The American Single Door Wood Fireplace

The American Wood Burning Fireplace

The American Series reimagines the traditional wood burning fireplace with it’s large, unobstructed viewing area.

The stunningly tall wood fireplace design provides the perfect view of flames as they dance with rhythmic precision inside the deep, combustion-controlled firebox. This gorgeous fireplace starts at $5,200, with a package price of under $10,000 making it the best deal on the market!

Gorgeous slim wood burning fireplace in farmhouse style living room

The American Fireplace: The Best Value on the Market!

Our revolutionary American Series wood burning fireplace is true to its namesake – it’s designed and built in America by hard-working American Craftsmen in Big Lake, Minnesota. 

Only at Acucraft can you enjoy the highest quality, American-made wood burning fireplace system for under $10,000!


  • Viewing Area: 20″W x 21″H
  • Zero-Clearance Cabinet Dimensions: 37″W x 54 3/8″H x 22″D
  • Framing Dimensions: 39″W x 58 3/8″H x 24″D
  • Clearance to Combustibles: 4″ top, 1″ sides
  • Dual 110CFM blower system, thermostatically controlled
  • 8″ Class A Insulated Flue System
  • 5″ Combustion Air Intake

Available in single-sided or indoor outdoor / see-through style.

modern living room with wood burning fireplace with single door

Our commitment is handcrafted into every fireplace.

We’re more than just another fireplace manufacturer…wood-burning is part of our DNA. For more than 40-years, Acucraft has been designing, developing, and fabricating the world’s best wood burning fireplaces. Our commitment to customer driven designs and satisfaction is only equaled by our commitment to quality and performance.

  • The American Wood Burning Fireplace is Tested & Listed to UL-127 for use in the United States and CAN/ULC-S610 for use in Canada.
  • We’re the only fireplace manufacturer in the world who works directly with you to make your fireplace vision a reality.
  • Acucraft fireplaces are never mass-produced. Each fireplace is built to your specific needs with options chosen by you.
  • Your fireplace will be crated and delivered to your home or job site anywhere worldwide.
  • Backed by the Acucraft Lifetime Warranty for a lifetime of happy burning!

Lets Start a Fire Today!

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American Fireplace Features & Benefits

Fireplace + 18′ Flue System + Freight + Crating = Under $10,000!

  • Tall, 20″W x 21″H Viewing Area
  • Single, Swing Door with Left or Right-Hand Operation (Reversible)
  • Built-In Cascade Coil Firescreen
  • Longest Burn Time that is Controllable
  • 100% Outside Air for Combustion, Controllable Intake Air
  • Clean Burning System with Air Wash
  • Operate with Door Closed, Open or Fully Removed
  • Place Logs in a Traditional Horizontal Stack (up to 22″W) or in Campfire Formation (up to 26″H)
  • Fits within a 60″ Chase
  • 8″ Class A Insulated Flue System
  • Dual 110CFM Blower System, Thermostatically Controlled

Take your space to the next level with our American indoor/outdoor wood fireplace!