don’t have any “off the shelf” fireplaces here! Customize your fireplace to meet your needs with some of our most sought after options: arched or rectangular front and doors, matte black, patina, or custom paint finish options. Add hammering, clavos, or medieval strapping for a more rustic look. And if you’re looking for more efficiency then our whole home heating option could be the perfect fit for you!

Indoor Outdoor Wood Fireplace Indoor Outdoor Wood Fireplace

An indoor outdoor wood fireplace by Acucraft offers you everything you desire: over-built fireboxes for lifetime enjoyment, large viewing areas for the best views (whether the fire is burning or not), and earned heat you can only get from a wood fireplace, indoors and out. (Not to mention the many options you have to choose from!) Learn more about your indoor outdoor wood burning fireplaces by speaking with a Fireplace Advisor today! You can also request your indoor outdoor wood brochure right on our website.

Happy burning!

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