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A common misconception in the fireplace industry is that Acucraft products are not tested, certified, listed or come with labels. When in reality Acucraft is the only custom fireplace manufacturer in the world with the ability to third party test and label every gas fireplace for our customers.

Acucraft has partnered with a Third Party Certification Body, LabTest Certification, Inc. and created a LabTest approved in-house lab to test and certify all of our gas fireplaces and gas burning products. Every Acucraft fireplace is safety tested prior to leaving our factory, and our third party certified fireplaces come with a testing report and label listed with the third party ANSI Accreditation Agency. >>Learn More

Since Acucraft is authorized to conduct third party certification we have been able to certify and list numerous custom gas fireplaces that are now standard models available to all of our customers at a non-custom fireplace price! Click on the icons below to browse through our certified gas fireplaces.

circular gas fireplace

Certified Circular

Guaranteed to make a statement, these circular gas fireplaces offer 360 degree views to be enjoyed from every angle.

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four sided gas fireplace overlooking san francisco bay

Certified Four Sided

Our most requested model provides a modern, luxurious feel to enjoy for years.

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Certified Indoor/Outdoor

Seamlessly transition your space by adding a luxurious Patent-Pending Indoor/Outdoor see through gas fireplace and enjoy your fireplace from indoors and out.

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Certified Linear

Available in single-sided, see-through, and indoor/outdoor models, our linear gas fireplaces will make a statement as the focal point of any room.

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open oval gas fireplace

Certified Oval

If you’re looking for a more traditional look, consider adding mammoth logs to add warmth to any environment.

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Three sided gas fireplace panoramic fireplace open fireplace

Certified Panoramic

Enjoy your gas fireplace from the front and sides, this style is perfect for any residential or commercial space.

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Certified Peninsula

Divide your space with an elegant focal point and enjoy a three sided flame reaching multiple vantage points at the same time.

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see through gas fireplace

Certified See Through

Connect two spaces and enjoy multiple viewing areas with a see through gas fireplace.

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Always One-of-a-Kind

We know what it’s like to want something unique. By working directly with the manufacturer you’re able to get exactly what you want. Don’t settle for boring, mass-produced fireplaces. At Acucraft every fireplace is co-created with our customers.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our gas fireplaces are backed by our Lifetime Warranty so you can feel confident that you’re selecting the safest, highest quality fireplace on the market that stands out from all the rest.

Why Acucraft Gas Fireplaces?

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We co-create every fireplace with every customer, and as the world‘s leading direct sell manufacturer, we ensure you‘re getting the exact fireplace you‘ve been dreaming of!
Don‘t settle for a boring, mass-produced fireplace. Contact us today to start your fireplace journey.