Gas Fireplace Options & Accessories

Acucraft offers a wide variety of gas fireplace options and accessories for you to make your fireplace your own. No matter which style you have or already existing home decor, your gas fireplace can be customized to mirror you and your personality. Create your own unique fireplace today!

Media & Interior Options – Gas Fireplaces


¼” Glass Media* ½” Glass Media River Rock

Polished/Semi-Polished Rock

Lava Rock Log Sets

Hundreds of colors and styles available! Combine different medias to create your own, unique look.

*Standard with Gas Models

Enhancement Options



  • Finish the Interior of Your Firebox with Your Own, Non-Combustible Materials 
  • Give Your Fireplace a Look that is Unique to You!
  • Tile, Brick, Stone, Etc.


 Black Reflective Porcelain Panels:

  • The Illusion of Multiple Burners Without Excess Heat
  • Seamless & Modern



LED Lighting:

  • Best Performance with Glass Media
  • Fun Lighting to Accentuate Your Fireplace
  • Includes Remote for Power & Color Options

Unique Options

For Gas Fireplaces



Open (No Glass, Half-Glass):

  • Operate Your Gas Fireplace Without OR With Half Glass
  • Custom Design and Signature Series Have No Glass Options



Fire Screen:

  • Safely Operate Your Gas Fireplace Without Glass
  • Screen Protects Sparks from Exiting Fireplace
  • Custom Design and Signature Series Have No Glass Options



Glass Cooling:

  • Glass Cooling Creates a Safe Fireplace
  • Perfect for Environments with Small Children or Pets


Flame Height Options: