Convert Your Gas Fireplace to Wood Without an Insert

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*Please note that Acucraft does not sell or manufacture inserts.*

Nothing compares to the quiet, relaxing atmosphere a crackling wood fire can create, but sometimes the ability to flip a switch and start a gas fireplace can be just as appealing. Why decide between the two? Install an Acucraft Hearthroom series fireplace in your space and get the best of both worlds.

The gas vs wood fireplace debate has gone on long enough. Each has its own list of pros and cons to consider, from ease of use to atmosphere and aesthetic. You can now get the benefits of both with a convertible fireplace from Acucraft.

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Fireplace vs. Insert: Why Does the Difference Matter?

There is often some confusion with the terms “fireplace” and “fireplace insert.” It’s an important distinction to make when looking for a new fireplace. If you’re remodeling and planning to remove your entire existing fireplace and chimney system, then a fireplace is the right choice, which is our specialty. If you’re looking to put a fireplace in an existing space and utilize an existing chimney system, then you’d want to purchase a fireplace insert from your local fireplace dealer.

A fireplace insert fits inside of an existing fireplace, which makes it a whole lot smaller, and far less versatile than a real fireplace. Because inserts have to fit inside of an older fireplace, your options for style and design are much more limited. At Acucraft, we do not manufacture inserts. Some key differences between fireplaces and inserts include:

  • Fireplaces are built into the wall
  • Inserts fit inside an existing space or fireplace
  • Fireplaces are larger and more versatile

What is a Fireplace Insert?

Fireplace inserts are self contained boxes with a glass window that are designed to fit into an existing space. Inserts are closed combustion systems much like a stove, wood or gas burning, and are able to give off some supplemental heat if connected to a fan.

Since inserts are made to sit inside an older fireplace you are limited on design and placement options. The fireboxes cannot be as deep as a typical fireplace, limiting the size of the fire and gas logs as well. To put it simply, a person purchases an insert when they have a fireplace opening in their home and need something to ‘insert’ into that opening. Consumers look for inserts for two reasons:

  1. Their current fireplace is an inefficient heat source
  2. They want something that is lower maintenance than their current wood burning fireplace

Why is a Fireplace Better?

Real fireplaces are typically built into the wall, becoming a part of the architecture. The versatility they offer for indoor and outdoor spaces cannot be matched by the confines of a fireplace insert. It’s important to keep in mind that installing a new fireplace essentially requires a remodel.

At Acucraft, the options for building a fireplace that is truly one of a kind are endless. When designing your dream fireplace, you can choose from gas logs, iron doors, glass fonts, fire screens, and more.

When compared to inserts, fireplaces have much bigger box dimensions and viewing areas, including double sided views of indoor/outdoor fireplaces. They will certainly give you taller, more impressive flames. Fireplaces offer you the freedom to create something that fits your home perfectly. Additional benefits include:

  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Versatile design and function
  • Taller flames and better viewing areas

convertible fireplace in homeCan a Fireplace Be Both Gas and Wood Burning?

How can you convert a gas fireplace to wood burning without tearing out the flue to put in a chimney? Not every fireplace has the ability to transition between the two, even fewer can do it in under 30 minutes. Our Hearthroom Series fireplaces are created to do exactly that, quickly and easily converting from gas to wood, or wood to gas.

Hearthroom fireplaces are also the largest wood fireplaces available on the market today. The value of that in itself is worth a closer look, but putting in an additional gas knock-out makes it the most versatile and capable fireplace out there.

Can a Gas Fireplace Be Converted to Wood-Burning?

Yes, it’s possible to convert some gas fireplaces to wood-burning, depending on their design and construction. For instance, our Hearthroom Series fireplaces are specifically designed to facilitate easy conversion from wood to gas.

Gas and Wood Fireplace: How It Works

Converting a fireplace from gas to wood, or vice versa, may seem like a daunting task at first. That’s why we made our Hearthroom 30 minute conversion something you can do yourself without the need for a professional installer.

When the fireplace is initially installed there will be a gas knock out on the right side of the firebox and a steel sleeve welded to the side. The installer will run a gas line to the box and cap it, as well as the interior plug, until you’re ready to convert it to gas.

When you want to swap to gas fire, simply pull the gas line through the opening in the firebox and hook up your Hearthroom gas logset burner. Conversions are quick and easy when the setup is complete and you know how it works. All it takes is three simple steps:

  • Run a gas line to the right side of the firebox
  • Securely cap the gas line and plug when burning wood
  • Pull in the gas line and connect to an Acucraft gas logset burner

hotel with outdoor fireplaceWhat Sets Acucraft Fireplaces Apart

Acucraft’s Hearthroom fireplaces are top of the line in terms of design and safety features. In addition to the variety of design options, they also have options for completely open or closed viewing areas. There are many amazing features of Acucraft fireplaces that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Unique design options
  • Open / closed / or double sided viewing areas

Hearthroom Series Features and Benefits 

Wood to gas fireplace conversions have never been made as quick and easy as they have with the Hearthroom Series fireplaces. Replacing a gas fire with an open fire is the perfect way to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere right in your own home any time of year.

There are other wood burning gas fireplace combinations out there, but none have the beauty and simple functionality of a Hearthroom fireplace. While these fireplaces have double glass doors that can be left open or fully removed for an open-hearth feel, it’s essential to use a safety firescreen to reduce the risk of rogue embers escaping.

The unique features of this series include:

  • Easily convert from gas to wood, or wood to gas at any time
  • Expansive viewing area and supplemental warmth
  • UL-127, CAN / ULC-S610 listed for use in the United States and Canada
  • Available in three sizes: 36”, 44”, and 48”
  • Choose from multiple styles including: single-sided, see-through, and indoor/outdoor
  • Enjoy your fire with the glass doors, closed, open, or completely removed with a firescreen for a traditional open hearth feel

wood burning stone fireplaceLearn More About Acucraft’s Hearthroom Series Fireplaces

Gas and wood burning fireplaces give you the best of both worlds, easy convenient use, and relaxing atmosphere of crackling logs. Check out our blog to see these fireplaces in action, and gather ideas for your own fireplace.

Here at Acucraft we know how difficult it is to find the perfect fireplace for your home, that’s why we’re committed to helping you create the fireplace your family will gather around for years to come. Request our Hearthroom Series brochure or contact one of our expert fireplace engineers to learn more about our amazing convertible fireplaces.