Indoor-Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Indoor-Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Our indoor-outdoor gas fireplaces let you decide the ambiance you want to create, with the option of entertaining family and guests outdoors or inside. At a moment’s notice, you can transition from the cozy comfort of an indoor fireplace experience to a natural, rustic setting.

Indoor-outdoor fireplaces offer a versatile solution that transcends the traditional, merging seamlessly with both internal and external living spaces. Whether set against a wall for a classic indoor ambiance or integrated into outdoor designs for a cozy patio feature, these fireplaces become a striking focal point. Available in a plethora of styles, sizes, and finishes, they can complement any aesthetic, from timeless elegance to modern minimalism. Their design is characterized by clean lines and a sophisticated appearance, often adorned with realistic logs, glass beads, or stones to amplify the allure of the flames. Offering straightforward installation and low maintenance, indoor/outdoor gas fireplaces present a practical yet stylish option for both residential and commercial environments, enhancing the atmosphere wherever they’re placed.

Whether you’re looking for an ultra-modern, sleek, frameless, see-through fireplace or a more traditional open hearth gas fireplace with logs, our team will help you find the perfect double-sided fireplace for your space! Need some inspiration? Don’t miss out on our Fireplace Trends: Eight Inspiring Fireplace Designs article!

Indoor-Outdoor Gas Fireplace Features & Benefits

  • Tallest, fullest flames on the market
  • Low-profile or frameless options
  • Flexible installation
  • Open (no glass) or sealed (with glass) viewing area
  • Dual pane glass cooling system with safe-to-touch glass
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Quality & safety tested
  • 12″ clearance for any mantel, tv or artwork
  • Nearly limitless media options
  • The most realistic vented gas logs available
  • Power venting system
  • Interior LED lighting
  • On/Off switch, remote control, or smart home automation

Choose Acucraft for your next commercial or residential double sided gas fireplace project and enjoy a lifetime of happy burning!

Fast-food chain hires Acucraft to help create a picturesque seaside location

After being featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Trip Advisor, Buzzfeed and other media coverage, executives at Golden Gate Bell LLC decided that the Taco Bell in Pacifica, California needed an upgrade befitting its unique location and oceanside vantage point. Golden Gate Bell LLC chose CM Architecture and First Street Development for the renovation project, and when Vice President & Architect, Brent Smith, went looking for a custom fireplace, Acucraft answered the call.

Spatial constraints, limited guest seating, and an insistence on maintaining ocean views meant Acucraft’s indoor-outdoor see-through gas fireplace was the perfect complement to the project. The fireplace would act as an additional window through which customers could experience the peace and tranquility of their surroundings.

Acucraft Double Sided Residential and Commercial Gas Fireplaces

The CUSTOM Indoor-Outdoor Gas Fireplace Collection

Integrating an indoor-outdoor gas fireplace into your project, whether it’s a custom residence, a new restaurant, a luxury hotel, or a commercial property, can dramatically transform any area into a magnetic hub of social engagement. This type of fireplace serves as an impressive focal point while simultaneously creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, encouraging guests, clients, or family to come together and relax.

The beauty of an indoor-outdoor gas fireplace lies in its versatility to be tailored to complement the aesthetic and functional needs of your space. It can elevate a hotel lobby’s ambiance, bring refined elegance to a restaurant’s dining area, or infuse a home’s living room with a snug atmosphere. The design options are extensive, ranging from sleek, modern looks that integrate seamlessly with contemporary decor to classic styles that exude a sense of enduring beauty. For commercial spaces, such a fireplace can significantly enhance the customer experience, distinguishing your business and leaving a memorable mark. In a home setting, it acts as the heart of the household, a cherished spot for creating memories and sharing stories, with the added allure of connecting indoor comfort with outdoor beauty.

With a custom indoor-outdoor gas fireplace you’ll find the options are nearly limitless, including:

  • Any size, custom-built to suit your specific needs
  • Work hand-in-hand with our fireplace experts and engineers
  • Tallest, fullest flames available
  • Dual pane glass cooling system, single pane glass with firescreen, or open-hearth (no glass)
  • Finishing options to complement your space
  • Certified within our 3rd party test lab with a custom label and manual
tenant lounge with gorgeous double sided linear gas fireplace

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The BLAZE Double Sided Gas Fireplace Collection

If you’re in search of versatility without the need for custom-built complexities, the Blaze fireplace collection is your ideal match. This line features 64 ready-made double-sided gas fireplaces, meticulously designed to cater to diverse preferences and spatial needs. With an array of sizes in both height and length, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fireplace to complement your setting. Our offerings range from 3 feet to 10 feet in length and 20 inches to 80 inches in height.

The Blaze series is designed to make the integration of a fireplace into your space as smooth as possible, whether you’re enhancing a cozy living room, a majestic lobby, or a welcoming reception area. Opting for this collection means enjoying the simplicity of choosing a pre-designed model, eliminating the time and expenses typically associated with custom options. Each piece within the Blaze collection exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetic allure, ensuring that your selected fireplace will exceed your expectations in both performance and style.

With our Blaze collection you can choose from different sizes along with customization options:

  • 3′ to 10′ Lengths
  • 20″ to 80″ Heights
  • 22,000 BTUs/Ft, unmatched in the industry
  • Boasting the tallest, fullest flames on the market!
  • Dual pane glass cooling system with safe-to-touch glass
  • Shipped to your door within 6-8 weeks!
  • ANSI/CSA certified for use in the United States and Canada

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The SIGNATURE Indoor-Outdoor Gas Fireplace Collection

Our Signature indoor/outdoor fireplaces are designed to serve as the stunning heart of any space, seamlessly blending indoor comfort with the beauty of the outdoors. Visible and warming from various vantage points, they are ideally suited for a wide range of occasions — be it vibrant gatherings, intimate family moments, or serene times spent alone with a book by the fire. These versatile fireplaces enhance any setting, radiating warmth and a sense of style that invites relaxation and conversation.

With sizes ranging from 4′ to 8′, our indoor/outdoor fireplaces are customizable to fit the specific dimensions and design of your space. Moreover, we offer two viewing options to satisfy different preferences and installation requirements: a glass-sealed view for a clean, continuous look at the flames while maintaining safety, and an open view for those desiring a more traditional, interactive fire experience. Our 10-minute conversion kits add an extra layer of flexibility, allowing you to switch between an open and sealed view with ease. Designed for quick and effortless adjustments, these kits enable you to tailor the atmosphere and functionality of your fireplace to suit your immediate needs or desires, with no hassle involved.

Our Signature collection includes:

  • 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′ and 8′ Lengths
  • 20″ Height
  • Tallest, fullest flames on the market
  • Dual pane glass cooling system or open-view with firescreen
  • ANSI/CSA certified for use in the United States and Canada
linear indoor-outdoor gas fireplace beneath TV

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The TIMELESS Indoor-Outdoor Gas Fireplace Collection

Elevate any space into a captivating oasis of warmth with the sophisticated allure of our Timeless indoor/outdoor two-sided fireplaces. This exceptional offering transcends mere functionality to become a stunning work of art, enlivening any environment it graces. The Timeless two-sided fireplaces allow you to select the ideal viewing arrangement to suit your space’s dimensions and aesthetic, enabling the enchanting flames to be appreciated from various vantages. Choose from lengths of 36″ or 48″ and heights of 36″, 42″, or 48″, ensuring a seamless fit into your chosen setting.

Each fireplace in the Timeless collection is renowned for producing the tallest, most vibrant, and lifelike flames available, presenting a visual experience that mirrors the captivating dance of a natural wood fire. With attention to detail in both craftsmanship and design, these fireplaces imbue any indoor or outdoor area with a sense of luxury and warmth, transforming it into a place of timeless beauty and comfort.

Our Timeless collection includes:

  • 36″ and 48″ Lengths
  • 36″, 42″ and 48″ Heights
  • Tallest, fullest flames with the most realistic looking logs available
  • Dual pane glass cooling system or single pane with firescreen
  • ANSI/CSA certified for use in the United States and Canada
indoor outdoor see through fireplace in modern living room

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Connect with one of our fireplace advisors today. They can help you design a fireplace that makes a unique statement and adds value to your residential or commercial property.

Indoor-Outdoor Gas Fireplace FAQs

Is a double sided indoor/outdoor fireplace a good idea?

Yes, if you’re looking for a versatile fireplace that will make a statement and offer enough supplemental warmth to keep you cozy, indoor/outdoor fireplaces are your top choice. Our indoor outdoor fireplaces give you the option of entertaining your guests outdoors or inside, so you can enjoy a beautiful evening and don’t have to worry about the weather.

What are indoor/outdoor fireplaces?

An indoor-outdoor gas fireplace is built into an external wall of your home or property and designed to provide an elegant and functional source of supplemental warmth inside your home and in any outdoor gathering space. Acucraft’s indoor/outdoor fireplaces are made from high-quality materials and can be used in a variety of climates. These fireplaces are not meant to be fully enclosed indoors.

Are indoor/outdoor fireplaces a good way to heat your home?

Indoor outdoor fireplaces are an attractive way to provide supplemental warmth to your home, but are not meant to be used as the primary heating source. The indoor outdoor gas fireplaces built by Acucraft use two separate airflow systems to ensure a tall flame with less turbulence. The Combustion Air System will not use air from the home for combustion and instead supplies the fireplace with air from outside. The Heat Relief System pulls warmed air from around the firebox out into your space or can be vented outside.

How much do indoor/outdoor double sided gas fireplaces cost?

Indoor outdoor gas fireplaces manufactured by Acucraft start at $6,300. The dimensions of your indoor outdoor fireplace and chosen media and finishing options will vary the cost. Request a quote from one of our fireplace advisors to get an accurate cost specific to your project.