Indoor/Outdoor Custom Gas Fireplaces

Acucraft Custom Gas Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

Seamlessly transition your space by adding a luxurious Patent Pending Indoor Outdoor Custom Gas See Through Fireplace to your home or commercial establishment.

Our Patent-Pending Indoor/Outdoor custom gas fireplaces are designed to be enjoyed inside or outside of the home; we provide a tight seal which means you’re getting less cold air through the fireplace than a normal home window, so don’t worry about drafts! 


                         Acucraft Blaze Custom Gas Indoor Outdoor Fireplace                              Acucraft Indoor Outdoor Linear Custom Gas Burner


Whether you’re building a new home, adding onto an existing, preparing to launch a new commercial space or just looking to add a statement piece to any room, our custom gas indoor outdoor see through fireplaces will be the focal point of any room! From linear burners to fire torches or gas logsets, we can make sure you’re indoor outdoor fireplace is jaw dropping!


Acucraft Indoor Outdoor Custom Gas See Through Fireplace                                      Acucraft Indoor Outdoor See Through Custom Gas Fireplace


Acucraft’s two separate airflow systems ensure a tall, lazy flame with less turbulence. The Combustion Air System supplies the fireplace with air from outside and will not use air from the home for combustion; which also helps improve the level of efficiency in our custom gas fireplaces. The Heat Relief System pulls heated air from around the firebox out into your space or can be vented outside. 

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Acucraft's Patent Pending Glass Cooling System

All of our custom gas indoor/outdoor see through fireplaces can be built with the below glass options:

  • Open Fireplace (No Glass)
  • Single Pane Glass
  • Dual Pane Glass with Forced Air
  • Acucraft’s Patented Airshield System

Acucraft's Patented Airshield System

You also have the option of adding a custom firescreen or custom doors with our indoor/outdoor locking clasp. Try adding a logset for a more traditional look & feel, or glass media or river rock to fit into a more contemporary aesthetic.

Acucraft See Through Indoor Outdoor Logset Custom Gas Fireplace Model         Acucraft Custom Gas Fireplace Media

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