Fireplaces for Ukraine

Acucraft Fireplaces is Donating Wood Stoves to Ukrainian Families in Need of Warmth

warming the world together acucraft fireplaces donates wood stoves to ukrainian families in need


Our dedication to creating an unparalleled fireplace experience is not just about warmth but also about making a positive impact on the lives of our customers and communities. Again this year, with your support, we are extending this commitment to reach across the globe.

There are numerous families in Ukraine that are confronted with a harsh winter without the essential warmth they need. In collaboration with a Ukrainian manufacturer, we have the opportunity to construct, transport, and install wood burning stoves for these families in need.

For every Acucraft fireplace purchased, we pledge to donate a wood stove in your name to one of these deserving families. Through your purchase, a Ukrainian family will face a little less adversity, experience warmth during the winter, and find solace in the knowledge that compassionate individuals like you care for them. Last year, we were able to donate over 100 wood stoves, and with the continued support of customers like you, we aim to extend our reach and provide comfort to as many families as possible.

acucraft owner and ceo chris maxson

From Acucraft Owner & CEO, Chris Maxson

“At Acucraft, we are dedicated to serving others, and we are honored to once again extend support to Ukrainian families in need. For every Acucraft fireplace purchased, a wood stove will bring warmth to a family during the cold winter in Ukraine.”

Let’s start a fire, together.

Your purchase could create warmth for a family in need this winter.

Fill out the form below to request information about Acucraft fireplaces. For every purchase made, a wood stove will be provided to a Ukranian family in need.