Open Gas Fireplaces

Open Gas Fireplaces

Modernize any room with Acucraft’s open gas fireplaces. Open gas fireplaces offer a sleek design, seamless view, and provide nearly endless hearth options.

Transform any space into a sophisticated and modern gathering area. Several of our fireplace models, like the Signature series, can be made with an open view. Acucraft’s open gas fireplaces are designed to maintain the tallest, fullest flames on the market.

  • Open view (no glass)
  • Suspended glass
  • Partial glass safety barrier

Image of a completely open gas fireplace without glass

Explore this custom four-sided open gas fireplace with a suspended hood. Ready to create a unique open gas fireplace for your home. Contact our advisors today to discuss your customization options for a dream fireplace.  

Choosing Your Open Fireplace

Open fireplaces bring the campfire directly into your living room by eliminating the glass or screen barrier. There are a few things to keep in mind as you decide between a gas or wood-burning fireplace. While some of us prefer the crackle and smell of a wood fire, others prefer the remote start and easy use of a gas fireplace.

image of an open wood fireplace

A charming indoor outdoor, open wood fireplace set in a lovely stone hearth.

image of an open gas panoramic fireplace

A beautiful, custom multi-view, open gas fireplace with large lava rock and crushed glass media.

Acucraft’s custom-made fireplaces outperform competitors every time. What else sets us apart?

  • Acucraft is one of the only manufacturers to offer open viewing for both wood and gas fireplaces
  • From airflow to fan power, Acucraft’s open gas fireplaces have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are the safest and best performers in the industry
  • We can customize a gas fireplace to be completely open, open with a firescreen, or open with partial glass (safety barrier)
  • Our wood-burning fireplaces can also be designed to be used with the doors closed, open, or even completely removed
  • Our Signature Series fireplaces are convertible. It just takes 10-minutes to convert them from open to closed – and vice versa

Popular Open Gas Fireplace Customizations

Image of an modern open gas fireplace with no glass

Completely Open, No Glass

The option for an unobstructed, seamless view without glass creates an elegant, minimalist design. While not as pet or kid-friendly, but it offers a clean appearance from the hearth to the flames.

Image of a gas fireplace with suspended glass

Suspended Glass

The simple sophistication of a clean glass pane along the top of the fireplace adds both charm and functionality. A suspended glass fireplace creates a heat barrier that channels warmth to the floor and keeps your mantle artwork or TV from overheating.

Image of an open gas fireplace with split glass

Split Glass

The split glass option provides the sleek and modern look of the no-glass design while maintaining the element of safety. Split glass refers to a pane of glass that doesn’t cover the entire viewing area. Instead, it just covers a portion of the viewing area from the bottom up, creating a safety barrier.

Convertible: Open Gas Fireplaces With And Without Glass

An open-front gas fire is a beautiful choice for any home, but should you need to, it’s nice to know you can put on a glass cover in as little as 10 minutes. This convertible option allows you to experience the best of both worlds; safety and sophistication all in one.

Image of a linear open gas fireplace

Key Features of an Open Gas Fireplace Without Glass

Gas fireplaces without glass have become a rapidly growing trend in modern interior design. Great for indoors, large open fireplaces also make a cozy addition to a deck or patio.

The atmosphere created by open flames is both relaxing and enticing. With the option for convertible glass enclosures, they can also make a great fireplace for families. The limitless customizable options and features allow you to design a fireplace that truly fits your personal taste.

  • Safety: Multiple backup safety features ensure your fire won’t start if the conditions aren’t perfect and will automatically shut off if a flame is no longer present.
  • Glass Options: A gas fireplace with no glass is a stunning sight, but the option for suspended or split glass sets Acucraft apart from the rest, with style and sophistication abound.
  • Convertible Glass: The option to have either a completely open or completely sealed viewing area within a matter of minutes ensures your guests can allow their kids to run and play without worrying about injury.
  • Remote Start: These days, convenience is king. Whether you’re busy preparing for your guests to arrive or just don’t want to get up off the couch, controls for your open gas fireplace make life even easier.
  • Power Venting: Acucraft’s patented venting technology gives you the option to use your fire’s warmth to create ambiance indoors or simply expel it outside.


Acucraft Custom Gas Peninsula Open Fireplace

Advantages of Indoor Open Gas Fireplaces

An open gas fireplace –without glass– may seem like an impossible feat – but at Acucraft, bold style, safety, and innovation are a part of every design.

Our various safety features ensure your fireplace won’t turn on if the conditions aren’t right, leaving your guests in amazement at your indoor open fire. For those who seek a fireplace that makes a statement and grabs guests’ attention, an open gas fireplace is just what you’ve been looking for.

  • Fullest flames on the market
  • Power ventilation system
  • Endless customizable options
  • Multiple control options available

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Why You Should Choose an Acucraft Open Gas Fireplace

At Acucraft, our selection of media options and finishes set us apart from the competition. Combine the most realistic log sets with the tallest and fullest flames on the market, and you’ve got an open gas log fireplace that will leave your guests speechless. Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about our custom fireplaces with unbeatable features.

  • No glass, split glass, or suspended glass
  • Convertible glass in 10-minutes or less
  • Safety backups to always keep your mind at ease

Open Gas Fireplace Models


Finishing and Media Options

  • Frame and frameless options
  • Brushed stainless steel frame
  • Mirror polished stainless steel frame
  • Glass media
  • Lava, river rock, and stones
  • Log sets

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