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Modern Outdoor Fire Pit and Outdoor Fireplaces

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

If you’re looking for an outdoor fire pit or an outdoor fireplace you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor fireplace, outdoor fire pit, or even an outdoor burner for an existing enclosure, The Acucraft Team will guide you to the perfect fire feature for your space. Every Acucraft outdoor fire feature is designed & manufactured at time of order, creating a truly unique solution for you. All of our outdoor fire features include our Bulletproof All Weather Ignition System…well that’s a mouthful! Basically, our ignition system is, well, bulletproof. Which means you can feel confident that your outdoor fire feature will light in rain, wind or snow giving you year-round enjoyment.

Your Fireplace Advisor will guide you through options, your Fireplace Designer will ensure safety & engineering, and our skilled Craftsmen will bring your fire feature to life!

Trust us to deliver the outdoor fire feature you’ve been dreaming of. Still not sure? Learn about 3 unique Acucraft custom gas fireplaces added to this modern transitional home in the Hollywood Hills!

LA’s most sought after real estate group The Agency, as featured on TV’s Million Dollar Listing – Los Angeles, represents some of the world’s top developers and resort brands. The Agency Founder & CEO, Mauricio Umansky took his company and team to the next level – ranking among the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies. With over 450 agents and 24 offices world-wide, and more slated for this year, The Agency has worked with luxury brands like One&Only, Six Senses and Ritz-Carlton.

You may be asking yourself, OK but what does this have to do with Acucraft or fireplaces? Well, let’s back up and start where it all began!

iElements, a premier design studio in San Marino, California was awarded a new construction ultra-modern home in the Hollywood Hills. Kyle, Design Coordinator, was looking for a fireplace company to meet his design intent and after an exhaustive search he was unable to find a local resource or a guide to help him find what he was looking for. He then connected with Acucraft where he was able to work directly with a fireplace manufacturer.


Mark Kennedy, Acucraft Fireplace Advisor, worked with Kyle to determine exactly what type of gas fireplaces he was looking to add to this home, what his budget allowed, and when he would need them delivered to the site. Kyle was specifically looking for a 6′ long by 4′ tall linear see through gas fireplace for the living room, a 6′ long by 30″ tall linear see through fireplace for the master bedroom, and an 8′ linear burner for their outdoor fire pit which is centered around a living wall above the pool. 

Customer Provided Exterior Fire Pit Details


Next, Kyle worked with Robin Shepherd, Fireplace Designer, to completely design the fireboxes and burners along with confirming their flue run, gas line locations and all of the additional details that were needed to make this project a success. 

Kyle then looped in his Project Manager, Brian Brookman, to co-design and approve the fireplace drawings provided by Acucraft. The iElements Design was presented with fireplace submittals for their review and approval which included: custom 3D drawings, order details, component illustrations, and installation manuals.

Acucraft provided custom see through gas fireplace drawing – living room


Acucraft provided custom gas see through fireplace drawing – master bed

Upon approval, their fireplaces and burners were scheduled for production. Acucraft Project Manager, Chad Mackrell, was responsible for all coordination and delivery arrangements. The Acucraft Team worked one on one with both Kyle and Brian to ensure a successful installation. This included the 3rd Party Certification and LARR testing  requirements (specific building codes in Los Angeles)  were met. 


As always the Acucraft Team kept in touch with Kyle and Brian after the installation was completed to ensure they were 100% satisfied with their fireplaces. Kyle was so pleased with his experience and the fireplaces that he shared photos and video of the fireplaces with Acucraft. It was such a pleasure working with the iElements Design Studio team, we look forward to future projects & partnerships! 


This gorgeous home is currently being listed by The Agency’s own James Harris + David Parnes of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles for $14,495,000!


Call Acucraft today to start your next fireplace project: 888-317-6499 or info@acucraft.com or Request Information Here. We look forward to hearing from you!

The New Custom Outdoor Fire Brochure

Sunday, June 9th, 2019

Introducing, the new Custom Outdoor Fire Brochure!

Burners | Tables | Fireplaces

Don’t settle for boring, mass-produced outdoor fire features. Be unique. Create a gathering space for family & friends. Above all, find an outdoor fire feature that you will truly enjoy for a lifetime! 

What’s Inside

Turn the outdoors into a space you can enjoy, share with friends & family, co-workers or customers, and feel confident that your fire feature will last a lifetime. Every outdoor burner, fire table and fireplace come standard with our Bulletproof Ignition System ensuring operation in rain, wind and snow. 

Excite your senses with the tallest flames on the market! From standard XL flames (8″-12″) to 3XL flames (18″-24″), there’s no doubt your fire feature will impress. Trust us to design & manufacture the outdoor fire feature of your dreams!


Custom Outdoor Burners

  • Any size and style
  • XL Flames (8″-12″) or 3XL Flames (18″-24″)
  • Bulletproof ignition system
  • Drop into an existing table or finish with any non-combustible materials

Custom Outdoor Fire Tables

  • Any size and style
  • XL Flames (8″-12″) or 3XL Flames (18″-24″)
  • Bulletproof ignition system
  • Choose from multiple finish styles or complete with your own non-combustible materials

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

  • Any size and style
  • XL Flames (8″-12″) or 3XL Flames (18″-24″)
  • Bulletproof ignition system
  • Multiple media sizes & styles available
  • Finish with any non-combustible materials

Say GOODBYE to boring, mass-produced fire features & HELLO to one-of-a-kind!

Every Acucraft outdoor fire feature is designed and manufactured per project, creating a truly one-of-a-kind solution. Our Fireplace Advisors will guide you through options, our Designers will ensure safety & engineering, and our skilled Craftsmen will bring your dream to life!

Request Your Copy of the Custom Outdoor Fire Brochure:

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