August 14, 2014
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Revolutionary Clean Face Wood Fireplace

 Acucraft Fireplaces is proud to announce our newest wood fireplace series, The Unity! The Unity is a clean face wood burning fireplace that unifies modern aesthetic or more rustic settings with the benefits of high-tech wood burning fireplaces. The clean and flexible fireplace series is revolutionary in the wood burning industry, combining top performance with a minimal, no-nonsense design.

With the introduction of The Unity Series, Acucraft Fireplaces is giving architects, designers, contractors, and homeowners a clean face fireplace with controllable heat output. Air is pulled from a room of your choice, circulated around the firebox, and pushed to almost any room in your home. If you are not looking for heat beyond the radiant heat produced by the fireplace, the air can be released outside instead.
The Unity Wood Burning Series is available in the following sizes: 36, 44, 48. All sizes are available single-sided or see-through and with rectangular or arched fronts. Single door or double door options available. See-through models can be configured for Indoor/Outdoor applications.
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Unity Clean Face Wood Fireplace by Acucraft
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