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Idea to Done: Acucraft Custom Indoor Open Flame Gas Fire Pit

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

“Fire is our passion!” says Acucraft Owner Chris Maxson. “What stokes our fire even more, is when customers tell us we’ve made their fireplace dream come true.”

Custom Indoor Gas Fireplace Dream 

Last year Acucraft Fireplace Advisor Mark Kennedy received a call from Bill who was in the process of building his new modern home in La Crescent, MN. Bill shared his unique fireplace idea with Mark. He envisioned an indoor gas, open-flame fire pit with a 22″ open viewing area between the flames and four-sided suspended glass. Bill wanted to avoid unsightly supports, so Acucraft designed the tempered glass to be anchored by the hood from the ceiling. 

Certainly, Bill had chosen the right manufacturer to bring his fireplace dream to life. For over 39 years, Acucraft has been specializing in designing and manufacturing one-of-a-kind custom fireplaces. And an indoor fire pit like this would add the perfect touch to create a unique atmosphere for Bill’s future sunken living room.

Candid Collaboration

Next, Bill, the home owner, engaged his Architect, Chris Bach, of award-winning CityDeskStudio—known for modern contextual architecture and design. Together with the Acucraft Design Team, they collaborated on this fireplace idea. The Acucraft Team designed the indoor fire pit to accommodate their budget, work within the space limitations, meet performance and safety compliance, and maintain the aesthetics of Bill’s fireplace vision. Then the Acucraft Design Team produced 3-D drawings that concealed valves, pipes, and venting for a clean, modern appearance.

Fireplace Specifications with Glass on Glass

  • 72” wide x 113 ½” high x 23” deep
  • 22″ open viewing area
  • Weight: 1,500 lbs.
  • Natural Gas
  • 80,000 BTUs/Hr
  • 16” Class A Flue
  • 8” Combustion Air Inlet
  • Four-sided Tempered Glass and Hood 
Acucraft custom indoor 4 sided open fireplace drawing

Bill’s fireplace idea: an indoor gas open-flame fire pit with suspended glass above the open viewing area. (Rendering by Architect Chris Bach of CityDeskStudio.)

Highest Quality Materials

Upon design approval, the Acucraft Production Team got to work. Acucraft’s highly skilled Fabricators, Welders, and Finishers handcrafted Bill’s custom gas open-flame fire pit using the highest quality materials and components. This way, Bill can enjoy his indoor fire pit for a lifetime.

Certified Performance + Safety Testing

Before the indoor fire pit was crated, shipped and delivered to the job site, Bill’s fireplace was Third-Party tested and certified within Acucraft’s internal test lab to meet or exceed ANSI Z21.50/CSA 2.22 performance and safety standards. Acucraft is one of the few, if not the only, fireplace manufacturers in the world who is third-party certified by Lab-Test Certifiecation, Inc. to conduct internal testing. That’s how much Acucraft cares about your fireplace safety and performance for a lifetime of happy burning.

Video: Acucraft testing Bill’s fire pit to meet or exceed ANSI performance and safety standards


Upon delivery, the Acucraft Service Team walked the Fireplace Installers through the installation process. After installation, Acucraft is always able to accommodate your onsite service and support needs. As Chris Maxson says, “We’re together forever!”

Idea to Done

custom four-sided indoor open-flame fireplace

From idea to done, Acucraft made Bill’s custom indoor open-flame fire pit dreams come true!

“We recently moved into our home,” said Bill. “The custom Acucraft fireplace is really great.”

Acucraft is one of the few custom fireplace design manufacturers around that push the laws of physics to make your dreams a reality.  “From idea to done,” says Chris Maxson. “That’s how we partner with home owners, architects and contractors.”

Acucraft provides our customers with a world-class experience to exceed their expectations. We deliver innovative solutions, revolutionary designs, use the highest quality materials and components, rigorously test units for safety and performance, and meet lightning-fast response times. Every unique fireplaces is backed by the Acucraft Lifetime Guarantee. Now that’s peace of mind for a lifetime of fireplace enjoyment.

custom four-sided indoor open-flame fire pit

The indoor gas fire pit with open flame accents and warms the sunken living room area.

“People love it!” said Bill “Thanks for a job well done.”

“We love hearing when a customer is happy with their Acucraft fireplace,” says Maxson. “And it’s an added bonus when others love it, too!”

For 39 years, Acucraft has been designing and manufacturing one-of-a-kind wood-burning and gas fireplace systems. Whether you’re looking for a wood-burning home-heating solution, an outdoor fire pit, or a modern see-through gas fireplace, Acucraft has a fireplace to fit seamlessly within any residential or commercial space. Start your fireplace dream today, call Acucraft toll free at (888) 317-6499, email info@acucraft.com or visit www.acucraft.com.

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Since 1979, Acucraft has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality and safest fireplaces in the world. Every fireplace is
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Fireplace Spotlight: The Acucraft Signature Series

The Most Versatile Gas Fireplace on the Market!

Easily change out your fireplace between glass-sealed and open-flame by using the 10-minute conversion kit.

Quality Features:

  • Acucraft technology brings you the tallest flames on the market
  • Modern frameless design showcases your flame with uninterrupted views
  • Designed without unsightly vents that clutter and distract
  • Crafted with commercial grade components to enjoy your fire for a lifetime
  • All fireplace systems are tested to meet or exceed ANSI Z21.50/CSA 2.22 safety and performance standards with Label for your peace of mind
  • Choose from popular customization options

To learn more about the Acucraft Signature Series, request a brochure or talk with a Fireplace Expert today!

Call toll free (888) 317-6499   | email:  info@acucraft.com   |  Visit: www.acucraft.com

Acucraft Offers the Highest Quality Gas Fireplaces on the Market

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

For over 35 years we have been designing, building and manufacturing fireplaces. One of the reasons Acucraft has been successful in the fireplace industry is by using only the best, highest-quality materials available for each and every one of our gas, wood and outdoor fire features. The integrity of our product is backed by our Lifetime Guarantee and believe you should have a lifetime of enjoyment from your fire feature!

So, what does that mean?

Well, at Acucraft we over-build our units using thick steel, welding all major seams inside and out, and pre-engineer all of our components for ease of use. Not only do we use the highest quality materials and components for our fireplaces, but our Fireplace Advisors and Designers work hand-in-hand with you to ensure you receive the fireplace of your dreams. 

Custom Gas Fireplaces











Our Fireplace Advisors take the time to fully understand your design, needs and vision for your project. Our Fireplace Designers ensure full functionality & safety of your concept, and our Fireplace Craftsmen bring your design to life. Every custom gas fireplace is internally tested by our Test Lab Technicians before shipping to your site. 

Some of of our most popular custom gas fireplace styles include: 

  • Front with Right or Left View
  • Panoramic
  • See-Through
  • Single-Sided
  • Peninsula
  • Four-Sided
  • Indoor Fire Pit
  • Circular
  • Log Set



The BLAZE Series: Commercial Gas Fireplaces










The perfect certified linear gas fireplace for any commercial (or residential!) space. Combined with the tallest flames on the market, we push the boundaries to create truly unique products for the most discerning customer. Designed with commercial grade components, including 7-gauge steel. These fireplaces fit seamlessly in restaurants, hotels, and residential homes alike. 

The BLAZE Series is available in the following sizes & styles:

  • 6′ – 16′ wide viewing area
  • 24″ or 30″ viewing height
  • Single-Sided
  • See-Through
  • Patent-Pending Indoor/Outdoor
  • Natural Gas or Propane



The SIGNATURE Series: Residential Gas Fireplaces












Experience the Signature Series Difference  with the perfect linear gas fireplace for your home, unlike anything on the market today! Don’t get boxed in with a stock product, our Signature Series not only boasts the tallest flames on the market, but gives you ultimate versatility by allowing you to enjoy your fireplace sealed or open at any time with our 10 minute conversion kit. Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee and rigorously tested in our internal test lab, this series gives you complete ease of mind.

The SIGNATURE Series is available in the following sizes & styles:

  • 4′ – 8′ wide viewing area
  • 20″ viewing height
  • Single-Sided
  • See-Through
  • Patent-Pending Indoor/Outdoor
  • Sealed with Glass or Open with Firescreen options
  • Natural Gas or Propane



The CIRCULAR4 Fireplace













Inspired by a recent project for Google’s latest headquarters in Boulder, CO; our CIRCULAR4 gas fireplace continues to grow in popularity. Different than anything you’ve seen before, our standard circular fireplace provides a 360-degree unobstructed view.

The CIRCULAR4 Fireplace Specifications:

  • Burner diameter: 24″
  • Viewing area: 46 1/2″ wide x 47″ tall
  • Glass Cooling System
  • Natural Gas or Propane



The INFINITY Series: Four Sided Gas Fireplaces












Looking for a show-stopping focal point for your residential or commercial space? Look no further! Our INFINITY Series brings our most requested 4-sided gas fireplace model to life. These gorgeous gas fireplaces come standard with our glass cooling package making them safe-to-touch, no more worrying about hot surfaces, these units are built to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment!

The INFINITY Series is available in the following sizes:

  • 4′ – 8′ viewing height
  • 48″ – 96″ wide viewing area
  • Glass Cooling System
  • Natural Gas or Propane
  • The INFINITY6 Dual comes with a dual burner boasting even fuller, taller flames



So whether you’re looking for a gas fireplace with multiple viewing areas, a fireplace that can offer you ultimate versatility, or a mammoth 4-sided fireplace for your space, our Fireplace Experts are sure to find the perfect solution for you! Start your own fireplace journey by requesting a copy of our gas product brochures or speaking with an Advisor today!















(888) 317-6499   |   info@acucraft.com   |   Request Information

The Hearthroom 36 Series – Acucraft’s Most Popular Wood Burning Fireplace

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

Dancing yellow flames, crackling logs and the earthy smell of a wood burning fireplace – what’s not to love?

Fall is fast approaching and that means wood burning season! We have been designing and manufacturing the highest quality, most unique and beautiful wood fireplaces for over 35 years. Our wood fireplaces offer the largest viewing areas on the market, are built with heavy-duty 7 gauge steel, come with our Lifetime Guarantee, and provide you with not only warmth but supplemental heat; our High-Tech models can even be used for Whole Home Heating.

Our most popular wood burning fireplace series is our Hearthroom 36 Series. This series of fireplaces provide up to 80,000 BTUs/Hr, can heat up to 1,800 square feet and have an average burn time of 8 hours; providing you with the perfect amount of warmth and ambiance on those crisp fall days and snowy winter nights!

The Hearthroom 36 Single-Sided Fireplace Specifications:

  • Door Opening: 36″W x 21″H
  • Insulated Panel Dimensions: 47″W x 45″H x 28″D
  • Zero Clearance Framing Dimensions: 51″W x 49″H x 30″D
  • 12″ ID Class A Flue
  • 4″ Combustion Air Intake
  • Up to 80,000 BTUs/Hr
  • Heats up to 1,800 Sq Ft
  • Burn Time: average 8 hours
  • 220 CFM Variable Speed Blower
  • Weight: 900lbs
  • Firebox: 7.5 cubic feet

The Hearthroom 36 See-Through Fireplace Specifications:

  • Door Opening: 36″W x 21″H
  • Insulated Panel Dimensions: 51″W x 46 1/8″H x 34 3/4″D
  • Zero Clearance Framing Dimensions: 55″W x 50 1/8″H x 34 3/4″D
  • 14″ ID Class A Flue
  • (2) 4″ Combustion Air Intake
  • Up to 80,000 BTUs/Hr
  • Heats up to 1,800 Sq Ft
  • Burn Time: average 8 hours
  • (2) 220 CFM Variable Speed Blowers
  • Weight: 1,100lbd
  • Firebox: 8.0 cubit feet

The Hearthroom 36 Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace Specifications:

  • Door Opening: 36″W x 21″H
  • Insulated Panel Dimensions: 51″W x 46 1/8″H x 34 3/4″D
  • Zero Clearance Framing Dimensions: 55″W x 50 1/8″H x 34 3/4″D
  • 14″ ID Class A Flue
  • (2) 4″ Combustion Air Intake
  • Up to 80,000 BTUs/Hr
  • Heats up to 1,800 Sq Ft
  • Burn Time: average 8 hours
  • (2) 220 CFM Variable Speed Blowers
  • Weight: 1,100lbd
  • Firebox: 8.0 cubit feet


The Hearthroom delivers a classic, rustic look that looks great in a log cabin, traditional home, or even with a more modern finish. The Hearthroom 36 wood burning fireplace can be made as Single-Sided, See-Through or our Patent-Pending Indoor/Outdoor. Each unit is fully customizable with an array of finishing options for you to choose from:

Front + Door Finishing Options

  • Black Matte Paint – comes standard with every model
  • Japanese Brown Patina – the result of a 300 year old recipe used in Japan, our most popular Patina finish
  • Aged Bronze Patina – rich + smooth textured finish, delivers a rustic appearance
  • Copper Patina – provides a more traditional weather copper finish
  • Hammered – ideal with a Patina finish, hand-hammered
  • Forged – ideal with a Patina finish, hand-hammered with softened edges
  • Rustic – includes corner strapping and round clavos
  • Medieval – includes corner joint strapping, round clavos, mission-style grids, medieval handles + hinges

Grid + Handle Options

  • Missions Style Grids – frames the fire, traditional style
  • Colonial Style Grids – window frame to fire, rustic style
  • Spring Handles – comes standard with every model
  • Basket Handles – class + rustic style, our most popular handle style
  • Cylinder – a more modern style
  • Medieval – standard with the Medieval package

Additional Options + Accessories

  • BBQ Grill – 304 kitchen grade stainless steel, perfect for grilling meats + seafood 
  • Steel Cooking Arm – use for heating water, coffee, tea or your favorite soup or chili
  • Fire Screen – designed for when operating with your fireplace doors open or removed

Our Fireplace Advisors are here to advise you and help you choose the wood burning fireplace perfect for your space!


To get started and learn more about our popular Hearthroom 36 Series and all of our wood burning fireplaces request a copy of our Wood Catalog or speak with an expert today!

(888) 317-6499   |   info@acucraft.com   |   Request Info

Acucraft Welcomes New Director of Operations

Monday, September 10th, 2018

Since 1979, Acucraft Fireplaces has been creating one-of-a-kind fire features custom designed to fit within any commercial or residential space. Be it through a stunning see through fireplace or a cozy outdoor gas fire pit, Acucraft Fireplaces provides their customers with innovative products that transform the space they’re in.


The company is proud to announce the hire of a Director of Operations, Nic Gianino. He brings with him more than 15 years of experience in purchasing, assembly, fabrication, and operations. This includes roles at OakRiver Technology, Inc. and Herold Precision Metals, LLC as well as Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors, Inc., where he most recently served as the Operations Manager. Gianino is a graduate of the University of Saint Thomas, where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and graduated Cum Laude.


As the Director of Operations, Gianino will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the manufacturing process at Acucraft Fireplaces. This includes production, scheduling, maintenance, facilities, shipping and receiving, supply chain, and project management. He will also create and execute strategies for the business as well as implement plans and procedures for key areas of production.


In joining the Acucraft team, Gianino will play an integral role in helping the company deliver the quality custom fireplaces and fire features they are known for, such as their see through fireplace, while ensuring each customer with the world-class experience that further sets Acucraft Fireplaces apart from the competition.


“Acucraft’s focus is to deliver a world-class product with an exceptional customer experience,” said Chris Maxson, President of Acucraft Fireplaces. “As we continue to grow we are laser-focused on training our employees and recruiting only the best for new positions. Nic was hired as the Director of Operations to oversee all projects from order to install; he has a strong background in metal and fabrication and aligns perfectly with our Core Values: We Find Yes, Idea to Done, Candid Collaboration, and We’re Family. Welcome to the Acucraft Team, Nic!”


Acucraft Fireplaces prides themselves on creating custom fire solutions while providing best-in-class customer service for their clients. Their talented team includes Fireplace Advisors who help determine the best fire features for a given space as well as Fireplace Designers, who work to design and bring a client’s vision to life. The Fireplace Production Team is responsible for creating the fire feature, while a trusted Project Manager is there to make sure every deadline is reached so that clients get what they want when they want it.


Welcome to the team, Nic!

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