Enjoy a superior flame with Acucraft’s tested and trusted standard gas fireplace!

Acucraft’s BLAZE6 is our tested and trusted standard gas fireplace and is perfect for any commercial space or residence! Admire the sleek and clean look this fireplace brings. Customize this fireplace to meet your many expectations. Safety is guaranteed with this unit!

  • Guaranteed Safety
  • Certified in USA & Canada
  • Made in the USA
  • Made-To-Order with your specifications
  • World-Wide Shipping



Standard with Model

  • Firebox with Insulated Panels
  • Black Interior Firebox
  • Removable Black Frame
  • Dual Pane Glass
  • Black Glass Media
  • Many Frame Options
  • 100,000 BTUs Natural Gas
  • Viewing Area: 72″ x 24″ on each side with a Depth of 24″


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