Indoor Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

Indoor Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

Enjoy your wood burning fireplace from indoors and out with an indoor outdoor wood fireplace!

An indoor outdoor wood fireplace, also known as a double sided wood burning fireplace, provides the perfect way to join together two of your favorite spaces and share the comfort of both with those closest to you. Entertain friends and relatives around a crackling fire without having to worry if the weather will turn bad or having to choose between having a fire or relaxing inside on a beautiful evening. Our patent-pending inside-outside fireplaces offer the ultimate in versatility and stress-free supplemental heat.

double sided wood burning fireplace indoor/outdoor

Before we get too far into the benefits of indoor-outdoor wood fireplaces, it’s important to clarify a common misconception.

What’s the difference between an indoor-outdoor fireplace and a see-through fireplace?

An indoor-outdoor wood fireplace is built into an external wall of your home or property and designed to provide an elegant and functional heating solution inside your home and to any outdoor gathering space. Indoor-outdoor fireplaces are not meant to be fully enclosed indoor heating solutions. At Acucraft, we call that style of double-sided fireplace a “see-through wood fireplace” and you can find all the information on that product by clicking on the link.

Transform your space with an Acucraft indoor outdoor wood fireplace and enjoy traditional ambiance indoors and out.

Two-Sided Wood Fireplace Features

  • Style options to fit every aesthetic & personality
  • Add-on options for every lifestyle
  • Operable doors inside & outside the home
  • Safety features to keep your home secure
  • 100% outside air for combustion
  • Cutting-edge air movement technology
  • Heated air can be circulated or expelled

Double-sided fireplaces are the perfect multi-purpose product when you want to enjoy fires inside and out. Enjoy the quiet privacy around the fire with family, while entertaining guests from your garden or patio enjoying the warmth of a fire. Acucraft fireplaces are USA made, built in Big Lake, Minnesota. Our indoor-outdoor fireplaces use 100% outside air for combustion and create a tight seal preventing a cold air transfer into your space, just like an air-tight window.

Any Acucraft wood burning fireplaces can be manufactured and installed as an indoor/outdoor fireplace. Get in touch with a Fireplace Advisor today to learn more: 888-317-6499!

Indoor Outdoor Wood Fireplace Models

Finishing Options

  • Arched or Rectangular Fronts & Doors
  • Single or Double Doors
  • Multiple Handle Options
  • Standard Matte Black Finish
  • Patina Finish
  • Hammered Finish
  • Forged Finish
  • Rustic Finish
  • Medieval Finish
  • Multiple Grid Styles
  • Fire Screen

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