SINGLE-SIDED Indoor Gas Fireplaces

An Acucraft’s single-sided indoor gas fireplace come in an array of styles, lengths, and are customized to meet your needs. 

Single Sided Indoor Gas Fireplace Acucraft ERX

Single-sided gas fireplaces by Acucraft are easily integrated into any space. The fireplaces are completely customizable:

  • Choose Your Size
    • Create a fireplace that impresses your friends and family! Acucraft indoor gas fireplaces can be crafted to any size to fit any space; including your choice of width, height, and depth.
  • Choose Your Fire
    • Acucraft is proud to bring you the tallest and fullest flames on the market. Don’t be disappointed by wimpy fire! Acucraft offers several fire choices, all taller than our competitors: adjustable flame height remote (gas control to create a low romantic flame or a tall dramatic flame, if desired), 3XL tall flames, or Acucraft standard fire.
  • Media Options
    • Choose from the most popular media options to match your style! Glass, rock, stone, and logs are all available in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Glass Options
    • Acucraft offers you every choice in glass. Full glass, half glass, or no glass at all; create the look you desire!
  • Fuel Options
    • All Acucraft fire features are able to be fueled by natural gas or propane.

Whether you are seeking a linear gas fireplace, like the Blaze Series, or you want a completely custom fire feature; Acucraft Fireplace Advisors are here to assist you! Here are some past projects for inspiration:

Work with you own Acucraft Fireplace Advisor! Create your dream fireplace today!