Your Acucraft Production Team

Your Acucraft Production Team

Meet Your Acucraft Production Team!

Acucraft has some of the best craftsmen around who are experts in fabrication, welding, painting, finishing, testing, crating and more. Thanks to our team of expert craftsmen, we are able to provide some of the most unique fireplaces in the world with the highest quality materials available. Our fireplaces are build to last and provide you with a lifetime of Happy Burning!


Back Row (L to R): Dave, Final Assembly; Sean, Fabrication; Rob, Final Assembly; Jeremy, Final Assembly

Middle Row (L to R): Nic, Director of Operations; Pat, Custom Weld; Jamie, Final Assembly Lead; Jereme, Custom Weld; Curtis, Final Assembly; Andy, Fabrication; Jon, Custom Weld Lead

Front Row (L to R): Ray, Standard Weld; Marshall, Test Lab Lead; Derek, Final Assembly; Twizz, Custom Weld; Charles, Standard Weld