Multi-View Gas Fireplace

Clean. Modern. Smart.

Make a statement with a Multi-View Custom Gas Fireplace in your home or commercial space! Every luxury gas fireplace is custom designed, engineered, manufactured, and tested to the highest level of quality ensuring you a lifetime of enjoyment. Interested in a 4-sided or circular fireplace? Acucraft offers the Infinity 4-Sided and the Circular4 fireplace lines; learn more and save more than building custom!

Acucraft’s Multi-View Gas Fireplaces are designed and crafted to fit in your space and customized to match your personality. Whatever size or shape fireplace or burner you’re looking for, we’ll design and build it for you. Open, sealed, partial glass, glass cooling, air shield, we ensure you a safe and enjoyable ambiance. At Acucraft, we will create your dream fireplace. Whether you want something small and chic, or large and impressive; we always say “yes!”

Personalize your fireplace with a media selection that reflects you: log sets, crushed glass, river rocks, or a combination! Reflective glass media will catch every angle of your fire. Select from an array of gas log sets to enjoy a more traditional feel. River rock gives you a feeling of nature but with a modern twist. Different colors and styles are available to choose from.

Family, friends, and guests will marvel around your fireplace. Know that your fireplace is guaranteed for safety. Acucraft fireplaces are tested for safety measures and come equipped with safety checkpoints throughout the system. We also offer our Glass Cooling System to protect those who like to get a closer look. 

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