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Signature Series: Acucraft’s Most Versatile Fireplace Series

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

The Signature Series is a linear gas fireplace that is the first fireplace with the option of glass that can be added or removed. This fireplace series comes in many sizes and styles and has more to offer than meets the eye. Learn more about this versatile and modern fireplace design!

10 Minute Conversion Kits

Acucraft offers Conversion Kits for all Signature Fireplaces. These unique kits allow you to easily switch between an open with no glass and sealed with glass fireplace within 10 minutes! The 10 Minute Conversion Kit is unique to the Signature Series.

Having a get-together with small children or pets? Convert your open fireplace to a sealed fireplace complete with glass cooling before your guests arrive! Want to create a romantic atmosphere for a special occasion? Convert your sealed fireplace to open in minutes! Ask your Fireplace Advisor for more information.

 Linear Gas Fireplace with Glass Cooling         Linear Gas Fireplace with No Glass Fire Screen

Signature Series 6′ SS Sealed with Glass                                      Signature Series 7′ SS Open with Fire Screen 


Sizes & Styles

Acucraft is known for creating commercial-grade fireplaces that are built to impress and last a lifetime. After years of experience and thousands of different fireplaces, Acucraft has created the ultimate linear fireplace series. The Signature Series is available in all the popular sizes and styles that you love.

Sizes: 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, & 8′ Wide Viewing Areas‚ 20″ Tall Viewing Area

Styles: Single-Sided, See-Through, Indoor/Outdoor

Viewing Area Options: Sealed with Glass‚ Open with no Glass

Conversion Kits Available: 10 Minute Conversion Kits Allow you to Switch Between Sealed and Open Viewing Areas in Minutes

The Signature Series Difference

This cutting-edge fireplace series offers you the ability to create a fireplace that mirrors your style, your personality, and your needs. No matter what room your fireplace will be in, you can be assured that the revolutionary design will fit seamlessly in your space:

No Unsightly Vents or Access Panels in Sight!

Guaranteed the Tallest, Fullest Flames on the Market!

Radiant Heat & Ambiance!

Frameless Finish

Intake Location Options for Easy Installation!

No Special Framing Required; Use Wood Framing!

Zero-Clearance: Place on ANY Non-Combustible Surface!

Firebox Ships in One, Solid Piece!

Linear Gas Fireplace Frameless Tallest Flames

Media & Interior Options

Whether your style is modern, contemporary, or even rustic, a Signature Series fireplace can be customized to match your already existing décor. Here are some ideas to get you started! Click here to learn more about all options Acucraft offers.

¼” Glass Media ½” Glass Media River Rock Semi-Polished & Polished Rock Lava Rock Log Sets


 Mesh Interior  Black Reflective Porcelain Panels LED Lighting with Remote 



River Rock Combined with Black Reflective Porcelain Panels: River Rock offers a relaxing atmosphere and the Panels reflect the dancing flames creating a unique and luxurious ambiance.


White Glass Media Combined with LED Lighting with Remote: LED Lighting is technology for those seeking a more interesting and exciting space. Choose your favorite colors and watch the bright lights bounce off the White Glass.


Lava Rock, Log Set, and Mesh Interior: Lava Rock combined with Acucraft’s Custom Drift Wood Log Set, made especially for the Signature Series, creates a homey feel that is perfect for rustically decorated homes. And with Acucraft’s unique Mesh Interior option, you can finish the inside of the firebox with any fire-safe material you’d like, ensuring that it will match your home’s design.

Learn More About the Signature Series

Request Your Signature Series Brochure Today!

Popular Fireplace Options & Accessories

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Whether you desire a wood or gas fireplace, a standard product or a custom build, Acucraft has popular customization options for you to make it your own. If you have a wood fireplace and are seeking a unique finish and handles, modern or classic media for your gas fireplace, or something totally different to make your fireplace truly “your own,” Acucraft has solutions for you. Learn more about what Acucraft has to offer!

Finishing & Handles – Wood Fireplaces

Frame Finishing Options:

Matte Black*

Japanese Brown Patina

Aged Bronze Patina

Copper Patina



Cylinder* Spring Medieval Basket

 *Standard with Wood Models

Enhancement Options

Framing Styles:

Mission Style Framing** Colonial Style Framing***


  • Frames the Fire
  • Traditional Style

**Arched Front & Doors Pictured


  • Window Frame Over Fire
  • Rustic Style

***Rectangular Front & Doors Pictured


  • Hand-Hammered
  • Your Choice of Finish, Framing, & Handles
  • Can be Combined with Rustic Enhancement



  • Soft Hammered
  • Softened Edges
  • Your Choice of Finish, Framing, & Handles
  • Can be Combined with Rustic Enhancement


  • Mission Style Framing
  • Decorative Round Clavos (Rivet Heads)
  • Your Choice of Finish & Handles
  • Can be Combined with Forced or Hammered Enhancements


  • Most Popular Package
  • Decorative Round Clavos (Rivet Heads)
  • Colonial Style Framing
  • Medieval Handles



Media & Interior Options – Gas Fireplaces


¼” Glass Media* ½” Glass Media River Rock

Polished/Semi-Polished Rock

Lava Rock Log Sets

Hundreds of colors and styles available! Combine different medias to create your own, unique look.

*Standard with Gas Models

Enhancement Options



  • Finish the Interior of Your Firebox with Your Own, Non-Combustible Materials 
  • Give Your Fireplace a Look that is Unique to You!
  • Tile, Brick, Stone, Etc.


 Black Reflective Porcelain Panels:

  • The Illusion of Multiple Burners Without Excess Heat
  • Seamless & Modern



LED Lighting:

  • Best Performance with Glass Media
  • Fun Lighting to Accentuate Your Fireplace
  • Includes Remote for Power & Color Options

Unique Options

For Wood Fireplaces


Whole Home Heating:

  • Vent the heated air from your fireplace to other areas of your home
  • B-Vent Remote Ducting & In-Line Blowers
  • Transfers up to 70% of Heat Generated by Fireplace
  • Regulate Using Thermostat
  • Works Best with High-Technology Fireplaces (i.e. Z-MAX, Chalet, Great Room, & Lodge)

Water Loop:

  • Heat Your Domestic Water
  • And/Or Radiant In-Floor Heating Systems
  • Regulate Using Thermostat
  • Combine with Whole Home Heating for Ultimate Efficiency
  • Works Best with High-Technology Fireplaces (i.e. Z-MAX, Chalet, Great Room, & Lodge)


Learn more about Whole Home Heating & the Water Loop in Acucraft’s Blog


Wood Fired Cooking:

  • Grills
  • Cooking Arms
  • Made From 304 Kitchen-Grade Stainless Steel
  • Custom Options are Available to Accommodate Your Needs



Fire Screen:

  • Operate Your Wood Fireplace with Open or with No Doors
  • Screen Protects Sparks from Exiting Fireplace


Single Door:

  • Unobstructed Views of Your Fire with One Door
  • High-Temperate Glass

Unique Options

For Gas Fireplaces



Open (No Glass, Half-Glass):

  • Operate Your Gas Fireplace Without OR With Half Glass
  • Custom Design and Signature Series Have No Glass Options



Fire Screen:

  • Safely Operate Your Gas Fireplace Without Glass
  • Screen Protects Sparks from Exiting Fireplace
  • Custom Design and Signature Series Have Fire Screen Options



Glass Cooling:

  • Glass Cooling Creates a Safe Environment
  • Perfect for Environments with Small Children or Pets


Flame Height Options:



Every Acucraft fireplace is custom built for you. We don’t have stock inventory; when production on your fireplace begins, it is given your name until shipped. Whether you choose to have all the accessories and options or just the base fireplace, it will be custom built just for you, your family, and your space.


Gas Product Catalog by Acucraft

This all-encompassing Catalog is updated every month with all Acucraft’s Certified Gas Products. Over 180 Models & Growing!

Wood Fireplace Catalog by Acucraft

The Wood Burning Fireplace Catalog includes all Acucraft’s Wood Models with high-quality photos and specifications!



Gas Product Catalog – What’s Inside

Friday, July 13th, 2018

The Gas Product Catalog is a new, cutting-edge way to present all tested and certified products to you.  Use this catalog as an inspirational guide or utilize blueprints to plan your space. From Architects, Designers, and Discerned Homeowners; this catalog has something for everyone!

The Gas Product Catalog Includes:

  • Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions
  • Drawings
  • High-Quality Photos

Inside the Gas Product Catalog, you’ll find over 180 models divided by category: Single-Sided, See-Through, Indoor/Outdoor, Circular, Oval, Four-Sided, Panoramic, Peninsula, & Outdoor Fire Features. New models are added every month!

List of Single-Sided Fireplaces by Acucraft

Single-Sided Gas Fireplaces

Single-Sided Gas Fireplaces have one viewing area and are suited for any style. Ultimate flexibility comes standard with these modern and clean fireplaces. This highly desired and popular fireplace enhances your space and mirrors any decor. Experience the tallest flames on the market with a fireplace that fits seamlessly in your space.



See-Through Gas Fireplaces

Seamlessly connect two spaces and enjoy multiple viewing areas with Acucraft see-through fireplaces. This unique style of fireplace creates a stunning focal point and adds a work of art to your space that never goes out of style. See-through fireplaces bring the tallest flames on the market to more rooms than one.

 Two Sided Fireplaces by Acucraft


 Inside and Outside Fireplaces by Acucraft  

Indoor/Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Indoor/Outdoor gas fireplaces are ideal for those who like to keep things interesting. Invest wisely with this fireplace that delivers two views for the price of one. A window to the outside world filled with the tallest flames on the market.


Circular Fireplaces

Circular Fireplaces are designed to make an impact and invoke curiosity. The round design of this fireplace style make is ideal for luxury office lobbies, distinguishing hotels, and extravagant residential homes. Enjoy the tallest flames on the market with 360° unobstructed views!


 Round Fireplaces by Acucraft


 Oval Fireplaces by Acucraft  

Oval Fireplaces

Oval fireplaces add a rustic and unique element to your space. The mouth opening of the oval fireplace presents the tallest flames on the market with mass appeal. This fun fireplace will deliver an exciting flair to your space.


Four-Sided Gas Fireplaces

Four-Sided gas fireplaces are a unique design that allow for full glass views. Guaranteed to be front and center of your space, this fireplace creates an atmosphere that cannot be replicated. Our most popular style with the tallest flames on the market.


 Four Sided Fireplaces with Glass on Glass by Acucraft


 Panoramic Three Sided Fireplaces by Acucraft  

Panoramic Fireplaces

A panoramic gas fireplace delivers a luxurious, clean design to your space. Elegance by definition. Connect a large space with a panoramic view. Three sides of clean modern glass with the tallest flames on the market.



Peninsula Fireplaces

A three-sided fireplace allows flames into multiple room and ambiance from several angles. Add architectural interest to your space complete with the tallest flames on the market. Impress all with this one-of-a-kind fireplace!

 Peninsula Island Fireplaces by Acucraft


 Outdoor Burners Outdoor Fire Tables Outdoor Fireplaces by Acucraft with the Tallest 24" Flame Heights  

Outdoor Fire Features

Create the ultimate outdoor space with an Acucraft outdoor gas fire feature; designed for residential and commercial settings. Use one of more outdoor burners to enhance your outdoor space. Embrace and customize an already constructed enclosure with a fire table. Or custom create an outdoor fireplace. Acucraft 3XL flame heights deliver impressive, 18″ – 24″ tall flames!


All of these and more can be found in the new Gas Product Catalog!

Download Your Free Digital Copy Today!

Gas Product Catalog by Acucraft

Click Here to Download Blueprints of Fireplaces Found in Catalog

Looking for something truly unique? Speak with a Fireplace Advisor today and learn about creating your own custom gas, wood, or outdoor product!

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