October 27, 2011

Whole Home Heating

Acucraft’s whole home heating technology is a great way to  maximize your fireplace and its heating potential! With the use of Remote Ducting and the Water Loop, you can heat both your air and your water with just your fireplace! The two options cost very little to install and they offer a huge return. Many wood burning customers who install both options use very little gas or electric to heat their air or water all winter long.

Acucraft’s Remote Ducting option aids in the goal of heating your entire home as evenly as possible, with the elimination of cold spots. The Remote Ducting option uses B-Vent pipe to vent heated air to other areas of your home. You can vent to anotherroom on the same floor, upstairs or even below with the use of an in-line blower (this is different from the fireplace blower). You can even connect your Remote Ducting system into your cold air return and use your furnace fan to evenly distribute the heated air throughout your home, eliminating cold spots.

Acucraft 40 Series Fireplace for Whole Home Heating

The diagram above shows the remote ducting taking the heat from the fireplace and transfering it to the furnace for distributing heat throughout the home using the existing ducts. Many of our customers have the duct end at the basement ceiling. With an in-line blower in the basement ceiling when you want the heat in the basement just turn on the in line blower.

Whole Home Heating with ZMax by Acucraft

The Z-MAX Fireplace photo above shows the remote ducting, the 8″ duct on the right of the fireplace flue, transferring the heat from the fireplace to the other end of the home. The customer also installed an in line blower with variable speed to control the amount of heat transfered to the other end of the home. The duct can transfer up to 70% of the heat generated by the fireplace. The Z-MAX is capable of 130,000 BTU’s an hour, so we are talking about a lot of heat – the average furnace is under a 100,000 BTU’s an hour.

Acucraft Fireplace Water Loop

The Acucraft Water Loop is a stainless steel loop/ coil that is factory installed into the fireplace that can be used to heat your domestic water and/or your radiant in floor heating systems. The loop is designed to be a supplemental system. A small thermostatically controlled pump is installed that will automatically start circulating the water when your firebox becomes heated, providing supplemental heat for your water.

Acucraft Fireplace Water Loop 2

The above photo shows the Water Loop in one of our see through fireplaces, the loop is located in the center of the firebox.

Fireplace Water Lines

The photo shows the exterior of the fireplace, the water lines connect to the water loop where there are currently the red proctective caps. One line bringing the water in, the other bringing the hot water out.

The remote ducting and the water loop are part of the Acucraft’s whole home heating technology. The options are all hidden within your fireplace and with the thermostat control, they turn themselves on and off.

If you have any questions, please contact Acucraft and we can assist with your specific whole home heating plan.

Happy Burning,

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