Round Fireplaces

Round Fireplaces

Experience fire the way you’re meant to, a seamless 360° unobstructed view with gorgeous Acucraft round fireplaces.

Indoor round fireplaces, also known as circular fireplaces, bring the traditional campfire look and feel to your indoor space, giving you the ultimate gathering space. With our nearly limitless capabilities, your fireplace can be as grandiose as you desire.

This innovative fireplace design offers a unique, all-around view of the flames, creating a stunning visual centerpiece from any angle in the room. Not only does it provide supplemental warmth, making your space cozier during cooler months, but its modern design also enhances your interior’s overall look and feel.

Round Fireplaces Features & Benefits

The 360-degree fireplace is perfect for those looking to combine functionality with cutting-edge style, offering both a source of warmth and a conversation piece. Whether it’s situated in a living room, dining area, or open-plan space, this type of fireplace transforms ordinary rooms into luxurious retreats, inviting relaxation and enjoyment all year round.

  • 360° unobstructed viewing area
  • Tallest, fullest flames on the market
  • Multiple glass & firescreen options
  • Designed & manufactured to your specifications
  • Glass & stone media
  • Logsets & driftwood logs
  • Flexible intake & exhaust
  • Supplemental heat

Enjoy the supplemental warmth and modern design of a 360-degree fireplace indoors.

Trust Acucraft with your next commercial or residential round gas fireplace project and enjoy the fireplace of your dreams!

Round Fireplace Models and Resources

AVA NoMa Custom Round Indoor Fireplace

AVA NoMa is the premier apartment building by Avalon Communities. Located in hip and popular downtown Washington, D.C., this sleek and modern apartment building has every amenity you could ever need. Nestled in with the infinity-edge swimming pool, 4,800-square-foot indoor/outdoor fitness center, and the WAG Pet Spa and Park, is an extraordinary fire feature.

This circular gas fireplace was built specifically for AVA NoMa residents to gather around and get to know their neighbors during the many social events for residents and friends. The unique finishing on this fireplace is trendy, industrial, and attention-grabbing. Located in the “chill lounge” near a kitchenette and surrounded by lazy chairs, this round gas fireplace promotes conversation and will keep people talking!

Round gas fireplace in a home with chairs surrounding it

The CUSTOM Round Fireplace Collection

Incorporating a round fireplace into your design, be it for a custom home, an upscale restaurant, an opulent hotel, or a modern commercial space, can instantly elevate any area to become a vibrant hub for social engagement. Circular fireplaces stand out as captivating centerpieces, creating an inviting and warm environment that draws people together for shared experiences of comfort and connection.

Round gas fireplaces are celebrated for their adaptability, seamlessly fitting into the design and functional needs of any space. Whether enhancing the ambiance of a hotel lobby, adding sophistication to a restaurant’s dining area, or crafting a cozy corner in a residential living room, round fireplaces open up endless design possibilities. Their ability to blend with both contemporary and traditional interiors, offering everything from sleek, modern aesthetics to timeless, classic sophistication, significantly boosts the atmosphere of any setting. Their distinctive shape allows for a panoramic viewing experience, bridging the warmth of indoor settings with the visual appeal of outdoor landscapes, thereby adding a touch of luxury and enchanting charm, making them a standout feature in any environment.

With a custom round gas fireplace you’ll find the options are nearly limitless, including:

  • Any size, custom-built to suit your specific needs
  • Work hand-in-hand with our fireplace experts and engineers
  • Tallest, fullest flames available
  • Dual pane glass cooling system, single pane glass with firescreen, or open-hearth (no glass)
  • Finishing options to complement your space
  • Certified within our 3rd party test lab with a custom label and manual
a modern hotel lobby with a custom-built round gas fireplace

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Round Gas Fireplace FAQs

What is a round fireplace?

A round gas fireplace, also called a circular gas fireplace, is a freestanding or built-in unit that uses natural gas to create supplemental warmth to keep you cozy. These modern fireplaces offer a 360° unobstructed viewing area to create a beautiful focal point, and the perfect space for your guests to gather.

What are the benefits of a round fireplace?

Round fireplaces are an ideal choice for adding warmth and ambiance to any room. They create the look and feel of a campfire indoors, while being modern and creating the ultimate gathering space. With Acucraft’s customizable options, you can choose from glass vs open flame fireplace, media, and accessories. Plus all of Acucraft’s gas fireplaces have the tallest and fullest flames on the market, which are sure to keep any space feeling cozy.

Are round fireplaces in style?

Yes, round fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility. Round fireplaces offer a unique design that can make any room stand out. They come in a variety of styles so it’s easy to find one that will fit the look and feel of any home. Consult with one of our fireplace experts to start designing a round fireplace that fits your aesthetic.