Panoramic Gas Fireplace on HBO’s Westworld

custom panoramic gas fireplace in westworld tv episode

HBO’s hit series Westworld has quickly become one of the network’s most watched original TV shows. With settings varying from a wild-west desert, technologically advanced laboratories to romantic, comfortable lounges and apartments; each one specifically designed to engage the audience. So when watching Season 2, Episode 2 we were pulled into the dark, sultry atmosphere of the popular Indigo Hotel 18 Social lounge paired with the dancing flames and rich ambiance of an Acucraft custom panoramic fireplace!

panoramic 3 sided gas fireplace in hbo westworld show
Scene from HBO's Westworld featuring an Acucraft Panoramic Gas Fireplace

The Indigo’s top floor cocktail lounge, 18 Social is a prohibition themed lounge featuring stunning views of Los Angeles, old Hollywood decor, and an Acucraft custom gas panoramic fireplace as it’s focal point. Designed by Hirsch Bedner Associates and Webcor Construction to be a “modern interpretation of 1920’s aesthetics” made this the perfect backdrop for Episode 2 of Westworld. Although 18 Social was not created to be a film set, the sophisticated ambiance of the decor and gas fireplace made it the perfect match for this scene.

panoramic gas fireplace in hotel cocktail lounge
Acucraft Panoramic Fireplace – 18 Social Cocktail Lounge – Indigo Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

Just as Westworld did, 18 Social made its debut in 2016. Our Fireplace Advisors + Designers worked closely with Hirsch Bender Associates and Webcor Construction to bring this unique focal point to life. This particular panoramic gas fireplace was custom designed and manufactured to meet the customer’s exacting standards and specifications including glass-on-glass corners, glass cooling, and the tallest flames on the market!

customer provided fireplace drawing
customer provided gas fireplace drawing
customer gas fireplace drawing concept

Above: Hirsch Bender Associates & Webcor Construction Original Fireplace Concept

panoramic gas fireplace drawing
Acucraft provided custom gas fireplace drawing

Fireplace Specs + Details Include:

  • Viewing Area: 96″ x 32″ x 20 1/2″
  • 80″  Electronic Ignition Natural Gas Line of Fire Burner
  • 8″-12″ Flames
  • Wall Switch On/Off Control
  • Dual Pane Glass / Glass Cooling System
  • Removable Inner + Outer Frames
  • 8″ Class A Flue System
  • 12″ B-Vent Heat Relief
  • 10″ Combustion Air Intake
  • 10″ Glass Cooling Air Intake
  • Rear Mounted Gas + Electric Stub Outs
  • Acucraft 3rd Party Testing to ANSI Z21.50-2016 / CSA 2.22-2016 Standards


Filming has since wrapped for Westworld Season 2 and the 18 Social lounge is now open to the public where you can see the “famous” fireplace for yourself! So grab your friends, a few cocktails and relax next to this one-of-a-kind fireplace where only a short while ago celebrities like Talulah Riley and Ben Barnes had been filming.

acucraft custom gas fireplace in HBO's westworld tv show
panoramic gas fireplace in hotel lounge

It was a pleasure working with Hirsch Bedner Associates and Webcor Construction on this truly unique fireplace; we look forward to future projects and partnerships!

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