Panoramic Fireplaces

Panoramic Fireplaces

Acucraft’s panoramic fireplaces mesmerize onlookers with their rich, dancing flames, and can serve as a stunning focal point in a home or backdrop for your luxury lounge.

For a modern feel, these expertly crafted fireplaces are sleek and clean with three-sides for viewing. A 3 sided panoramic fireplace (also known as a tunnel fireplace) can enhance the atmosphere of any office or room by entertaining visitors with lively dancing flames or soft glowing embers. This fireplace, with panoramic glass that stretches along a feature wall, can entertain viewers from three unique angles.

Panoramic gas fireplaces from Acucraft are designed with strength and safety in mind, instantly transforming the ambiance and appeal of commercial spaces such as hotels, apartment lounges, and restaurants. Architects and homeowners, on the other hand, find that custom panoramic fireplaces from Acucraft can complete their sophisticated designs.

3 sided panoramic gas fireplace

Panoramic Gas Fireplace Features & Options

Investing in a gas fireplace that doesn’t meet your exact specifications or create the perfect look and feel is pointless. Our panorama fireplaces come with a variety of features and options that will ensure it perfectly accents your home or property.

  • Tallest, Fullest Flames on the Market
  • Backed by Our Lifetime Guarantee
  • Custom Viewing Areas
  • Dual Pane Glass Cooling System
  • Open (no glass) Viewing Options
  • Low-Profile Frame or Frameless
  • On/Off Switch, Remote or Smart-Home Automation
  • Glass, Rock or Stone Media
  • Log Sets & Driftwood Pieces
  • Traditional or Modern Finish

Keep scrolling to see how one of Acucraft’s panoramic gas fireplaces made it into HBO’s Westworld.

Case Study: Acucraft Panoramic Fireplace Featured in HBO’s Westworld

HBO’s hit series Westworld is one of the network’s most-watched original TV shows.

The series stars a variety of settings, including the popular Indigo Hotel as the show’s prohibition-themed lounge, ‘18 Social.’ With old fashioned Hollywood decor and stunning views of Los Angeles, producers needed a unique focal point and backdrop to complete the set.

The Acucraft team worked closely with Hirsch Bedner Associates and Webcor Construction to co-create a striking panoramic fireplace to match the lounge’s unique “modern interpretation of 1920’s aesthetics.”

The resulting panoramic gas fireplace served as a luxury backdrop for scenes, with glass-on-glass corners, glass cooling, and the tallest flames on the market!

custom panoramic gas fireplace in westworld tv episode
Acucraft’s eye-catching panoramic gas fireplaces have the tallest, fullest flames on the market. Plus, they can be custom designed by our experts to fit your exact specifications for safety and style.

Most fireplace manufacturers and engineers haven’t adapted to meet consumers’ evolving demands. You deserve more than boring, mass-produced fireplace design. Don’t settle for an uninspired, assembly-line product with low-quality construction.

Acucraft is the world’s leading direct-selling fireplace manufacturer with premium choices for both commercial and residential products. Our top priority is matching you with the quality fireplace that meets your specifications – and surpasses your expectations.

Panoramic Gas Fireplace FAQs

What is a panoramic gas fireplace?

Panoramic gas fireplaces are sleek and modern with three sides for viewing. A panoramic fireplace, also referred to as a tunnel fireplace, can enhance the atmosphere of any room, customized to your specifications. This fireplace, with panoramic glass that stretches along a feature wall, can entertain viewers from three unique angles.

Do panoramic gas fireplaces provide heat?

Panoramic gas fireplaces provide supplemental warmth to your space, but are not meant to be used as the primary heating source for your home or lobby. With large viewing areas, these fireplaces are sure to give you a cozy, comfortable feel regardless.

What are the benefits of a panoramic gas fireplace?

Panoramic fireplaces made by Acucraft are unique, modern, and customizable. You can choose a traditional or modern finish, add media and a variety of other finishing touches and accessories. With the tallest, fullest flames on the market, these fireplaces are sure to make a statement, while being safe for your guests. Get the full experience with smart home automation or remote control for your panoramic fireplace. For more benefits, contact our team or request a quote to get started designing your panoramic fireplace.


Connect with one of our fireplace advisors today. They can work with you to inspire a new level of comfort and class in your home or commercial space.

Read our Custom Fireplace Options Guide to Designing Your Perfect Fireplace for more inspiration!

Glass Options

  • No Glass (Open)
  • No Glass (Firescreen)
  • Single-Pane
  • Dual Pane Glass Cooling System

Finishing Options

  • Standard Black Matte
  • Mirror Polished Stainless Steel
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Corten
  • Mesh

Media Options

  • Crushed Glass Media
  • River Rock
  • Lava Rock
  • Semi-Polished & Polished Stones
  • Logsets & Driftwood Pieces

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