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Ultimate Outdoors – 103′ Burner Landscaping Project

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Outdoor Burners Landscaping Project

Kingswood Custom Homes is an award-winning luxury custom home builder located in both Charlotte, NC and Kiawah Island, SC. They take pride in creating custom homes built for each specific client. When Kingswood came to us seeking a unique outdoor fire feature for their client in Davidson, NC who wanted the ultimate outdoor space, we were excited to oblige.


Original Drawings from Kingswood – Outdoor Burners Combined into Landscaping

The original drawings from Kingswood give you an overview of what they were looking to deliver for their client’s new outdoor space. Located near a pool and spa and surrounded by planting beds and an entertainment terrace, is the massive burner design by Acucraft. This outdoor space will have a combination of 4 custom burners: an L-Shape, 2 Arcs, and a Linear. Acucraft burners are crafted with stainless steel and heavy-duty trays for environmental durability. The Bulletproof Ignition System by Acucraft ensures that the burner will light, even under extreme conditions, and will operate for years to come.


Acucraft Drawings and Testing for Kingswood – Outdoor Burners

Once approval of drawings was given, Acucraft immediately went to work creating outdoor burners for Kingswood’s newest project. The burners are designed to be placed into any non-combustible structure. This allows for flexibility and the ability for Kingswood to mirror the luxury they created inside this home with the outdoor space. Acucraft can also create fire tables: burners that come in their own, ready-to-finish, non-combustible enclosure.

Finished Kingswood Install – Outdoor Burners

This link of indoor spaces to outdoor spaces creates an amazing entertainment area. And the curves and lines in the landscaping complements the architectural elements of the home. Simple installation and the ability to utilize your own non-combustible enclosures make for an easy and huge impact for your outdoor space. Acucraft also provides optional assistance for installation and technical support.

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Oval Fireplace: Commercial Designs by Acucraft

Friday, May 25th, 2018

The Project

Marriott International, Inc. recently celebrated the groundbreaking of its first-ever hotel to contain three of its brands in a single building. This growing trend of combining brands is popular because of all the benefits available to consumers. Companies are moving toward keeping consumers and employees happy versus their ultimate bottom dollar. But this trend is providing businesses with major profits. By giving customers and employees amenities and benefits that are beyond expectations, companies create stable work staff, glowing reviews that bring in new clientele, and loyal customers for years to come.

Custom Oval Fireplace by Acucraft in new Hotel Lobby

Future Marriott Triple-Brand Hotel in Nashville, TN

The Hotel

The new Marriott landmark project will embrace three of its hotels into one. This one-of-a-kind hotel will be located in Nashville, TN, in the popular and growing SoBro neighborhood. This 470-room hotel will promote three separate hotel categories: the modern and design-savvy rooms of the AC Hotels by Marriott, the spacious relaxation suites of SpringHill Suites by Marriott, and extended-stay lodging with Residence Inn by Marriott. This unique hotel that is to be filled with amenities will mirror the upscale neighborhood it will be in.

Future Marriott Triple-Brand Hotel featuring custom gas fireplace by Acucraft oval fireplace

SoBro Neighborhood in Nashville, TN – Trendy District With Restaurants, Shopping, & Entertainment

The Amenities

Amenities bring in customers. By providing an over-the-top experience that is unforgettable, customers will be sad to leave and excited to share their experience. The future tri-brand hotel will feature an indoor/outdoor pool with bar, state-of-the-art fitness center, a 4,000 square foot meeting space, and a unique fire feature by Acucraft. A unique focal point, like the custom oval gas fireplace created by Acucraft for the future Marriott, can push customer-based features and amenities beyond measure and can create an unforgettable experience.

Marriott Hotel Custom Gas Oval Fireplace by Acucraft      Acucraft Fireplace Drawings for Marriott Hotel

Order Your Own Custom Gas Fireplace Unique To You - Oval Fireplace Designed and Crafted for Marriott Hotel

Marriott Hotel Conception Inspiration Drawing to Acucraft Drawing to Completion – Fireplace Moving to Finishing and  Finally Shipping

The Oval Fireplace

Incorporating a fire feature into any commercial building can create a calming experience. When it comes to hotels, customers can sometimes be in a rush or feel insecure since they are usually outside of their comfort zone. A fire feature can be a sense of calming and interest. Acucraft was asked to create a custom oval fireplace for this future Marriott location by Allegheny Construction Specialties because they want their customers to feel at home but it would also serve as a landmark. A fireplace creates a natural gathering space and is recognizable from a distance. It is easy to spot for meeting with friends and relatives. The unique fire feature created by Acucraft will, not only be a unique work of art of the future modern hotel but will also be utilized by customers in many different ways.

    Custom Linear Gas Fireplace Marriott Hotel by Acucraft

Custom Gas Fireplace by Acucraft – Marriott Hotel, Boulder, CO

Businesses and brands are moving away from providing “just enough” for their customers and employees. By working toward creating an environment that people wish they back with after they have left, they are creating customers and hard-workers for life. Amenities are a huge part of making people feel comfortable and wanted. By creating someone truly unique for the client, you are telling them that they are more than just cash in your pocket. Acucraft takes pride in designing and crafting custom fireplaces that are made with the highest-quality materials and the tallest flames on the market. The Marriott is doing things right, and we are excited to see the finished hotel project in mid-2018!

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Blaze Commercial Series: Perfect For Any Space

Friday, May 18th, 2018

Commercial-Grade Linear Gas Fireplace Series

The Blaze Commercial Series of fireplaces are the perfect match or any space or project. The classic linear design is unobtrusive and is crafted to look natural and inviting. With size options ranging from a suitable 6 feet wide to an impressive 16 feet wide, the Blaze will fit perfectly into any space. The customization options available to the Blaze combined with Acucraft’s tallest flames, you will create an atmosphere that is relaxing and dramatic at the same time. Learn how all different kinds of projects used Blaze fireplaces to create their dream spaces!

Blaze10 10 Foot Wide Linear Gas Fireplace Single Sided Tallest Flames Luxury Apartment Building

The Halstead Square in Fairfax, VA is the premier luxury apartment buildings in the Metro. Available to residents are several pools, a lounge area with pool table, a movie theater, and an elegant library. These apartments “have it all” complete with shops, restaurants, and a Blaze Fireplace in the library. The Blaze Fireplace is the ultimate finish to complete this apotome of modern. This Single-Sided, Blaze10 Fireplace creates a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for studying or reading after a long day swimming in the pool or shopping at the many convenient stores.

Blaze6 6 Foot Wide See Through Linear Gas Fireplace Restaurant

The Rusty Moose is a restaurant in Spokane, WA. Known for it’s comfort food and natural d√©cor, this bar and grill is perfect for family get-togethers, work meetings, or just a relaxing evening. The restaurant has a separating wall between the casual dining and formal dining areas. The Blaze6 See-Through was the perfect accompaniment. The See-Through design allows flow and connection between the two spaces and the tall flames match the atmosphere that has been created perfectly. “Fun d√©cor, good food and excellent service!”

Blaze14 14 Foot Wide and 30 Inches Tall Linear Gas Fireplace at University

Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT is an independent, Catholic University that was founded in 1963. It has since grown and student enrollment currently consists of over 8,500 soon-to-be graduates. And SHU alumni can be found in all 50 states in the USA and in over 50 countries. Offering more than 70 programs, the University recently expanded to accommodate student success. The Bergoglio Hall was built in 2016 and houses over 200 sophomore students. The Hall is the perfect transition for students moving toward independent living combined with support. The amenities include a video game room, a fitness facility, and a lounge complete with a Blaze14 Fireplace with a 14′ Wide and Tall, 30″ High viewing area. Students can freely study next to a Fireplace that lowers stress and exhilarates.

Blaze Linear Gas Fireplace Blaze10 10 Foot Wide Fireplace

The Blaze Linear Gas Fireplace Series are designed with commercial-grade components and thick, 7-gauge steel. Glass Cooling is standard on all Blaze Fireplaces, which makes them perfect for commercial spaces or areas that may have small children. Nearly unlimited design style and size choices so you can create the perfect fireplace for you and your space. Perfect for restaurants, hospitality, and residential homes. You too can create an atmosphere that is undeniably inviting.

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Blaze Commercial Linear Fireplace: A Customer’s Journey

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Blaze Linear Commercial Linear Fireplace: A Customer’s Journey

The Project

The Kansas City Star Casino is the premier casino in Kansas. “Located just south of Wichita in Sumner County, the Kansas Star Casino offers over 1,770 slot machines, over 50 table games, an 8-table poker room and five great new restaurants. It’s an all-new gaming entertainment destination without equal in the region!” Officially opened in 2012, the Casino has since had rave reviews. One local guide stated, “Upscale with lots of slots. There are plenty of things to eat and drink there as well as a hotel attached to the casino. Great place to spend your time!”

Kansas City Star Casino worked with Acucraft to create Ambiance with Fireplaces     

The Builder

Shortly after the Casino was opened, Commercial Builder working on the project alongside Boyd Gaming, John Gratz, came to us curious about the Blaze Commercial Linear Fireplace’s flame height and average glass temperature. When we told him the overall flame height, 9” – 12”, and glass temperatures that average 145°, he said firmly that “he’d been told that before.” 


The Problem

A former builder working on the Kansas City  Star Casino project had originally gone with a competitor to craft 3 linear, see-through fireplaces that were placed between the Casino floor and the Woodfire Grille restaurant as well as a 4th fireplace in a private dining room. The product produced by our competitors delivered flames so small they couldn’t be seen from either the casino or the restaurant. The fireplaces also created so much heat, even being raised above head height, they were making guests uncomfortable.

Glass Cooling and Tall Flames with Linear Gas Fireplace Blaze Commercial Series

Acucraft’s Superior Glass Cooling System Combined with the Tallest Flames on the Market in the Blaze Commercial Linear Fireplace Series

The Solution

Gratz came from Kansas to Minnesota to see for himself that our fireplaces would go above and beyond his expectations. The Blaze fireplace series was able deliver the flame and cooling temperatures his project needed. In an effort to have the section of the casino and restaurant shut down for as little time as possible, our Field Technicians directed Gratz’s install team and the entire project was completed in one day. Gratz was so satisfied with the final fireplaces that he made Acucraft his go-to fireplace supplier.

Commercial Linear Gas Fireplaces by Acucraft     Linear Gas Fireplace by Acucraft Commercial Grade Tallest Flames Glass Cooling

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Luxury Office Tower Featuring Acucraft

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

Madison Centre

A brand-new high-rise tower at Fifth Avenue and Marion Street, the Madison Centre, is receiving it’s finishing touches. The tower was originally planned during the 2000’s but was ebbed by the recession. It was recently brought back to life by Architects Schnitzer West and Designers NBBJ and is now coming to fruition. This vertical corporate campus is designed to encourage maximum productivity, attract top talent, and foster the highest efficiency.

This Office Tower Features many Amenities Such As a Garden Wall and Lounges Featuring Acucraft Fireplaces Madison Centre Luxury Office Tower Featuring Garden Wall and Acucraft Fireplaces

Luxury Features

Along with many other top companies, the business tower is moving away from cold and sterile professional spaces and opting toward comfortable, relaxing, and inspiring spaces. The luxury office tower welcomes you to many amenities: a living garden wall, a best-in-class fitness center, breathtaking views of the city, and calming and contemplation spaces complete with fireplaces. Acucraft partnered with Sellen Construction to bring NBBJ and West’s design for the inspiring gas fireplaces to life.

Panoramic View of Madison Centre and Acucraft Gas Fireplace

The Fireplaces

West and NBBJ had a vision and design for the new-to-world fire features that would inhabit Madison Centre. 3 separate gas fireplaces with different design elements were custom designed and built by Acucraft. One of the main common spaces located at the top of a spiral staircase features a large, see-through gas fireplace with a 51″W x 42″H viewing area. Neighboring the living garden wall that leads to a library, the fireplace includes a gas log set with a firescreen for an open hearth feel with all the safety.

Acucraft Fireplace in Madison Centre Luxury Office Tower Acucraft Fireplaces in Luxury Office Tower Luxury Fireplaces in Luxury Space

In a common dining area is a different custom gas see-through fireplace. This gas fireplace features glass media and a firescreen. This fireplace has a 5’x5’ viewing area of the tallest flames as well as the adjacent room. The same fireplace is located in a smaller meeting room but is single-sided for privacy and includes full glass with Acucraft’s glass-cooling system.

Luxury See Through Fireplace in Seattle Office Tower Custom Designed and Custom Built

Madison Centre is complete and already has secured leases on many of the available office spaces. Companies are moving toward supplying their employees with luxury features and amenities as a way to keep them happy, healthy, and excited to go to work in the morning.

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