LINEAR Gas Fireplaces

Acucraft’s custom linear gas fireplaces add brilliance to any space. Every luxury linear gas fireplace is custom designed, engineered, manufactured, and tested to the highest level of quality ensuring you a lifetime of enjoyment. 

Custom Gas Linear See Through Open Fireplace with Half Glass by Acucraft

Acucraft Linear Gas See Through Fireplace – Open / Half Glass

Custom Gas Fireplace Finishing Options


Open / No Glass


Air Shield / Half-Glass

Dual Pane Glass / Glass Cooling


 Remote Control

Adjustable Flame

LED Lighting with Remote

1/4″ Glass Media

1/2″ Glass Media

River Rock

Semi-Polished Stones

Lava Rock

Log Sets

Mesh Backer (For Finishing With Own Materials)

Black Reflective Porcelain Panels

Hidden Frame

Matte Black Frame

Polished Stainless Frame

Brushed Stainless Frame


The sky is the limit when it comes to Acucraft linear gas fireplaces; choose from our standard BLAZE Series of linear gas fireplaces or design a truly unique linear fireplace for your space. All of our linear fireplaces can be made as Single-Sided, See-Through, or Patent-Pending Indoor/Outdoor so you can enjoy your fireplace from every angle! 

What about safety? We’ve got you covered!

Producing luxurious gas fireplaces is what we’re good at, and that includes testing all of our gas fireplaces internally and ensuring safe operation. Every gas fireplace has four safety checkpoints, each of which must be met before the system will ignite:

  1. When the fireplace is turned on it sends a signal to the Automatic Draft System which then opens the damper
  2. The exhaust fan engages
  3. The Proven Draft ensures positive exhaust of flue gases
  4. The gas valve opens, signaling the spark ignition. The flame sensor then provides combustion.

Direct Vent

We know that some fireplace projects are more difficult than others; that’s why we offer multiple venting options for our linear gas fireplaces:

  • Vertical: most common option, top exit
  • Horizontal 90: up and out
  • Horizontal Straight: side exit
  • Down Draft: Exits downward under floor or grade

Learn more about Direct Vent Linear Gas Fireplaces by clicking here!

Where do I start?

We’re here to help! Whether you have a full design + rendering ready, or have no idea what size you want, our Fireplace Advisors will find the perfect linear gas fireplace for your space! Here are some ideas to get you started:


Work one-on-one with your own personal Fireplace Advisor. Design your dream linear gas fireplace today!