December 5, 2014

Custom 4 Sided Open Gas Fireplace

Custom Gas Fireplace - 4-Sided No Glass
Custom 4-Sided Open Gas Fireplace by Acucraft – Atlas Holdings LLC Corporate Office – Greenwich, CT


Acucraft Fireplaces partnered with Pavarini North East Construction Co., Inc. and HLW International to create this beautiful Custom 4- Sided Open Gas Fireplace for Atlas Holdings LLC in Greenwich, CT. The customer wanted a custom fireplace with a tall, yellow, lazy flame that would be warm & inviting and fit in a more modern space within their corporate office.


Client Rendering of Open Gas Fireplace
Client Rendering   
The client did an amazing job with the rendering they provided Acucraft (pictured above). Renderings are a great place to start bringing your vision to life.
After reviewing the client’s initial rendering Acucraft presented different 
options and landed on the final drawing of the hood & based displayed below:
Acucraft Rendering of Open Gas Fireplace
Acucraft Drawing 1
Automated Damper Control System Diagram
Acucraft Drawing 2
Based on the specifications from the client, Acucraft engineered the base, hood and flue to this fireplace by including a:

  • Fully suspended hood, wrapped in black clad, from the ceiling & supported entirely by the roof of the building
  • Dual Flue System, due to the open area between the base & the hood, to ensure complete frontal velocity
  •  2 power vents & 2 dampers connected to an automated damper control system

(pictured right)

This custom fireplace was designed to be placed in cement and surrounded by seating. The picture below also showcases the openness and height as well as the brilliance of the flame created.
Custom Open Gas Fireplace with No Glass
Acucraft Custom Fireplace – Atlas Holdings LLC
We would also like to extend our gratitude to Chris Dold & Sean Mulligan
 with Pavarini Northeast Construction Company, and Babak Ghezelayagh with HLW International for helping design this gorgeous Custom 4-Sided Open Gas Fireplace; we hope to partner again in the future!


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