Acucraft 3rd-Party Safety Certified Fireplaces

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Acucraft 3rd-Party Certified Fireplaces

Performance and Safety Tested to Assure Your Peace of Mind for a Lifetime of Happy Burning

“The quality, performance and safety of your gas fireplace is important to us,” says Acucraft Owner Chris Maxson. “That’s why Acucraft became the first fireplace manufacturer in the world to invest in a 3rd-Party Certification internal test lab to meet or exceed ANSI / CSA performance and safety standards.”

In 2017, Acucraft became the first fireplace manufacturer to conduct internal lab testing that is certified by 3rd-Party LabTest Certification, Inc.. Acucraft performs 3rd-Party Certification from our internal test lab to verify that our indoor gas-burning fireplaces meet or exceed ANSI Z21.50 / CSA 2.22 standards and Acucraft outdoor gas-burning units meet or exceed ANSI 21.97 / CSA 2.41-2017 standards. Then LabTest Certification, Inc. reviews these performance and safety reports for Label approval.

“This is a big deal,” says Maxson. “When your Acucraft gas fireplace has been lab test certified, this assures you peace of mind for a lifetime of happy burning.”

Gas Fireplace Lab Testing to ANSI Safety and Performance Standards

An Acucraft gas fireplace undergoing 3rd-Party Certification testing to meet or exceed ANSI / CSA safety and performance standards.

Safety and Performance Tests include:

  • Combustion Test
  • Glass Impact Test
  • Appliance & Burner Durability
  • Loose Burner Materials
  • Pilot Burners & Safety Shut-Off Devices
  • Proven Ignition Systems
  • Glass Front Temperatures
  • Surface Temperatures
  • Vent Safety Shut-Off Systems
  • Drainage Testing (Outdoor)
  • Extreme Weather Flue & Unit Testing (Outdoor)

Acucraft’s 3rd-Party Certified Gas Fireplaces

The Acucraft BLAZE, SIGNATURE, CIRCULAR, and INFINITY Gas Fireplaces meet or exceed ANSI / CSA performance and safety standards. Since 3rd-Party Certification testing has already taken place, Acucraft can pass along additional savings to you!

Not only do you get a high-quality, high-performing, safety-compliant gas fireplace, you’ll enjoy the tallest, most beautiful flames on the market for a lifetime of happy burning! 

Linear See Through Gas Fireplace Blaze 10

Acucraft’s BLAZE10 Tall Linear See-Through Gas Fireplace | Clarus Maplewood Apartments | Maplewood, NJ

Acucraft’s BLAZE-Series Linear Gas Fireplaces

Designed with commercial-grade components and thick, 7-gauge steel, these fireplaces fit seamlessly in restaurants, hotels, and residential homes. Acucraft’s BLAZE Linear Gas Fireplaces are available as Single-Sided, See-Though (Double-Sided), and Patent-Pending Indoor/Outdoor with viewing areas with widths from 6-feet to 16-feet and heights from 24-inches or 30-inches. Learn more about Acucraft’s BLAZE Linear Gas Fireplaces»

Acucraft’s SIGNATURE7 See-Through Gas Fireplace |  Private Residence | California

Acucraft’s SIGNATURE-Series Linear Gas Fireplaces

Simple to install, Acucraft’s SIGNATURE-Series brings a modern focal point to any home! Designed for versatility: The 10-Minute Conversion Kit allows easy change out between open flame or glass-sealed flame. Multiple sizes and customization options are available for seamless integration into your home.  Learn more about Acucraft’s SIGNATURE Linear Gas Fireplaces»

Acucraft CIRCULAR4 Gas Fireplace:

Acucraft’s CIRCULAR4 Gas Fireplace: 360-degrees of unobstructed viewing enjoyment! | Ava Noma Appartments | Washington, DC

Acucraft’s CIRCULAR4 Gas Fireplaces

Enjoy the highest and brightest flames on the market from anywhere around Acucraft’s CIRCULAR4 Certified Gas Fireplaces. Learn more about Acucraft’s CIRCULAR4 Gas Fireplaces»

4 Sided Infinity Modern Gas Fireplace Website Header

Acucraft’s INFINITY Four-Sided, Glass-on-Glass Gas Fireplace | Private Residence – Tiburon, CA

Acucraft’s INFINITY-Series Four-Sided, Glass-On-Glass Gas Fireplaces

Some of Acucraft’s most popular and most requested fireplaces are the INFINITY-Series Four-Sided, Glass-On-Glass Gas Fireplaces. These fireplaces feature an ultra-modern look that can enhance your room with uninterrupted views! Learn more about Acucraft’s INFINITY 4-Sided Gas Fireplaces»

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