Traditional Wood Fireplaces

The Hearthroom Series of Traditional Wood Fireplaces

Exclusively at Acucraft, Hearthroom traditional wood fireplaces offer expansive viewing areas, supplemental warmth, and are safety tested & listed to UL-127/ULC-S610.

Our Hearthroom Series comes standard in three sizes: 36″, 44″, and 48″ in single-sided, see-through or patent-pending indoor/outdoor styles. Not sure if you want a gas or wood fireplace? No problem! Only at Acucraft can you purchase a fireplace that can easily & quickly convert from wood to gas, or gas to wood.

There’s nothing more relaxing than hearing and feeling the warmth of traditional wood fireplaces.

Whether you’re curled up next to the fire with your favorite book or having endless conversations with friends & family, an Acucraft wood burning fireplace will help you create lasting memories.

Choose from one of our standard single sided wood burning fireplaces with viewing areas up to 48″ x 42″. Or maybe you’re looking for something awe-inspiring? Co-create a customized wood fireplace with our Fireplace Advisors and get what you’re looking for!

Traditional Wood Fireplaces Features & Benefits

  • TESTING: Acucraft’s Hearthroom series of UL-127 (United States), ULC-S610 (Canada)listed wood burning fireplaces are designed with expansive viewing areas and supplemental warmth.
  • OPEN HEARTH CAPABILITIES: The Hearthroom fireplaces are designed to operate with the doors closed, opened, or completely removed with a firescreen for that traditional open-hearth feel.
  • SIZES & STYLES: Available in three sizes: 36″, 44″, and 48″ viewing areas. Choose from Single-Sided, See-Through, or Patent-Pending Indoor/Outdoor styles. Contact Acucraft for additional specifications and manuals.
  • WOOD TO GAS 30-MINUTE CONVERSION: Our Hearthroom fireplaces include a gas knockout so you can easily convert your wood burning fireplace into a natural gas or propane fueled fireplace with gas logs. Or, start with a gas fireplace and effortlessly convert to wood burning.

The Hearthroom 36 Wood Burning Fireplace

Designed with a 36″ viewing area the Hearthroom 36 is perfect for homeowners looking for a large viewing area and the warm ambiance of a traditional wood fireplace.

Available in single-sided, see-through and patent-pending indoor/outdoor styles.

The Hearthroom 44 Wood Burning Fireplace

Designed with a 44″ viewing area the Hearthroom 44 is the perfect focal point of any home or cabin hideaway. Enjoy supplemental heat while listening to the crack and pop of traditional wood burning.

Available in single-sided, see-through and patent-pending indoor/outdoor styles.

front facing wood burning fireplace

The Hearthroom 48 Wood Burning Fireplace

Designed with a 48″ viewing area the Hearthroom 48 is one of the largest standard wood burning fireplaces available on the market! This extravagant fireplace is perfect for rooms with 10’+ high ceilings.

Available in single-sided, see-through and patent-pending indoor/outdoor styles.

Open Hearth Capabilities

There’s nothing more relaxing than hearing and feeling the fire of an open hearth fireplace.

All of our Hearthroom wood fireplaces are designed to be operated with the doors closed, open, or fully removed giving you the traditional open hearth feel.

Wood to Gas (or Gas to Wood) Conversion Option

With our 30-Minute Conversion you’ll be enjoying the warmth of a wood fireplace in the cool winter months while enjoying traditional ambiance during warmer months.

Each logset has been hand selected by our team to fit proportionally within any of our Hearthroom fireboxes.

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Popular Fireplace Finishing Options

  • Arched or Rectangular Fronts & Doors
  • Double Doors
  • Spring or Basket Handles
  • Standard Black Matte Finish
  • Patina Finish
  • Hammered Finish
  • Forged Finish
  • Rustic Finish
  • Medieval Finish
  • Multiple Grid Styles
  • Firescreen (included)

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