Acucraft Custom Peninsula Gas Fireplaces

One of our most requested style fireplaces are our custom gas peninsula fireplaces. A peninsula fireplace elegantly divides a space with its three-sided view allowing flames to reach multiple rooms at the same time. A peninsula gas fireplace can also be referred to as a multi-view or three-sided gas fireplace. So what makes Acucraft’s peninsula fireplaces unique? Our ability to create a seamless 3-sided fireplace without unsightly corner supports.

Some of our most satisfied peninsula fireplace customers include:

Davidoff Cigar Lounge – Ridgewood, NJ – Custom Peninsula Fireplace

This particular fireplace was designed + manufactured into three pieces (top, left & bottom) to be dropped through a small skylight. It includes our glass cooling system, a custom heat relief system designed to provide heat to the room when the thermostat called for heat and expelled heat outside when additional heat was not needed. This gas fireplace boasts the tallest flames on the market, a 72″ long linear burner, porcelain reflective panels on the back side and surrounding the burner, and premium bronze + copper glass media.

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Peninsula Gas Fireplace – Davidoff Cigar Lounge – Ridgewood, NJ

Slopeside Pub & Grill – Blue Mountain Ski Resort – Palmerton, PA – Custom Open Peninsula Fireplace with Glass Safety Screen

One of two commercial gas fireplaces, this unique peninsula fireplace is the perfect spot to lounge while waiting for a table at Slopeside Pub & Grill. This unit includes a 60″ linear burner, 12″ glass safety screen, up to 100,000 BTUs/hr and offers a truly unique viewing area. 

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Acucraft Custom Gas Open Peninsula Fireplace – Blue Mountain Ski Resort – Palmerton, PA

Harrisburg Area Community College – Harrisburg, PA – Custom Peninsula Gas Fireplace with 3-Tiered Burner

One of our most unique peninsula fireplaces was the gas fireplace designed + manufactured for the Harrisburg Area Community College in Harrisburg, PA. Covering a ten-county region and enrolling nearly 18,000 students every year, the community college decided to upgrade their common space to provide an inviting + relaxing environment for their students to study and lounge between classes. This unique fireplace includes an impressive 100″ wide x 60″ high viewing area, 3-24″ long double wide tiered burners, and of course, the tallest, fullest flames on the market!

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Custom Gas Peninsula Fireplace with 3-Tiered Burner – Harrisburg Community College – Harrisburg, PA

Whether you’re looking for a mammoth, show-stopping peninsula gas fireplace for a commercial space or a seamless 3-sided fireplace to fit within your home; our Fireplace Advisors + Designers will work one-on-one with you to create the perfect fire solution for your space.

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