August 6, 2020
fireplace trends 2020

Fireplace Trends 2020: 7 Ideas To Inspire Your Next Design

No matter the time of year, a fireplace is a beautiful and cozy addition to any space – commercial or residential. The most popular fireplace designs can create a gorgeous centerpiece to a room or a breathtaking division between areas. This year’s fireplace trends focus on beauty as well as functionality. From indoor linear fireplaces to double-sided fireplaces, find a design to match your style in this list of seven fireplace trends.


Fireplace Trend 1: Indoor Linear Fireplaces

Indoor linear is one of the most sought-after fireplace designs of 2020. Once you’ve seen one of these modern gas fireplaces light up a room, it’s easy to understand why their clean, sharp edges are so trendy. This modern fireplace style is often surrounded by marble, tile, or stone and can be designed as a classic single-sided piece or a see-through tunnel.

This style also plays a big role in fireplace mantel trends of 2020. It’s increasingly popular to see linear fireplaces built flush with the wall without a mantel at all, creating that seamless look. One of the key advantages of indoor linear fireplaces is that they can be integrated with home automation systems, which makes them incredibly easy to use.


Example of an Indoor Linear Fireplace Design

Acucraft Blaze 10 Tall See Through Gas Fireplace with Glass Media (4)

The Acucraft Blaze 10 Tall See Through Gas Fireplace with glass media offers an ultra-modern design, see-through viewing area surrounded by a 2” frame, and glass media instead of wood or stone for an elegant and sophisticated look.

For linear fireplace options at Acucraft, the Blaze Series features a 2” frame while the Signature Series offers frameless options. Get in touch to learn more about the unique features of both series.


Fireplace Trend 2: Versatility (Convertible Fireplaces)

There are countless options when it comes to fireplace designs, but which one is right for you? It can be tough to decide whether you want wood or gas, open or closed viewing, but with our designers at Acucraft, you don’t have to choose one over the other.

Acucraft’s Hearthroom Series offers a fireplace that can be converted from wood to gas (and vice versa), and our Signature Series can be converted from open viewing to sealed (and vice versa).

2020 fireplace trends reveal that this type of versatility is in high demand. For those who entertain often or have children, the convenience and safety of a sealed gas fireplace may sometimes be preferable to tending an open fire. Other times, stoking the flames and cozying up with a good book is just what you need. A convertible fireplace allows you to do both.


Examples of Versatile Fireplace DesignsAcucraft Hearthroom 36 Indoor Outdoor with Black Finish and Basket Handles (Exterior)

This Acucraft Hearthroom 36 indoor-outdoor wood fireplace has black finish and basket handles with real wood burning. In the third photo, the doors have been removed to allow for open viewing.

Acucraft Signature 6' Indoor Outdoor Linear Gas Fireplace with Black Reflective Glass Media Interior Side

This Signature 6 indoor-outdoor linear gas fireplace with black reflective glass media on the interior side is a versatile design. As seen in the right photo, the glass can be removed for open viewing.

If a versatile fireplace sounds like your ideal solution, explore Acucraft’s Hearthroom Series and Signature Series.


Fireplace Trend 3: Three-Sided Corner Units

The three-sided corner unit, or ‘peninsula fireplace’, has a clean, modern look and offers unique views from every angle. Of all the trendy fireplace looks in 2020, the corner office is the most practical use of space. Architects and designers love it because it can add an element of warmth and coziness without sacrificing open space.

Our three-sided corner units are designed to be luxurious, safe, and strong. The Panoramic Fireplace and the Peninsula Three Sided Gas Fireplace are beautiful statement pieces that perfectly complement a refined aesthetic in homes, restaurants, and hotels. If you want a gas fireplace anywhere in the interior of your home, a corner unit is ideal because the installation is simple.


Example of Three-Sided Corner Fireplace DesignAcucraft Custom Gas Peninsula Open Fireplace

Many of the latest corner fireplace designs, like this custom open gas peninsula fireplace with a glass protective barrier, are brimming with stylish fireplace tile ideas for 2020. This unit is a focal point in the space, accentuated by the surrounding mosaic tiles.

Will a polished, state-of-the-art fireplace complete your space? Dive into our photo galleries for Panoramic and Peninsula fireplace designs.


Fireplace Trend 4: Extra Large Fireplaces

Extravagant fireplaces with beautiful chimneys and large viewing areas are here to stay. For those with a flair for the dramatic, this bold fireplace style is an excellent option. The expansive openings create the perfect ambiance and cozy warmth.

Pairing a dark, oversized hearth with light stonework will command attention in your space. For homes with high ceilings, a huge chimney overlaid with stone offers a wonderfully rustic look. If you prefer a cleaner look, other chimney color ideas include all white paint or metal.

These bold fireplaces can impress guests in commercial spaces like hotels, museums, or event spaces but can also serve as a breathtaking focal point in larger homes.


Example of Large Fireplace DesignAcucraft Custom Wood Four Sided Fireplace

This custom Acucraft four-sided wood fireplace is a stunning centerpiece in this room and a shining example of beautiful stonework on the chimney. Want to know more about how we created this masterpiece? Read about this custom 4-sided wood fireplace made for The Hermitage Club – it’s the largest we’ve built, yet.


Fireplace Trend 5: Indoor/Outdoor, Double-Sided Fireplaces

Remember, versatility is one of the top fireplace trends right now. The indoor/outdoor fireplace is on the rise because it’s a hit year-round. A beautiful summer night outside on the deck isn’t complete without a fire, and a cozy winter evening on the couch isn’t complete without a fire, either.

Indoor/outdoor gas fireplace looks can vary widely. Whether you like beautiful stonework with a rustic mantel, or you want the viewing area to be flush with a tile or metal veneer, your fireplace can fit your design style while providing warmth both indoors and outdoors. Our indoor/outdoor fireplaces also have the option to convert between open and sealed fires.


Examples of Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace DesignsAcucraft Custom Gas Indoor Outdoor Fireplace (2)

Acucraft Custom Gas Indoor Outdoor Fireplace
Both of these units are custom gas indoor-outdoor fireplaces by Acucraft. These photos reveal the beauty and ambiance that see-through indoor/outdoor fireplaces can add to any space; commercial or residential.

Acucraft Hearthroom 36 Indoor Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace…nliner Handles
This indoor-outdoor wood burning fireplace is from Acucraft’s Hearthroom 36 Series and features a single door with black finish – allowing onlookers to gaze through the flames and into the outdoors. Browse our indoor/outdoor photo gallery for inspiration.


Fireplace Trend 6: Tall, Vertical Fireplaces

Combining the linear and extra-large looks, the latest fireplace designs include a lot of tall, vertical fireplaces. When we say tall, we mean it – whether we’re talking about the towering heights of our flames (tallest on the market, guaranteed) or bold and dramatic floor-to-ceiling features.

Of all the stylish indoor fireplace ideas for 2020, the tall, vertical option is one of the most interesting and distinctive. It’s best for a modern space and with elegant yet dramatic styling – and high-ceilings. A fireplace like this is certain to be a talking point at any gathering.


Example of Vertical Fireplace DesignAcucraft custom open gas peninsula fireplace

This is a custom vertical fireplace by Acucraft. This customer chose a floor-to-ceiling fireplace with a massive, see-through viewing window. Feeling inspired? If you’d like to discuss your custom fireplace ideas with a professional reach out to our team, today.


Fireplace Trend 7: See-Through Glass Fireplaces

The see-through glass fireplace (also called four-sided glass fireplace) is another beautifully modern and sophisticated trend in 2020 fireplace designs. It falls in step with other popular fireplace styles, highlighting clean, linear designs that still bring warmth and light to a contemporary space.

With this style, the fire can of course be seen from any angle. This is what makes it one of the more popular interior fireplace ideas. The see-through glass fireplace is the perfect option for the minimalist. It doesn’t have to be big and flashy to make a statement—its simplicity says everything.


Example of Four-Sided Glass Fireplace DesignAcucraft Custom Gas Four Sided Fireplace with Glass Media (46)

This is a custom four-sided gas fireplace with glass media we designed and manufactured for West Square Apartments in Boston, MA. It’s crystal clear why the see-through glass fireplace is one of the trendiest fireplace ideas of 2020.


Explore Acucraft’s Fireplaces

Fireplaces have become more than a source of warmth—they’re an integral part of interior design. At Acucraft, we know fireplace design. Bold, linear, and modern are the emerging trends for the best fireplaces in 2020.

Curious what else is happening with fireplace trends in 2020? Big, bold, beautiful. Explore our blog for more ideas, discover cutting-edge fireplace designs in our gallery, or request a brochure today to begin your fireplace journey.

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