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Acucraft Panoramic Gas Fireplace Featured in HBO’s Westworld

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

HBO’s hit series Westworld has quickly become one of the network’s most watched original TV shows. With settings varying from a wild-west desert, technologically advanced laboratories to romantic, comfortable lounges and apartments; each one specifically designed to engage the audience. So when watching Season 2, Episode 2 we were pulled into the dark, sultry atmosphere of the popular Indigo Hotel 18 Social lounge paired with the dancing flames and rich ambiance of an Acucraft custom panoramic fireplace

Scene from HBO’s Westworld featuring an Acucraft Panoramic Gas Fireplace


The Indigo’s top floor cocktail lounge, 18 Social is a prohibition themed lounge featuring stunning views of Los Angeles, old Hollywood decor, and an Acucraft custom gas panoramic fireplace as it’s focal point. Designed by Hirsch Bedner Associates and Webcor Construction to be a “modern interpretation of 1920’s aesthetics” made this the perfect backdrop for Episode 2 of Westworld. Although 18 Social was not created to be a film set, the sophisticated ambiance of the decor and gas fireplace made it the perfect match for this scene.

Acucraft Panoramic Fireplace – 18 Social Cocktail Lounge – Indigo Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

Just as Westworld did, 18 Social made its debut in 2016. Our Fireplace Advisors + Designers worked closely with Hirsch Bender Associates and Webcor Construction to bring this unique focal point to life. This particular panoramic gas fireplace was custom designed and manufactured to meet the customer’s exacting standards and specifications including glass-on-glass corners, glass cooling, and the tallest flames on the market!

Hirsch Bedner Associates & Webcor Construction – Original Fireplace Concept

Acucraft Fireplace Drawing for the Indigo Hotel / 18 Social Lounge

Fireplace Specs + Details Include:

  • Viewing Area: 96″ x 32″ x 20 1/2″
  • 80″  Electronic Ignition Natural Gas Line of Fire Burner
  • 8″-12″ Flames
  • Wall Switch On/Off Control
  • Dual Pane Glass / Glass Cooling System
  • Removable Inner + Outer Frames
  • 8″ Class A Flue System
  • 12″ B-Vent Heat Relief
  • 10″ Combustion Air Intake
  • 10″ Glass Cooling Air Intake
  • Rear Mounted Gas + Electric Stub Outs
  • Acucraft 3rd Party Testing to ANSI Z21.50-2016 / CSA 2.22-2016 Standards


Filming has since wrapped for Westworld Season 2 and the 18 Social lounge is now open to the public where you can see the “famous” fireplace for yourself! So grab your friends, a few cocktails and relax next to this one-of-a-kind fireplace where only a short while ago celebrities like Talulah Riley and Ben Barnes had been filming.

It was a pleasure working with Hirsch Bedner Associates and Webcor Construction on this truly unique fireplace; we look forward to future projects and partnerships!

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Custom Wood Fireplaces by Acucraft

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Looking for something truly unique and one-of-a-kind? Work one-on-one with our Fireplace Experts to design a custom wood firebox ideal for your space. Customize your firebox and firebox doors: from size, to style, to accessories and options to further enhance your new fireplace. Don’t be stuck with off-the-shelf products, create something exclusive for your residential or commercial space.

The Bachelor Largest Fireplace


Custom 4-Sided Wood Fireplace with 5′ Wide Doors & 14′ Wide Firebox – The Hermitage Club, West Dover, VT | As Seen on The Bachelor: Winter Games

Definitely one for the record books and a worthy accomplishment on many fronts, including our firm. We’re very proud! Thank you for contributing a highlight to the team effort.”

The Hermitage Club 

Firebox Sizes

Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping mammoth custom wood fireplace or something to heat your home, our experts will help find the ideal design for you. Our custom fireboxes give you virtually limitless options — and that includes size!

Custom See-Through Large Wood Fireplace with Decorative Vents by Acucraft

Custom See-Through Large Wood Fireplace with Decorative Vents – Scotts Valley, CA

“Awesome! Just Awesome!! What a beautiful fireplace and with the Acucraft combustion air process the flames are just beautiful. Our home is 24′ high and over 50′ long and the see through fireplace heats our entire home. Heating with wood creates such a cozy environment. I can use 16″ or up to 40″ logs. My friends cannot believe the size of the fireplace and how great it looks.”

Kim & Family


Acucraft builds open-hearth fireboxes that look and feel like full masonry but operate cleaner and with higher efficiency. Get the most out of your wood fireplace with a pre-engineered, zero-clearance firebox complete with stainless steel flue that never cracks like clay tile. From single-sided, see-through, and indoor/outdoor options to 4-sided mammoth fireplaces, we can create the perfect fit for your project.

Custom Linear Wood Fireplace

Custom Open (No Glass) Linear Wood Fireplace with Right Side Viewing Area – Pebble Beach, CA

Wood Burning Accessories & Options

Finish your fireplace in custom colored, high-temperature paint or patina, choose from popular handle styles, door framing options, hammering, clavos, and more! Safely operate your fireplace with open doors or remove them completely and use a custom manufactured fire screen. Fully utilize your custom wood fireplace and enjoy the smokey flavor of cooking over  your fire with our 304 kitchen grade stainless steel BBQ grill. Enjoy soups and tea using our custom cooking arm.

Custom Designed and Manufactured Wood Fireplace Cooking Grill Custom Designed and Manufactured Cooking Arm for Soup, Tea, and more!

Custom Manufactured Cooking Accessories by Acucraft


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Acucraft Custom Unique Wood Fireplace – A Customer’s Journey

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

The Project Details

Custom Wood Fireplace No Heat

Custom Wood Fireplace – Sycamore Winery, West Terre Haute, IN

Keymark Construction contacted Acucraft seeking a custom wood firebox for their client, the Sycamore Winery in West Terre Haute, IN. Sycamore Winery wanted to create a romantic atmosphere for their new event center for wine tasting and wedding receptions. The 8,000 square-foot event center would feature a tasting room, winery and a micro-brewery. Acucraft worked hand-in-hand with Keymark to design and manufacture the perfect custom wood firebox for their space.

Unique Wood Fireplace Design by Acucraft

Custom Wood Fireplace – Acucraft Blueprint Drawing

Normally the space would be filled with people, so there was no need for heat from the wood burning firebox. The large firebox, with a massive 66” wide by 48” high viewing area, can fit 60” logs but gives off only a small amount of radiant heat. The majority of heat created would be ducted directly outside. If more heat is desired, the doors on the fireplace can be removed offering heat and a traditional open-hearth fireplace ambiance.

In Production Unique Wood Fireplace by Acucraft In Production Unique Wood Fireplace

Custom Wood Fireplace – Acucraft Production Photos

Unique Wood Fireplace Final Outcome

“It’s wonderful to see,” Sarah, owner of Sycamore Winery says of the finished product. “You have a vision in your head to what something is going to look like and how it’s going to operate. I think this is really close to our vision.” Before the completion of the project, the event center was already booked for 34 events. The space would not be complete without the fireplace focal point that now provides the perfect backdrop for wedding photos, head tables, and cake stands.

Unique Wood Fireplace No Heat Focal Point Unique Wood Fireplace No Heat Focal Point

Unique Wood Fireplace

Custom Wood Fireplace – Sycamore Winery Events Center, West Terre Haute, IN

We are honored to have been chosen by Keymark Construction and the Sycamore Winery; we look forward to future opportunities!

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Doran Construction at The Reserve at Arbor Lakes – Custom Fireplace Design

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

The Doran Construction company is an award-winning construction company based in Bloomington, MN. When they were awarded a 257-unit residential development project in Maple Grove, MN called The Reserve at Arbor Lakes, they knew there needed to be an exciting focal point. Doran and award-winning Architects & Interior Designers at BDH + Young came to Acucraft seeking a large (88″W x 59″H), breathtaking, custom fireplace design to spice up the 25,000-square-foot clubhouse that connects all the apartments!

Clubhouse with Custom Fireplace Design

Image: Doran Construction Project – The Reserve at Arbor Lakes Clubhouse Entrance


Doran presented Acucraft with their inspiration photos and architectural conception drawings for the clubhouse fireplace. They were looking to make the clubhouse as inviting and comfortable as possible. With hints of natural materials and layers of unique materials and design, the clubhouse would be a gathering place for all tenants and guests of the Reserve.

Left: Doran Inspiration Photo

Right: Doran Conception Drawing

Custom Fireplace Design & Build

After working directly with an Acucraft Fireplace Advisor, together Doran and Acucraft were able to create a fireplace design that would deliver the look and feel Doran desired with the quality and engineering Acucraft requires. The fireplace is designed and built to last a lifetime with thick steel and 100% commercial-grade components.

Left: Doran Fireplace in Testing at Acucraft Test Lab

Right: Golden Oak Log Set – Doran Fireplace


The see-through fireplace links the lounge area with a dining space by an 88” wide by 59” tall viewing area, creating togetherness. A golden oak designer log set by Acucraft yields a natural look for the fireplace. Glass cooling completed the fireplace, making it safe to touch for all tenants; perfect for areas where small children or pets may congregate.


Custom Fireplace Design for Reserve at Arbor Lake Maple Grove MN

Image: Completed Fireplace at the Reserve at Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove, MN

The project would have never come to fruition if it wasn’t for the hard work of all parties involved including: Doran, BDH + Young, and Fireside. Fireside worked with all parties involved, including Acucraft, to professionally set up and install the fireplace system. Thank you, Fireside, Doran Construction, and BDH + Young for making this project come to fruition!

With the project completed, residents and guests have begun to enjoy the fireplace and all the other amenities the Reserve at Arbor Lakes has to offer. By working with Acucraft, Doran and BDH + Young were able to create the perfect fireplace with all the elements they desired for the clubhouse space. View more photos and learn more about the Reserve at Arbor Lakes in the article by Bizjournals!

Looking for a custom fireplace design for your new project?

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Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

Monday, August 6th, 2018

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

Are you looking for something to make your outdoor space special? You can create a truly unique outdoor gathering area for your friends, family, and guests that they will naturally be drawn to with a custom outdoor fireplace! Because your fireplace is custom designed, engineered, and built just for you, it will fit your space and exhibit your personality and style. Learn more about what excitement you can bring to your outdoor space; work with Acucraft to create your perfect custom outdoor fireplace!

Fireplace Sizes: From Large to Small

Custom fireplaces are designed to fit perfectly into your space. Whether you have unlimited square footage or just need something small to bring more excitement, Acucraft can create a fireplace just for your needs. No matter how large or small your fireplace needs, you will always have the tallest flames on the market!


Left: 3′ Outdoor Fireplace in Private Residence, CA     Right: 8′ Outdoor Fireplace on Apartment Rooftop, Seattle, WA

Flames & Glass

Create a unique look with your flames! You can use torch burners to make a statement about your space. Or, amaze and impress all with Acucraft’s 3XL flames that reach up to 24″ tall! You can keep your fireplace open to make that fire pit look. You also have the option to have half glass, full glass, or two panes of glass complete with glass cooling. Depending on who you plan on having near your fire feature, you can choose glass and flame options that work for your entertaining area.

Left: 3 Torch Burner Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace in Private Residence, NY     Right: 3XL Burner Fireplace in Testing, Big Lake, MN

Fireplace Styles: No Limits

Custom outdoor fireplaces are designed and engineered to be fit for commercial and residential spaces so you know you are getting the highest quality fire features for you space. Working with Acucraft, custom doesn’t mean just choosing your media; custom to Acucraft means you can create and choose any size, shape, style, flames, glass, and media options! We work hard to make your dreams a reality combined with the highest engineering for operability and safety.

Left: Outdoor 4-Sided Fireplace in Outlet Mall in CA    Right: Curved Outdoor Fireplace with Log Sets in Outlet Mall in VT

As the premier manufacturer of standard and custom fireplaces, Acucraft is well versed and is willing to accommodate to your unique desires. Outdoor entertaining is a special experience and deserves a special atmosphere. Contact Acucraft and meet your personal Fireplace Advisor to discuss your dreams for your outdoor space!

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