The Acucraft PENINSULA Series of certified gas fireplaces was developed for our customers who enjoy stunning 3 sided views of the tallest, fullest, safest and most beautiful flames on the market—with glass or open flame without glass!

The PENINSULA Series gas fireplaces are a stunning way to divide a special space with an attractive focal point—perfect for restaurants, hotels and residences.

Acucraft Peninsula Gas Fireplace

Acucraft Peninsula Gas Fireplace | Davidoff Cigar Lounge | Ridgewood, NJ

The PENINSULA Series contains five (5) different fireplace models.  Four of the five Peninsula fireplaces are handcrafted with the Acucraft’s Patent-Pending Glass Cooling Technology with Dual Pane Glass. You’ll enjoy the beauty of the tallest flames on the market with safe-to-touch glass. Glass sealed fireplaces can be vented to deliver warm air into your space or vented to transfer heated air outside. 

If you prefer a more intimate flame view without glass and enjoy cozy fireplace warmth, Acucraft offers our 5′ peninsula certified gas fireplaces with an open flame and firescreen.

3′ Peninsula Gas Fireplace 

  • Viewing Area: 36″W x 24″H x 24″D
  • 24″ Linear Burner
  • 32,000 BTUs
  • Rear Venting
  • 8″ Class A Flue
  • Natural Gas

5′ Peninsula Gas Fireplace

  • Viewing Area: 60 1/2″W x 30″H x 36″D
  • 50″ Linear Burner
  • 72,000 BTUs
  • Top Venting
  • 8″ Class A Flue
  • Natural Gas

5′ Open w/ Firescreen Peninsula Gas Fireplace

  • Viewing Area: 59 3/4″W x 24″H x 26″D
  • 48″ Linear Burner
  • 60,000 BTUs
  • Top Venting
  • 16″ Class A Flue
  • Natural Gas

8′ Peninsula Gas Fireplace 

  • Viewing Area: 96 1/4″W x 51 3/8″H x 36 1/2″D
  • 82″ Linear Burner
  • 120,000 BTUs
  • Down Drafting
  • 8″ Class A Flue
  • Natural Gas

9′ Peninsula Gas Fireplace with Angled End

  • Viewing Area: 106 3/8″W x 102 1/2″H x 28″D
  • 76″ Linear Burner
  • 130,000 BTUs
  • Rear Venting
  • 10″ Class A Flue
  • Natural Gas

Acucraft Peninsula-Series Gas Fireplace Features & Benefits

 Tallest and Safest Flames

Acucraft delivers the tallest, safest & most beautiful flames on the market – guaranteed!

 ANSI CSA Safety Certified with Label

Your Acucraft fireplace will meet ANSI / CSA performance & safety standards with Label.


Glass-on-glass units will be engineered with the Acucraft patent-pending glass cooling system for safe-to-touch glass.

high quality materials

Your fireplace will be handcrafted with commercial-grade components and thick, 7-gauge steel to last a lifetime.


Your Acucraft firebox is guaranteed for a lifetime.


Choose from a variety of media options for the look you desire.


Choose natural gas or propane fuel.

 frame choices

Choose your frame finishing option to match your space.

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Acucraft Peninsula Gas Fireplace | Pacific City Apartments | Huntington Beach, CA