Round Fireplaces

Round Fireplaces

Experience fire the way you’re meant to, a seamless 360° unobstructed view with gorgeous Acucraft round fireplaces.

Indoor round fireplaces, also known as circular fireplaces, bring the traditional campfire look and feel to your indoor space giving you the ultimate gathering space. With our nearly limitless capabilities, your fireplace can be as grandiose as you desire.

Round Fireplaces Features & Benefits

  • 360° unobstructed viewing area
  • Tallest, fullest flames on the market
  • Multiple glass & firescreen options
  • Designed & manufactured to your specifications
  • Glass & stone media
  • Logsets & driftwood logs
  • Flexible intake & exhaust
  • Supplemental heat

Enjoy the supplemental warmth and modern design of a 360 degree fireplace, indoor.

Scroll down to learn how Avalon Communities created the ultimate lounge for their AVA NoMa tenants with a round indoor fireplace.

AVA NoMa Custom Round Indoor Fireplace

AVA NoMa is the premier apartment building by Avalon Communities. Located in hip and popular downtown Washington, D.C., this sleek and modern apartment building has every amenity you could ever need. Nestled in with the infinity edge swimming pool, 4,800 square foot indoor/outdoor fitness center, and the WAG Pet Spa and Park, is an extraordinary fire feature.

This circular gas fireplace was built specifically for AVA NoMa residents to gather around and get to know their neighbors during the many social events for residents and friends. The unique finishing on this fireplace is trendy, industrial, and attention-grabbing. Located in the “chill lounge” near a kitchenette and surrounded by lazy chairs, this round gas fireplace promotes conversation and will keep people talking!

Connect with your personal Fireplace Advisor today to create the perfect round gas fireplace for your residential or commercial space.

Round Gas Fireplace Glass & Finishing Options

  • No Glass (Open)
  • No Glass (Firescreen)
  • Single Pane
  • Dual Pane Glass Cooling System
  • Standard Matte Black
  • Mirror Polished Stainless Steel
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Corten
  • Mesh Backer
  • Crushed Glass Media
  • River Rock
  • Lava Rock
  • Semi-Polished & Polished Stones
  • Logsets & Driftwood Pieces

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