Dramatic & Distinctive, Acucraft custom gas commercial circular fireplaces become the focal point of your space, providing extraordinary style and modern elegance. 

All of our circular fireplaces are custom made for you to fit your exact needs. Whether you’re looking for a circular commercial fireplace that has a 25″ diameter to accent your space, or a mammoth 96″ diameter fireplace with double burners to be the focal point of your room, we’ll bring your design to life. Our circular custom gas commercial fireplaces feature a 360 degree wrap-around unobstructed viewing area that can be enjoyed from any angle!

Acucraft Commercial Custom Gas Circular Fireplace

Our commercial custom gas circular fireplaces come with multiple finishing options:

  • Standard black high temp paint
  • Custom paint
  • Patina
    • Japanese Brown
    • Aged Bronze
    • Copper
  • Cor-Ten steel, also known as weathered steel
  • Stainless steel mirror finish
  • Stainless steel brushed finish

Or, if you’d prefer to finish your custom gas circular fireplace in stone, rock, or another material we offer the option of purchasing just the fireplace and the frame.

Acucraft Commercial Custom Gas Circular Fireplaces

All of Acucraft’s custom gas fireplaces are made with the highest quality materials and are internally tested to exceed ANSI standards before being shipped to you.

Acucraft Custom Gas Brochure

Click here to request a copy of our Custom Gas Brochure.