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Our passion to provide a one of a kind fireplace experience is only matched by our commitment to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers and our communities. Now, with your help, we’re expanding this commitment to make a difference on the other side of the world.

The American Series

The American Series, Made in America for Americans at a Price You’ll Appreciate

Learn all about Acucraft’s Revolutionary Wood Burning Fireplace The AMERICAN from wood burning expert and fireplace advisor, Mike Hannan.

The Blaze Collection

The Blaze Collection provide luxury gas fireplaces at a price you can appreciate.

Learn about Acucraft’s Blaze Collection fireplaces, with over 500 pre-engineered models. These fireplaces come in 8 unique styles: four-sided, front & left view, front & right view, indoor/outdoor, panoramic, peninsula, see-through, and single sided; 3-foot to 10-foot lengths, and 20-inch to 80-inch viewing heights. With 22,000 BTUs per foot, these fireplaces are unmatched in the industry!

The Timeless Series

The Timeless Series provides traditional ambiance without the mess!

Hear Acucraft’s Director of Engineering, Keith Elliott, share some of the unique features of Acucraft Fireplaces’ new series of standard gas fireplaces: The TIMELESS Series. Designed with a Flame First approach, our gas logsets boast the tallest, fullest flames on the market with proprietary flame diffusion technology for the most realistic flames available.

The Timeless Fireplace Heat Management System

Acucraft’s Cool Touch Glass keeps your fireplace at a safe-to-touch temperature while providing you warmth to your space with our Heat Management System. With a simple flick of a switch, our Heat Management System can warm your room air by up to 30°! AND it’s 100% controllable. Easily turn your system on when you’re looking for supplemental warmth, or turn it off when you’re looking for ambiance without overheating your space.

The Timeless Flame First Approach

At Acucraft Fireplaces, we focus on designing with a Flame First approach which you can see in our new Timeless Gas Fireplaces. With our proprietary flame diffusion technology, your fire will have full, diffused, dancing flames. Enjoy the tallest, fullest flames on the market with an Acucraft Fireplace!

Easy Timeless Gas Fireplace Installation

Many fireplaces are complex or difficult to install, but Acucraft’s Timeless Series of gas fireplaces offer unique features which make it easy to install. From the base plate to our proprietary TPS controller, and up to 5 intake locations, the Timeless Series is one of the most versatile fireplaces on the market.

The Hearthroom Series

The Hearthroom Series wood burning fireplaces provide the largest viewing areas on the market!

Learn all about Acucraft Fireplaces’ Hearthroom Series of wood burning fireplaces from fireplace expert, Mike Hannan. Tested & listed to UL-127 / ULC-S610 for use in the United States & Canada. Made in Big Lake, MN. Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. Choose an American Made Fireplace.

Custom Gas Fireplaces

16-Foot Linear Peninsula Fireplace

This monster 16 foot linear fireplace with a peninsula end is headed to an amenity clubhouse area in San Diego, CA. Chris Maxson, CEO and owner of
Acucraft Fireplaces, shares further details on this monster fireplace from our third party test lab.

Taco Bell Double Sided Fireplace

Beachside Taco Bell located in Pacifica, California, Featuring a Custom Gas Acucraft Fireplace. Enjoy ocean views inside and out with this double sided see through gas fireplace why munching on your favorite bites!

Heat Management System

Controllable Heat with the Flip of a Switch! With an Acucraft custom gas fireplace you not only get the tallest, fullest flames on the market, but you gain 100% control over your heated air. Our internal exchange system takes room air from your space, heats it, and expels it back into your room. Easily turn your Heat Management System on or off with the flip of a standard light switch.

Custom Outdoor Fire Features

Submersible Water & Fire Burner

Who says you can’t have fire and water? At Acucraft We Find Yes! This gorgeous submersible burner was custom made for a customer’s custom outdoor fountain at their new residence. This video shows the burner being tested within Acucraft’s Internal Test Lab. This fire & water feature boasts 20″+ flames and over 120,000 BTU’s!

Circular Outdoor Burner

Our Engineering & Testing Teams had some fun with this custom circular burner with massive flames during an research and development project. Those flames don’t disappoint!

Firepit with All Weather Ignition System

This Acucraft Certified Outdoor Gas Fire Pit features the largest flames on the market – up to 30 inches tall and comes with the most reliable All-Weather Ignition System that performs in rain, snow and wind. The unit has been 3rd-party tested to meet ANSI / CSA Performance and Safety Standards.

Our Customers

ERX Motor Park

When Chris Carlson was building “The Podium,” (Elk River, MN) a venue for community events, speakers, weddings and more, he knew he wanted a killer fireplace as a focal point of his space. Chris worked closely with the Acucraft Team to define the perfect solution for his space: a custom open (no glass) panoramic gas fireplace with custom strapping & clavos finish.

“It’s the first call I make when we need a fireplace…I couldn’t recommend them anymore, [it’s been] fantastic working with their team.” -Chris Carlson, ERX Motor Park, Elk River, Minnesota

Holly Ridge Homestead

Watch as Acucraft customer and fellow YouTuber, Chris S. (Holly Ridge Homestead) unveils his Hearthroom 44-inch wood burning fireplace in his new construction home!

The Dark Chalet

To ensure a beautiful, natural looking fire, an ENERVEX fireplace exhaust system was applied to this one-of-a-kind, wood burning fireplace, hand-built by Acucraft Fireplace Systems. Our mechanical draft system is exceptionally quiet and effective for directing smoke up through the chimney flue, eliminating the need for glass. ENERVEX helps make beautiful memories by enabling fireplace designs that defy traditional design rules.

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