Modern & Traditional Gas Fireplaces

Find the Right Gas Fireplace for You

Adding a gas fireplace to your private residence or commercial space instantly infuses it with warmth and sophistication. While the warmth it generates is undoubtebly comforting, its true value lies in the atmosphere it fosters and the memories it helps create. By selecting a fireplace that complements the desired aesthetic, you enhance the ambiance of your space. So whether you’re enjoying your favorite book, fireside family game nights, or aiming to cultivate a relaxed setting for guests to enjoy, your gas fireplace offers the perfect tone for every moment.

Types of Gas Fireplaces

At Acucraft, we excel in the art of crafting bespoke gas fireplaces, meticulously tailored to fulfill the individual desires and requirements of each of our patrons.

So whether you’re looking for the ease of a pre-engineered gas fireplace, or perhaps something truly one-of-a-kind, the types of gas fireplaces extend far and wide encompassing an array of shapes and sizes to cater to your desires and needs.

Peruse the following fireplace styles, and discover the perfect fit for your distinctive vision.

Viewing Angles

Explore our wide range of gas fireplaces by their unique viewing configurations. From the classic front-facing, single-sided designs to innovative four-sided models, each offers a distinct visual experience and ambiance for your space.

Single Sided Gas Fireplaces

Front Facing Modern or Traditional View

Single-sided fireplaces come in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes to fit with any decor from classic to contemporary.

Starting at $5,300

View Single Sided Gas Fireplaces

See through gas fireplace two sided fireplace

See Through Gas Fireplaces

Two Views with One Fireplace

Enjoy the flexibility of a see-through fireplace that fosters a warm, inviting atmosphere for endless conversations and enjoyment.

Starting at $5,700

View See Through Gas Fireplaces

modern peninsula fireplace

Peninsula Gas Fireplaces

3 Sided Seamless View

Designed with two long sides and one short side, these fireplaces seamlessly integrate into any space.

Starting at $15,300

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a photo of an airport lounge with a custom glass four sided fireplace with steel curtain

Four Sided Fireplaces

Views From Any Vantage Point

Also commonly known as an island fireplace, this bold style is well suited for luxurious modern spaces.

Starting at $11,500

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Fireplace Styles

Discover our diverse selection of gas fireplaces, sorted by style. From the minimalist elegance of linear fireplaces to the expansive views of panoramic models, find a style that matches you.

Linear Gas Fireplaces

Single Sided, See-Through, Indoor/Outdoor

Available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any space, linear fireplaces continue to be the most popular fireplace trend.

Starting at $5,300

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rustic double sided gas fireplace with stone

Gas Fireplaces with Logs

Tall Flames, Realistic Logs

Create a warm, inviting environment with these eye-catching centerpieces favored by guests, clients, and family.

Starting at $5,795

View our Gas Fireplaces with Logs

an image of a licing room with a front and right side view gas fireplace with neutral decor

Multi View Fireplaces

Front & Left or Right Views

Captivate your audience with a multi-view fireplace designed with one long viewing side of the fire and a shorter side, on the left or right.

Starting at $6,600

View our Multi View Fireplaces

a photo of a seaside living room with a 3 sided gas fireplace with panoramic view with firescreen

Panoramic Gas Fireplaces

3-Sided Tunnel View

These fireplaces serve as an impressive centerpiece with a single front view and dual side views, creating a welcoming environment.

Starting at $12,800

View Panoramic Fireplaces

Circular Gas Fireplaces

Seamless 360-Degree Views

Experience fire the way you’re meant to, with an unobstructed view combined with the tallest, fullest flames.

Contact for Pricing

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modern living room with double sided linear indoor outdoor gas fireplace

Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces

Enjoy Your Fire From Indoors & Out

At a moment’s notice, you can transition from the cozy comfort indoors to the natural, campfire inspired outdoors.

Starting at $6,400

View Indoor Outdoor Fireplaces

Open Gas Fireplaces

Traditional, Open-Hearth View

Open fireplaces (no glass) offer a sleek design and seamless view while providing the traditional ambiance of an open-hearth fire.

Starting at $5,900

View Open Gas Fireplaces

Our Products

Browse our gas fireplace lines and accessories. From custom-built fireplaces to our Blaze, Signature, and Timeless Collections, each with its own distinctive features and unique style.

grand custom gas fireplace with steel pitchfork and H and K letters for Hell's Kitchen Restaurant

Custom Gas Fireplaces

Any Size, Any Style

One-of-a-kind truly unique fireplaces for private residences, restaurants, hotels, or any place where you want something no one else has.

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Blaze Gas Fireplaces

Affordable Luxury Fireplaces

With over 500 pre-engineered designs in 8 styles, the Blaze Collection is perfect for any residential or commercial project.

Starting at $5,300

View Blaze Gas Fireplaces

linear indoor-outdoor gas fireplace beneath TV

Signature Gas Fireplaces

Open or Sealed Fireplaces

Enjoy an open (no glass) or sealed (with glass) view with our Signature Collection. Available in three styles, and 5 lengths.

Starting at $5,900

View Signature Gas Fireplaces

large gas fireplace under painting

Timeless Gas Fireplaces

Tall Flame Gas Logsets

Enjoy the traditional ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace with the flick of a switch. Available in three styles and five unique sizes.

Starting at $5,800

View Timeless Gas Fireplaces

Accessories & Options

Glass Media, Stones, & Logsets

When customizing a fireplace, the finishing options not only enhance its aesthetics but also complement the overall design of your space.

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Buying Guide: Gas Fireplace Features & Options

Investing in a gas fireplace that doesn’t meet your exact specifications or create the perfect look and feel is disappointing. Our customizable fireplaces come with a variety of features and options that will ensure your gas fireplace perfectly accents your home or property.


Glass Options for Your Traditional Gas Fireplace

Whether you contain your fireplace behind cooled glass or opt to forego the glass altogether, how you surround your flame makes a statement about the room and the ambiance you want to create.

  • Open Viewing Area (no glass)
  • Open Viewing Area with Firescreen (no glass)
  • Single-pane with Firescreen
  • Dual-Pane Glass Cooling System

Media Options

Wood and river rock provide an organic, rustic feel, while crushed glass and polished stones suggest a subtle sophistication. Make sure the media styles you choose matches your room and design intent.

  • Crushed Glass Media
  • River Rock
  • Lava Rock
  • Semi-Polished & Polished Stones
  • Log Sets & Driftwood Pieces

Your home or property deserves a one-of-a-kind, modern gas fireplace!

Mediocre gas fireplace manufacturers and dealers can be a predictable bunch. They’ve made the same product for years and sold them to consumers who didn’t realize they could, and should, expect more.

If you’re frustrated with the uninspired, mass-produced fireplaces you keep seeing on the market, Acucraft can help. We’re the world’s leading direct-selling fireplace manufacturer and our top priority is matching you with a quality gas fireplace that is unique to your specifications.

Connect with one of our fireplace advisors today. They can help you design a fireplace that makes a unique statement and adds value to your residential or commercial property.

Custom Built Fireplaces for Each Customer

We know what it’s like to want something unique. By working directly with the manufacturer you’re able to get exactly what you want. Don’t settle for boring, mass-produced fireplaces. At Acucraft every fireplace is co-created with our customers.

Lifetime Warranty on all Contemporary Gas Fireplace

All of our gas fireplaces are backed by our Lifetime Warranty so you can feel confident that you’re selecting the safest, highest quality fireplace on the market that stands out from all the rest.

Connect with your personal Fireplace Advisor today to create the perfect gas fireplace for your residential or commercial space.

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