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The Hearthroom + American Series: LARGEST UL-Listed Wood Fireplaces Available

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At Acucraft, we are extremely passionate about wood burning fireplaces. There is nothing more gratifying than the dancing flames, soothing crackle, earthy aroma, and warmth of a wood burning fireplace. In 1979, founder Roger Hanson began designing and building his own wood-burning fireplaces in his garage to combat the oil crisis, and we continue in Roger’s footsteps providing you with the largest wood fireplaces available!

The Hearthroom Series boast the largest viewing areas: 36″, 44″ and 48″ in single-sided, see-through and indoor/outdoor. Our American Series provide a classic, tall viewing area with a single swing-door to maximize your view, and is available in single-sided or indoor outdoor (see through) styles. We use the highest quality materials and components for all of our fireplaces, which are backed by the industry’s best Lifetime Warranty. Not only are these large wood fireplaces tested and listed to  UL-127, CAN/ULC-S610 for use in the United States and Canada, but our Hearthroom Series can also be used with multiple fuel sources. Enjoy a nostalgic wood fireplace one day, and keep it mess-free with a gas logset the next with a Hearthroom fireplace! Only at Acucraft.

Go Big or Go Home with a Wood-Burning Fireplace.

Our fireplaces are never mass-produced. Each fireplace is built for a specific customer to meet their needs and desires. Our Fireplace Advisors will work one-on-one with you to find the perfect large wood burning fireplace for your space. Get started today by filling out the form on this page!

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Hearthroom: Large Wood Burning Fireplaces Features & Benefits

TESTING: Acucraft’s Hearthroom series of UL-127 / ULC-S610 listed wood fireplaces are designed with expansive viewing areas and supplemental warmth.

OPEN HEARTH CAPABILITIES: The Hearthroom fireplaces are designed to operate with the fireplace doors closed, open, or completely removed with firescreen for that traditional open-hearth feel.

SIZES & STYLES: Available in three sizes: 36″, 44″ and 48″ viewing areas. Choose from Single-Sided, See-Through, or Patent-Pending Indoor/Outdoor. Contact Acucraft for additional specifications and manuals.

WOOD TO GAS 30-MINUTE CONVERSION: Looking for versatility? No problem! Our Hearthroom fireplaces come standard with a gas knockout so you can easily convert your wood burning fireplace into a natural gas or propane fueled fireplace with gas logs. Or start with a gas fireplace and effortlessly convert to wood burning.

CHOOSE OPTIONS: From hand painted patina finishes to medieval clavos & strapping, our wood fireplace options ensure your large wood fireplace is unique to you!

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The American:  Features & Benefits

TESTING: Acucraft’s American series of UL-127 / ULC-S610 listed wood fireplaces are designed to maximize your viewing area and enjoy supplemental heat.

DOOR OPTIONS: The American fireplaces are designed to operate with the fireplace door closed, open, or completely removed. Included with every American fireplace is a built-in cascading firescreen and a reversible swing door for right or left-hand operation.

FIREPLACE STYLES: Available in front-facing (single sided) or indoor outdoor (see through) styles.

READY TO GO: Designed to fly through manufacturing and get to your site in as little as 6 weeks.

UL Listed Fireplaces FAQs

What is a UL Listed Fireplace?

A UL listed fireplace is a fireplace that has been tested and certified to fit certain UL specifications. Acucraft’s Hearthroom UL listed fireplaces are listed to UL-127, CAN/ULC-S610 for use in the United States and Canada.

What are the benefits of a UL Listed, Hearthroom Series fireplace?

Acucraft’s Hearthroom Series fireplaces are the largest wood fireplaces available. They provide supplemental warmth, can be used with multiple fuel sources and will add a cozy ambiance to your space. The Hearthroom Series fireplaces are available in a variety of sizes, styles and custom finishes to ensure they fit within your home’s space and aesthetic.

How much does a UL Listed fireplace cost?

The Hearthroom Series UL Listed fireplaces start at $6,500 for a single sided fireplace with Acucraft. Additional sides are available, as well as a variety of finishing options, accessories and sizes – all of which impact the cost of the fireplace. To get an accurate representation of the cost of your dream fireplace, request a quote from one of our fireplace experts.

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