May 29, 2014
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Custom Gas Fireplace Testing

Diagram and fireplace testing of glass cooling system
Diagram and testing of glass cooling system

The fireplace seen above has been designed and built for Glorias Restaurants. Glorias required a fireplace with a large viewing area and tall flame that gives off nearly no heat. Before leaving Acucraft, each fireplace is carefully tested to ensure that both the international and specific customer requirements have been met. In the photo, Brian is using an infrared gun to measure surface temperatures that will be presented to the architect and customer for approval. Despite producing 195,000 BTU’s and having a surface area of 162″ x 22″, the glass temperature does not exceed 113 degrees F. Acucraft Fireplaces’ glass cooling system is the key to managing the heat produced by the fireplace and maintaining a relatively cool surface.

The fireplace has two air flow systems. The first, mentioned above, is the glass cooling system. Two intakes on either side of the fireplace actively push air into the system and between the panes of glass, significantly reducing the glass temperature and making it safe to touch. The air is then pulled out by a large 1300 CFM fan. The glass cooling and heat relief systems are denoted by the blue and orange respectively. The other air flow system, marked with yellow and red, is for combustion. Fresh air is pulled in through the side, helping to fuel the fire, and exits through the single 10″ exhaust flue at the top.

Acucraft Fireplaces would like to thank Glorias Restaurant for their continued support.

Happy Burning,

Acucraft Fireplaces

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