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double sided two way wood fireplace

Patrick Kinane HR 44 IO

"My wife and I are very pleased with the Acucraft Indoor/Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace. Although we always knew it would be beautiful to look at, we now know it is well designed, it is robust, and it is quality equipment. Accolades to the design/engineering people. An unexpected bonus is the amount of heat the unit produced during the winter months. It made the new sunroom even more comforting. As we approach spring and summer, we look forward to switching to the screen room side of the fireplace. It turned out to be the perfect product for us!"

-Patrick K. | Homeowner | Hearthroom 44 Indoor/Outdoor
see through wood burning fireplace in living room

Ned P – See-Through Wood Fireplace

“I am absolutely thrilled with my Acucraft fireplace. I’m amazed that the Acucraft team was able to design the fireplace to the exact specifications needed. I couldn’t be more pleased with every aspect of it.”

-Ned P., Milford, NE
high tech masonry wood burning fireplace

Michael B. – Single Sided Wood Fireplace

"I purchased my 20 Series Fireplace from Acucraft Fireplaces in 2001. I use the fireplace to heat my entire home. I installed an additional ceiling fan in my great room and I have an extra-large air return in my great room. These two components aid in the whole house heating, all our bedrooms I am able to keep at a perfect 72 degrees. My fireplace is the best product I purchased for my new home. We use the fireplace as a supplemental heat source. The best part is not losing any heat up the chimney, by using outside air with the Acucraft airtight doors."

-Michael B., North Ridgeville, OH
large see through wood fireplace with white surround

Rob B. – See-Through Wood Fireplace

“Awesome! Just Awesome! What a beautiful fireplace and with the Acucraft combustion air process the flames are just beautiful. Our home is 24’ high and over 50’ long and the see through fireplace heats our entire home. Heating with wood creates such a cozy environment. I can use 16” or up to 40” logs. My friends cannot believe the size of the fireplace and how great it looks.”

-Rob B., Kenora, Canada
single sided modern wood fireplace

Mike & Robin – Single Sided Wood Fireplace

“My wife and I purchased our Acucraft Z-Max 5 years ago. We built our 3500 sq ft house ourselves. We installed R-33 in the roof system and R-19 in the walls with 1/2 log siding. We intended for the fireplace to be a supplemental heat source. After our first few fires using the blowers the Max heated our entire house, even with the 26' ceilings! Not only is the fireplace a great heat source, it's also very efficient. We usually have 20 to 30 fires a month with good seasoned hardwood that burn all night. I clean the interior after each burn. There is less than a 2 gal. Bucket full of ashes! Great engineering! "

-Mike and Robin B., West Milford, WV

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