See-Through Gas Fireplaces

See-Through Gas Fireplaces

Whether you’re looking to separate a living room from your kitchen or divide your master bathroom from your bedroom, our custom see-through gas fireplaces (also known as a double-sided fireplace) offer an elegant viewing solution that adds value and ambiance.

Create a unique custom gas fireplace for your space or choose from popular styles that boast the tallest flames on the market! Our Signature and Timeless series promise to transform your living room or home office into your own personal retreat. Our see-through fireplaces and our popular see-through gas fireplace indoor-outdoor can be enjoyed sealed (featuring dual-pane glass cooling) or open (featuring a fire screen and no glass). Converting from one option to the other is seamless and takes just 10 minutes using one of our specialized kits.

See-Through Gas Fireplace Features & Benefits

  • Tallest, fullest flames on the market
  • Low-profile or frameless options
  • Flexible installation
  • Open (no glass) or sealed (with glass) viewing area
  • Dual pane glass cooling system with safe-to-touch glass
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Quality & safety tested
  • 12″ clearance for any mantel, tv or artwork
  • Nearly limitless media options
  • The most realistic vented gas logs available
  • Power venting system
  • Interior LED lighting
  • On/Off switch or smart home automation

Choose Acucraft for your next commercial or residential see through gas fireplace project and enjoy a lifetime of happy burning!

Washington Starbucks uses Acucraft to help build a double-sided fireplace installation

Inspired by a 19th-century historic lighthouse, Starbucks sought to create one of its most elaborate locations in Blaine, Washington. The location boasts a 48-foot-tall lighthouse tower, a magnificent spiral staircase, and an expansive coffee lounge and patio from which customers can enjoy their coffee.

But it needed a one-of-a-kind fireplace solution to truly distinguish itself. To that end, it tasked Acucraft with designing and building an outdoor fireplace that included a custom-built log set with a total of 31 logs boasting mammoth flames and 300,000 BTUs per hour, surrounded by 400 pounds of lava rock for a more traditional look and feel.

Acucraft fireplace advisors and engineers worked closely with officials from Northwest Commercial Construction to bring to life a complex and elaborate exterior fireplace that creates a communal place to cozy up to on chilly mornings and brisk fall afternoons.

washington starbucks chooses acucraft for linear see through gas fireplace project

The CUSTOM See-Through Gas Fireplace Collection

Incorporating a see-through fireplace, whether you’re designing a bespoke home, launching a new restaurant, developing a luxury hotel, or constructing a commercial building, can transform any space into a captivating center for social interaction. This dual-sided fireplace not only acts as a dramatic centerpiece but also fosters a warm, welcoming environment, inviting guests, customers, or family members to gather and unwind.

A see-through fireplace offers the unique ability to be customized to fit the aesthetic and functional demands of your environment. It can enhance the atmosphere of a hotel lobby, introduce a touch of elegance to a restaurant’s dining space, or add a cozy ambiance to a residential living room. The design possibilities are vast, with options ranging from sleek, modern designs that blend effortlessly into contemporary settings to classic styles that radiate timeless charm. In commercial venues, a see-through fireplace can elevate the customer experience, setting your establishment apart and leaving a lasting impression. In residential settings, it becomes the centerpiece of the home, a place where memories are forged and stories are exchanged.

With a custom see-through gas fireplace you’ll find the options are nearly limitless, including:

  • Any size, custom-built to suit your specific needs
  • Work hand-in-hand with our fireplace experts and engineers
  • Tallest, fullest flames available
  • Dual pane glass cooling system, single pane glass with firescreen, or open-hearth (no glass)
  • Finishing options to complement your space
  • Certified within our 3rd party test lab with a custom label and manual
ultra contemporary luxury nyc hotel lounge with expansive double sided gas fireplace

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The BLAZE See-Through Gas Fireplace Collection

For those seeking flexibility without the complexity of bespoke designs, our Blaze fireplace collection stands as the perfect choice. With 64 pre-designed see-through gas fireplaces, this assortment is crafted to accommodate a wide array of tastes and space requirements. Offering a variety of sizes, including different heights and lengths, it ensures you’ll discover the ideal fireplace to enhance your environment. The selection spans from 3-foot to 10-foot lengths and 20-inch to 80-inch heights.

The Blaze series aims to streamline the addition of a fireplace to your area, whether you’re upgrading a snug living room, a grand lobby, or a inviting reception space. This collection delivers the ease of selecting a pre-engineered model while avoiding the time and cost associated with custom creations. Each fireplace in the Blaze line is a testament to superior craftsmanship and visual appeal, promising that your chosen fireplace will not only fulfill but surpass your expectations in functionality and design.

With our Blaze collection you can choose from different sizes along with customization options:

  • 3′ to 10′ Lengths
  • 20″ to 80″ Heights
  • 22,000 BTUs/Ft, unmatched in the industry
  • Boasting the tallest, fullest flames on the market!
  • Dual pane glass cooling system with safe-to-touch glass
  • Shipped to your door within 6-8 weeks!
  • ANSI/CSA certified for use in the United States and Canada

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The SIGNATURE See-Through Gas Fireplace Collection

Our see-through Signature fireplaces are crafted to become the breathtaking centerpiece of any space, offering visibility and warmth from multiple angles. They are the perfect addition to a variety of settings, from lively social gatherings and precious family times to tranquil moments alone with a book beside the fire. These dual-sided fireplaces enhance any environment with their warmth and stylish appearance, creating an inviting atmosphere that fosters both comfort and engaging conversations.

Available in lengths of 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, or 8′, our see-through fireplaces can be tailored to complement the dimensions and aesthetics of your space perfectly. Furthermore, we provide two viewing options to accommodate diverse tastes and installation needs: a sealed view with glass for a sleek, uninterrupted observation of the flames while ensuring safety and an open view without glass for a more conventional, immersive experience. For added versatility, our 10-minute conversion kits offer the freedom to effortlessly alternate between an open and sealed view. These kits are designed for swift and simple changes, allowing you to modify the ambiance and functionality of your fireplace according to your immediate preferences or needs, all with minimal effort.

Our Signature collection includes:

  • 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′ and 8′ Lengths
  • 20″ Height
  • Tallest, fullest flames on the market
  • Dual pane glass cooling system or open-view with firescreen
  • ANSI/CSA certified for use in the United States and Canada
modern coastal home with linear double sided gas fireplace

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The TIMELESS Two-Sided Gas Fireplace Collection

Transform any setting into a warm and mesmerizing focal point with the distinct elegance and appeal of our Timeless two-sided fireplaces. More than just a source of warmth, this extraordinary creation is a piece of art that injects a dynamic presence into any room. With our Timeless two-sided fireplaces, you are empowered to choose the perfect viewing configuration that aligns with your space’s size and decor, allowing the beauty of the flames to be enjoyed from multiple perspectives. Opt for lengths of 36″ or 48″ and heights of 36″, 42″, or 48″ to perfectly match your environment.

Each model within the Timeless series is celebrated for delivering the tallest, fullest, and most lifelike flame display on the market, offering an unmatched visual feast that closely resembles the graceful movement of a real wood fire. The meticulous craftsmanship and flame realism ensure that your area is endowed with an atmosphere of opulence and comfort, elevating the space with an aura of timeless charm.

Our Timeless collection includes:

  • 36″ and 48″ Lengths
  • 36″, 42″ and 48″ Heights
  • Tallest, fullest flames with the most realistic looking logs available
  • Dual pane glass cooling system or single pane with firescreen
  • ANSI/CSA certified for use in the United States and Canada
rustic double sided gas fireplace with stone

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Connect with one of our fireplace advisors today. They can help you design a fireplace that makes a unique statement and adds value to your residential or commercial property.

See-Through Gas Fireplace FAQs

What is a see-through fireplace?

See through gas fireplaces, also called double-sided gas fireplaces, have viewing areas on two sides and are intended for indoor use only. See-through fireplaces provide you with an elegant way to divide up two spaces and offer additional viewing areas while providing supplemental warmth.

What are the benefits of a see-through gas fireplace?

See through gas fireplaces from Acucraft will not only provide supplemental warmth to two spaces, but they will add to the ambiance of your home as well. These fireplaces are top quality with the tallest flames on the market and the most realistic vented gas logs available. Our see-through gas fireplaces also have safety features like safe-to-touch glass and accessories like interior LED lighting. Contact our team to learn more.

How much do see through gas fireplaces cost?

See-through gas fireplaces manufactured by Acucraft start at $5,700. The dimensions of your see through gas fireplace, chosen media, and finishing options will vary the cost. Request a quote from one of our fireplace advisors to get a more accurate cost specific to your project.

Are see through fireplaces customizable?

Yes, see through fireplaces are customizable by Acucraft. With nearly limitless sizes, media options, framing, and finishing options, our see-through fireplaces are sure to fit within your space and style.