Acucraft’s Bulletproof Ignition Systems

Our Bulletproof Ignition System, specifically designed for outdoor use, is the most reliable ignition system on the market. Most outdoor units come with a simple, gas grill igniter which needs replacing every year; Acucraft’s Bulletproof Ignition Systems will last a lifetime. Combined with a 5-year warranty, these Systems are engineered for durability in the elements and were constructed for simple installation.

Our Bulletproof Ignition Systems can accommodate any flame size. Our XL Burners come standard with our Bulletproof Ignition System whereas our 3XL Burners come standard with our Bulletproof High Capacity Ignition System. Both Systems require electrical.

Bulletproof Ignition System


  • Bulletproof Ignition System: Up To 290,000 BTUs/HR
  • Bulletproof High Capacity Ignition System: Up To 512,000 BTUs/HR
  • Will Light in up to 50 MPH Winds
  • Will Light if Submerged In Water
  • If Flame Happens to go Out, Systems will Reignite Automatically
  • Natural Gas or Propane
  • Requires Electricity


Acucraft Burners

We are all about the flame. We put the competition to shame with our XL and 3XL Burner. The tallest flames on the market and beyond can be brought to your outdoor space!

Gas Fire Flame Heights

The XL Burner

  • Average 8” – 12” Flame Height
  • Available in Linear, L-Shape, & Arc Burners

The 3XL Burner

  • Average 18” – 24” Flame Height
  • Available in Linear, L-Shape, & Circular Burners


Tallest Flames on the Market

3XL Burner in Custom Outdoor Fireplace