Wood Fireplace Accessories

Wood Fireplace Accessories & Options

You’ve found the fireplace of your dreams and now it’s time to make it truly your own! With Acucraft’s array of wood fireplace accessories and options, you can customize your fireplace the way you want. Protect little hands from the fire with a safety / spark screen, or enjoy a rustic hand-hammered finish.

wood fireplace accessories and options
Acucraft Custom Double Sided Fireplace

Frame Finishing Options

Make your wood burning fireplace truly your own with one of our fireplace door & frame finishing options:

  • Standard Matte Black Finish
  • Japanese Brown Patina Finish
  • Aged Bronze Patina Finish
  • Copper Patina Finish
  • Custom Paint Finish
acucraft wood fireplace accessories patina finish
Acucraft Hearthroom 36 Double Sided Fireplace with Japanese Brown Patina Finish

Grids & Handles

Finish your wood fireplace with the perfect grids and handles to complete the package:

  • Mission Style Grids (traditional style)
  • Colonial Style Grids (window frame)
  • Cylinder Handles
  • Basket Handles
  • Spring Handles
  • Medieval Handles
wood fireplace accessories
Acucraft Custom See Through Fireplace with Colonial Grids & Japanese Brown Patina Finish

Front & Door Packages

From standard matte black to hand-hammered fronts & doors, select one of our finishing packages to create the ultimate gathering spot:

  • Standard: Matte black finish
  • Hammered: Hand-hammered fronts & doors
  • Forged: Hand-hammered fronts & doors with softened edges
  • Rustic: Corner strapping with decorative round clavos
  • Medieval: Corner joint strapping with decorative round clavos, over-lapping mission style grids, and medieval hinges
double sided wood fireplace accessories and options
Acucraft Custom Double Sided Wood Fireplace with Medieval Finish Package
wood fireplace accessories and options
Acucraft Hearthroom 36 See Through Wood Fireplace with Forged & Patina Finish

Popular Fireplace Models

  • Single-Sided
  • See-Through
  • Patent-Pending Indoor/Outdoor

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Gas Logs

Acucraft’s Hearthroom fireplaces come with a built-in gas knockout providing you the option to turn your wood fireplace into a gas fireplace with gas logs at any time. Enjoy the traditional ambiance a wood fireplace without the mess; easily convert between the two, when you want!

wood burning fireplace with gas log set
Acucraft Hearthroom 44 Single Sided Fireplace with Gas Logset

Additional Accessories & Safety

Keep your mind at ease with our indoor/outdoor locking clasp, and prevent sparks from exiting the fireplace with a firescreen.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Locking Clasp
  • Firescreen
wood fireplace accessories fire screen
Acucraft Wood Fireplace Accessories - Safety Screen

In order to practice proper wood burning safety, we recommend purchasing a few additional items from your local hardware store or online merchant (Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon):

Click here to learn more about taking care of your wood fireplace and practicing proper fire safety!

Wood Fireplace Accessories FAQs

What accessories are available for a wood burning fireplace?

All Acucraft wood burning fireplaces come with finishing options for the frame, handles and doors, plus additional accessories to choose from. Acucraft carries safety features like firescreens and indoor/outdoor locking clasps.

How can I make my wood burning fireplace look more attractive?

Make your wood burning fireplace an attractive centerpiece in your home by choosing the finishes and accessories that fit your style. Acucraft offers a wide selection of frame finishing options, grids and handles, and doors guaranteed to fit your home’s aesthetic. Reach out to our fireplace experts to request a brochure or get started on creating your attractive wood burning fireplace.

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